Profit and Loss Questions for RRB NTPC Set-2 PDF

Profit and Loss Questions for RRB NTPC Set-2
Profit and Loss Questions for RRB NTPC Set-2 PDF

Profit and Loss Questions for RRB NTPC Set-2 PDF

Download RRB NTPC Profit and Loss  Questions and Answers  Set-2 PDF. Top 10 RRB NTPC Maths  questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway NTPC exam.

Download Profit and Loss Questions for RRB NTPC Set-2 PDF

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Question 1: A grinder was marked at Rs.3,600/ After given a discount of 10% the dealer made a profit of 8%. Calculate the cost price.

a) Rs. 3,000

b) Rs.3,312

c) Rs.3,240

d) Rs.2,960

Question 2: If the profit on sale price be 20%, the percentage of profit on cost price is

a) 20%

b) 30%

c) 22%

d) 25%

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Question 3: A shopkeeper professes to sell his goods at cost price but uses a 960 gm weight instead of 1 kilogram weight. What is the profit percentage of the shopkeeper?

a) $4\frac{1}{6}$

b) $6\frac{1}{4}$

c) $5\frac{1}{7}$

d) $5\frac{1}{6}$

Question 4: A trader buys two articles for Rs 4000 each. While selling if he gains 12.5% on one and losses 20% on the other, then what will be the overall loss percentage?

a) 2.5

b) 3.75

c) 5

d) 5.25

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Question 5: If the selling price of 318 articles is equal to the cost price of 212 articles, then what is the loss percentage?

a) 20

b) $33\frac{1}{3}$

c) 40

d) $33\frac{2}{3}$

Question 6: If bananas are bought at the rate of 4 for a rupee, how many must be sold for a rupee so as to gain $33\frac{1}{3}$%

a) 3

b) 2

c) 2.5

d) 4

Question 7: Mohan purchased a bag with 20 percent discount on the tab called price. He sold it with 40 percent profit on the price he bought. The percentage of profit on the labelled price is:

a) 24%

b) 20%

c) 18%

d) 12%

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Question 8: Amit, a milkman, mixes water and pure milk in the ratio of 3:14. He claims to sell the mixture at the cost price of milk. Also, he uses a faulty measurement instrument while selling the milk which shows reading 1000 ml for every 850 ml. What is the profit percentage made by Amit? (Assume that cost price of water per litre is one-fourth of the cost price of mil per litre.)

a) 35.59 percent

b) 24.16 percent

c) 31.86 percent

d) 42.65 percent

Question 9: A trader bought apples from the city to sell in the village. During transportation, 30% of apples were damaged. How much percentage above the cost price should he sell the apples to gain 20%?

a) 76%

b) 83%

c) 67%

d) 71%

Question 10: Ram has two laptops and he bought both the laptops at the same price. He incurred a loss of 11 percent by selling one laptop at Rs. 21360. At what price, he should sell the other laptop so that he can make a 7% profit in the entire transaction?

a) Rs. 30,000

b) Rs. 36,400

c) Rs. 30,630

d) Rs. 28,980

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

Marked price = Rs. 3600

Discount % = 10%

=> Selling price = $3600-(\frac{10}{100}\times3600)$

= $3600-360=Rs.$ $3240$

Profit % = 8%

=> Cost price = $\frac{3240}{(100+8)}\times100$

= $30\times100=Rs.$ $3,000$

=> Ans – (A)

2) Answer (D)

Let selling price = Rs. $100$

=> Profit on selling price = $\frac{20}{100}\times100=Rs.$ $20$

Thus, cost price = $100-20=Rs.$ $80$

$\therefore$ Profit on cost price = $\frac{20}{80}\times100$

= $\frac{100}{4}=25\%$

=> Ans – (D)

3) Answer (A)

Let cost price of shopkeeper = Rs. 1000/kg => Re. 1/gm

Selling price = Rs. 1000/960gm

=> Profit % = $\frac{(\frac{1000}{960}-1)}{1}\times100$

= $\frac{40}{960}\times100=\frac{100}{24}$

= $4\frac{1}{6}\%$

=> Ans – (A)

