RBI Assistant salary after 7th pay commission

RBI Assistant salary after 7th pay commission
RBI Assistant salary after 7th pay commission

RBI assistant exam is just a few days away. Salary is an important parameter, and it is hard to ignore it while making a career-defining decision. In this article, let us see what will be the RBI assistant salary after 7th pay commission.

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Let us have a look at RBI assistant salary after 7th pay commission below.

RBI assistant salary after 7th pay commission:

The 7th pay commission will have no impact on the RBI assistant salary. Though RBI is a government organization, it follows its own pay scale (like PSUs). RBI revises the salary every 5 years. This ensures that the salary stays relevant.

Unlike IBPS Clerk and PO, the 11th bipartite settlement will also not affect the RBI assistant salary. Therefore, salary revisions are purely at the discretion of RBI. However, let us have a look at what an RBI assistant draws as a salary now.

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Basic pay:

The basic pay of RBI assistant is Rs. 13,150 per month. The maximum basic salary is capped at Rs. 34,990.


Apart from the basic pay, there are various allowances like dearness allowances, TA, reimbursement for petrol, newspaper etc.

Gross emoluments and in-hand salary:

The gross emoluments turn out to be around Rs. 32,000. The in-hand salary of RBI assistant is around Rs. 29,000 per month if one opts to stay at his own accommodation. The pay is greater than that of IBPS Clerk although the posts are of equal grade. Also, the workplace is better in case of RBI assistant.


RBI provides 1 bhk houses to reside for assistants subject to availability. If one opts for official accommodation, HRA of around Rs.2000 will be deducted from the salary.

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Loans are usually available at concessional rates for various purposes.

Work profile:

Now let us move on to how the job compares to jobs at PSBs and government organizations.

Pay revision:

Pay revision happens every 5 years, unlike other jobs. Therefore, the salary stays relevant with respect to the market conditions.

Work-life balance:

RBI follows a 5 day work week. Therefore, one gets ample time on the weekends. Also, the work timings are strictly 8 hours. Therefore, one can leave for home on time. The work-life balance that this job offers is outstanding.

This job can be of great help to aspirants who want to prepare for other exams like civil services and RBI grade B. Unlike commercial banks, RBI is not a commercial organization. Therefore, the work pressure is definitely less as compared to bank PO.

Also, the job satisfaction that this job entails is immense. Though the salary is a bit less than bank PO, the perks offset the difference.

RBI has its branches only in cities. Therefore, this job can be beneficial for aspirants who want to prepare for some other examinations.


RBI assistants are due for a transfer every 5 years. In PSBs, staff are transferred every 3 years. Since the postings will be in urban areas, getting transferred will not be much of an issue. Since the knowledge of local language is a prerequisite for this job, mostly it is the officer level candidates who get transferred.

Promotion policy:

Assistants can get promoted to grade B officers by clearing departmental exams. But the process takes too much time (around 8 years).

Nature of work:

The work is purely clerical in nature. There is not a lot of decision making involved. The post is equivalent to IBPS Clerk. Due to the relaxed nature of work, even some POs join as RBI assistants.

Brand perception:

RBI is a brand that needs no introduction. RBI is a great brand to be associated with. The respect this institution garners from the general public will be hard to match by any other bank. Clearly, RBI is country miles ahead of other banks when it comes to brand perception.

We hope that this article on RBI assistant salary after 7th pay commission was of some help to you. For other useful articles, try reading RBI assistant 2017 state wise vacancy and RBI assistant prelims cut off 2017.

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