RRB Group-D English Quiz Questions PDF

RRB Group-D English quiz Questions PDF
RRB Group-D English quiz Questions PDF

RRB Group-D English Quiz Questions PDF

Download Top-15 RRB Group-D Previous  English Quiz Questions PDF. RRB GROUP-D English questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway Group-D exam.

Download RRB Group-D English Quiz Questions PDF

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Change the voice

Question 1: You will have finished this work by tomorrow

a) This work will have been finished tomorrow

b) This work will be finished by tomorrow

c) This work will finished tomorrow

d) This work will have been finished by tomorrow


Select the word that correctly represents the meaning of the given sentence.

Question 2: A cure for all diseases

a) Excorcism

b) Panacea

c) Imperialism

d) chauvinism

Question 3: Study the paragraph given below and select the option that best fits as the moral of the story:Harish is a hard working student. He always used to finish his textbook exercises even before his teacher assigned them in the class. As a consequence, he used to lose focus in the class when the exercises were being attempted. He was often punished and was also awarded poor marks in class participation. His lazy friends just used to focus in the class and did no homework but they scored well in class participation.

a) Too much hardwork is not a very good quality

b) Hardwork doesn’t ensure good marks.

c) Laziness helps in academics.

d) Hardwork has to be consistent to ensure success.

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Question 4: If T is coded as 1, E is coded as 2, N is coded as 3, D is coded as 4, A is coded as 5 and C is coded as 6, which of the following arrangements makes a meaningful word?

a) 5112342362

b) 512345362

c) 5112345362

d) 5115345362

Question 5: In a certain code, “And” is written as 1, “I” is written as 2, “School” is written as 3, “Walk” is written as 4, “By” is written as 5, “To” is written as 6, “Went” is written as 7, “Sister” is written as 8, and “My” is written as 9.
Which of the following arrangements makes a meaningful sentence?

a) 219875463

b) 639812754

c) 542198763

d) 981276354


Change the voice

Question 6: Mona was writing a letter to her father

a) A letter was written to her father

b) A letter was been written to her father by Mona

c) A letter was being written by Mona to her father

d) A letter was written by mona to her father

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In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose that one which best expresses the opposite in meaning to the given word.

Question 7: Absolute

a) Scare

b) Faulty

c) Limited

d) Deficient

Question 8: Choose the best antonym :

a) Trusting

b) Faithful

c) True

d) Careful

Question 9: The boy was (1)/ electrocuted when he (2) / wanders into (3)/ a railway track (4).
Out of the four parts (1),(2),(3) and (4) which is incorrect ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Question 10: Which of the following sequences make a meaningful sentence? There are people ………. that they have read it.
(P) To be able to say
(Q) Not because they enjoy the book
(R) Who read a book
(S) But because they want





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Question 11: Fill in the blanks :
He often ………. to Delhi on business trips.

a) Goes

b) Has Gone

c) Is Going

d) Has Been Going

Question 12: Choose the keyword or phrase which is most nearly the same in meaning as the key word.

a) Recent

b) Philosophical

c) Definitive

d) Practical

Question 13: Complete the following analysis by choosing a word from the given options:
Tea : Leaves : : Coffee : ?

a) Leaves

b) Seeds

c) Plants

d) Beverage

Question 14: Give one word for the sentence :
Mass exterminations of human beings. especially of a particular race or nation

a) Genocide

b) Homicide

c) Matricide

d) Patricide


Choose one word substitution for the following group of words:

Question 15: One who does not care for literature or art

a) Barbarian

b) Philistine

c) Primitive

d) Literate

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (D)

In the passive voice, “the work” becomes the subject. The tense remains the same. Hence, D is the right answer.

2) Answer (B)

Imperialism and chauvinism are political terms that are unrelated to the given phrase. Exorcism is related to evil spirits and is also unrelated to the required synonym. The correct answer is panacea which is the mythical cure to all diseases.

3) Answer (D)

Hardwork at home and none in the class is the reason for Harish’s low scores. He should balance his efforts at class and home in order to score well. Hardwork has to be consistent or atleast be implemented where it actually counts.

4) Answer (C)

The only meaningful word possible from these letters is ATTENDANCE.

5) Answer (D)

When we have to list “I” and an another person, we have mention the other person first to make a grammatically correct sentence. Here, it will be “My sister and I”. So, only (d) is the correct arrangement.

6) Answer (C)

In passive voice, “letter” becomes the subject of the sentence. The tense of the sentence has to stay the same. Hence C is the correct answer.

7) Answer (C)

Absolute means complete or total whereas as limited means confined within certain limits.Thus, option C is correct.Deficient means lacking in something.Therefore, option D is wrong.

8) Answer (A)

Sceptical means not easily convinced and trustful means believing something easily which is the opposite of sceptical.Therefore, option A is correct.Faithful means being reliable and consistent and is not about how easily or not a person believes in someone or something.So option B is incorrect.Careful means avoiding potential danger and true means agreeing with facts.So C and D are also wrong.

9) Answer (C)

The tense in the sentence should be uniform. The sentence starts with past tense “was electrocuted”. So, the latter part should be “wandered”

10) Answer (B)

There are people ………. that they have read it.

(P) To be able to say
(Q) Not because they enjoy the book
(R) Who read a book

(S) But because they want

Here the subject is people. So, the first part of the blank can’t be (S), (Q), or (P). By elimination, (R) is the first part of the blank. The next part of the blank is (Q). (S) starts with “But” and so follows (Q). The final part is the only remaining option ie. (P).


11) Answer (A)

Simple present tense is the most appropriate as it describes an ongoing activity of going on business trips.

12) Answer (D)

Pragmatic means solving problems in a sensible way according to the situation.The meanings of words given in the options are given below:

Recent: having lately come into existence.

Philosophical: a study that attempts to unearth the fundamental nature of knowledge reality and existence.

Definitive: a decision that cannot be changed.

Practical: likely to succeed in real life situations.

The meaning of practical is closest to pragmatic.Therefore, option D is correct.

13) Answer (B)

Tea is prepared from cured tea leaves. Similarly, coffee is prepared from roasted coffee beans.

14) Answer (A)

Homicide is the killing of one person by the other and is not mass murder.Therefore, option B is incorrect.Matricide and patricide mean’s killing one’s mother and father respectively and again is not a method of mass killing.So options C and D are incorrect.Genocide means the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.Thus, option A is correct.

15) Answer (B)

One who is indifferent or hostile to arts and culture is called philistine. A barbarian is an uncivilized person. Primitive means unsophisticated. Literate is a person who can read and write.


We hope this English Quiz Questions for RRB Group-D Exam will be highly useful for your preparation.


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