RRB NTPC Logical reasoning questions PDF

RRB NTPC Logical reasoning questions PDF
RRB NTPC Logical reasoning questions PDF

RRB NTPC Logical reasoning questions PDF

Download RRB NTPC Top-15 Logical reasoning questions  PDF. Questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway NTPC exam.

Download RRB NTPC Logical reasoning questions PDF

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In the following question there are two words to the left of sign (::) which are connected in same way. The same relationship obtains between the third word and one of the four alter-natives under it. Find the correct alternative in each case.

Question 1: Medicine : Sickness : : Book : ?

a) Ignorance

b) Knowledge

c) Author

d) Teacher

Question 2: River : Dam : : Traffic : ?

a) Signal

b) Vehicle

c) Motion

d) lane

Question 3: Session : Concludes : : ? : Lapses

a) Leave

b) Permit

c) Agency

d) Policy

Question 4: Whether all the universities in the country should start online admission at all levels with immediate effect?
i. No, since all the students may not have access to the internet easily\
ii. Yes, it may liberate the students and their parents from the long-standing problems of
knocking at the doors of different colleges and standing in queue.

a) Only argument (i) is correct

b) Only argument (ii) is correct

c) Neither argument (i) nor argument (ii) is correct

d) Both the arguments, (i) and (ii), are correct

Question 5: Should the Government make it compulsory for the private medical colleges to join the entrance test conducted by the government ?i. No, private institutions should be empowered, so that they may decide their own admission
strategy and improve their work-management.
ii. Yes, all medical institutions, whether these are private or government’s should adopt the same
entrance standard.

a) Only argument (i) is correct

b) Only argument (ii) is correct

c) Either argument (i) is correct or argument (ii) is correct

d) Neither argument (i) is correct nor argument (ii) is correct



Question 6: Given below is a statement followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statement to be true even if it seems to be at variance with the commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statement.
Statement: According to a recent health survey, people who exercise for at least half an hour every day are less prone to lifestyle diseases.
I. Moderate exercise is essential to lead a healthy life.
II. Everyone with no exercise on their routine suffer from lifestyle diseases.

a) Only conclusion I follows

b) Only conclusion II follows

c) Both I and II follow

d) Neither of them follows

Question 7: Look at the series : 22, 21, 23, 22, 24, 23 ….. what number should come next ?

a) 22

b) 24

c) 25

d) 26

Question 8: Look at the series: 5.2, 4.8, 4.4, 4, ………… what number should come next ?

a) 3

b) 3.3

c) 3.5

d) 3.6

Question 9: How many 4’s are there in the following number – series which are preceded by 5 but NOT followed by 7 ?

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

d) None of the above

Question 10: Complete the series $\frac{1}{2},\frac{1}{6},\frac{1}{12},\frac{1}{20},$____

a) $\frac{1}{24}$

b) $\frac{1}{28}$

c) $\frac{1}{30}$

d) $\frac{1}{32}$

Question 11: Pointing to a woman a man said, ‘’Her mother is the only daughter of my mother.’’ How is the man related to the woman ?

a) Father

b) Brother

c) Paternal Uncle

d) Maternal Uncle

Question 12: A is the father of X. B is the mother of Y. The sister of X and Z is Y. Which of the following statements is not true ?

a) B is wife of A

b) B has one daughter

c) Y is son of A

d) X is the sister of Z

Question 13: Sita told her friend Gita “I am leaving today and will reach Mumbai tomorrow for my exams starting the day after tomorrow, which is Friday”. What day is tomorrow in this conversation?

a) Wednesday

b) Thursday

c) Tuesday

d) Saturday

Question 14: The calendar for the year 2020 will be the same for the year:

a) 2040

b) 2076

c) 2096

d) 2044

Question 15: Arzoo was born on 25th January 2015, while Aastha was born 554 days later. On which date was Aastha born?

a) 2nd August 2016

b) 31st July 2016

c) 1st August 2016

d) 3rd August 2016

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

Medicines are used for curing sickness. Similarly, books are used to remove ignorance.

2) Answer (A)

Dam controls the flow of water in a river. Similarly, signal controls the traffic of vehicles

3) Answer (D)

When sessions are over, they are said to conclude.Likewise, when a policy is expired it is said to lapse.

4) Answer (D)

Online admissions give an advantage to students from localities with internet access. This can be argued to be a factor against fair representation of candidates from all localities. On the positive side, online admissions prevent manual effort like standing in queue, etc as the application is sent online. So, both the arguments are strong.

5) Answer (B)

Work management of the institutions is not related to the mode of admission for the students. So argument (1) is weak. Of the given options, only option B is the most suitable


6) Answer (A)

Statement: According to a recent health survey, people who exercise for at least half an hour every day are less prone to lifestyle diseases.
I. Moderate exercise is essential to lead a healthy life. – Half an hour exercise, i.e moderate exercise will help leading a healthy life.
II. Everyone with no exercise on their routine suffer from lifestyle diseases. – Exercise is not the only means for healthy lifestyle, there are other factors like diet , yoga , which is why it can not be concluded.

So , the answer would be option a)Only conclusion I follows


7) Answer (C)

the sequence is an alternating sequence alternating between subtraction of 1 and addition of 2 and can be rewritten as

22,22-1,21+2,23-1,22+2,24-1 and the next in sequence is 23+2=25

8) Answer (D)

each term in the series is the previous term minus .4.

Thus, the next term is 4 – .4= 3.6

9) Answer (D)

There is only one 4 that are preceded by 5 but are also followed by 7. So, the answer is “none”.

10) Answer (C)

The series is formed by inverse of products of 2 numbers taken at a time, ie 1 x 2, 2 x 3, 3×4, 4×5, 5×6, etc

11) Answer (D)

The man has a sister whose daughter he pointed at. So, he is her paternal uncle.

12) Answer (C)

Y is female and hence can’t be the son.

13) Answer (B)

Given day after tomorrow is Friday. Therefore day (Friday) before yesterday should be Wednesday. It means that Sita started her journey on Wednesday & will reach Mumbai on Thursday. Thursday is tomorrow in this conversation.

14) Answer (D)

The calendar will repeat after every 28 years.

15) Answer (C)

Number of days from 25th January 2015 to 24th January 2016 is 365 days.
Subtracting 365 days from 554 days => 189 days
Subtracting remaining days from January which are 7 days => 182 days
Subtracting the number of days in February, March, April, …. till we get 0
182-29-31-30-31-30-31 = 0
Till July 31st, we get 0.
Hence, August 1st, 2016 will be 554 days after 25th January 2015.


We hope this Top-15 Logical reasoning questions  for RRB NTPC exam will be highly useful for your Preparation.


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