4) Answer (B)

Cost price of each article = Rs. 4000

Profit % on one article = 12.5%

=> Selling price of first article = $4000+(\frac{12.5}{100}\times4000)$

= $4000+500=Rs.$ $4500$

Similarly, selling price of second article = $4000-(\frac{20}{100}\times4000)$

= $4000-800=Rs.$ $3200$

Thus, total cost price = $4000+4000=Rs.$ $8000$

Total selling price = $4500+3200=Rs.$ $7700$

$\therefore$ Overall loss % = $\frac{(8000-7700)}{8000}\times100$

= $\frac{300}{80}=3.75\%$

=> Ans – (B)

5) Answer (B)

Let cost price of 1 article is x

Selling price of 318 articles = 212 Rs

Cost price of 318 articles = 318 Rs

Profit% = {(318 – 212) / 318} x 100 = (106/318) x 100

$\Rightarrow$ (5300/159) = $33\frac{1}{3}$

Hence, option B is the correct answer.

6) Answer (A)

Cost price of 1 banana = Rs. $\frac{1}{4}$

Profit % = $33\frac{1}{3}=\frac{100}{3}\%$

=> Selling price = $\frac{1}{4}+(\frac{100}{3\times100}\times\frac{1}{4})$

= $\frac{1}{4}+\frac{1}{12}=Rs.$ $\frac{1}{3}$

$\therefore$ Number of bananas that must be sold for a rupee = $\frac{1}{\frac{1}{3}}=3$

=> Ans – (A)

7) Answer (D)

Let Marked price = Rs. 100

Discount % = 20%

=> Mohan’s cost price = $100-(\frac{20}{100}\times100)=Rs.$ $80$

Profit % = 40%

=> Selling price = $80+(\frac{40}{100}\times80)$

= $80+32=Rs.$ $112$

$\therefore$ Percentage of profit on the labelled price = $\frac{(112-100)}{100}\times100=12\%$

=> Ans – (D)

8) Answer (A)

Let us assume the cost price of one-litre milk = Rs. p
Hence cost price of 1 litre water = Rs. 0.25p
Let us assume that Amit used 14-liter pure milk. Hence he must have mixed 3-litre water.
Total cost incurred to Amit = 14*p + 3*0.25p = Rs. 14.75p
The measurement instrument shows 1000 ml reading for every 850 ml.
Hence 17 liter milk must be showing volume as = $\frac{1000}{850}\times 17$ = 20 liters
Total amount of money generated by selling milk = 20*p = Rs. 20p

Profit made by Amit in the transaction = 20p – 14.75p = Rs. 5.25p
Profit percentage = $\frac{5.25}{14.75}\times 100 \approx 35.59$ percent
Hence option A is the correct answer.

9) Answer (D)

Let us assume that he bought 100 kg of apple at Rs. 1 per Kg
Total CP = Rs. 100
Profit required = 20%
SP = Rs. 120
But he has only 70% of the apples left. So, he has to sell 70 apples in Rs.120
SP per apple = Rs.120/70 = Rs.1.71
CP per apple = Rs.1
So, he has to sell at 71% higher than the cost price to make an overall profit of 20%.
Hence, option D is the correct answer.

10) Answer (A)

Selling price of the laptop on which he incurred loss = Rs. 21360
Hence cost price of the laptop= $\frac{21360}{1 – 0.11}$ = Rs. 24000
He bought both the laptops at same price so total CP of both laptops = 2*24000 = Rs. 48000
He wants to make 7% profit in the entire transaction then
SP of both laptops combined = $\frac{107}{100}\times 48000$ = Rs. 51,360
Therefore selling price of the second laptop = Rs. (51,360 – 21,360) = Rs. 30000

Hence we can say that option A is the correct answer.


We hope this Profit and Loss Questions Set-2 for RRB NTPC Exam will be highly useful for your Preparation.


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