How to prepare for Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam

Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam
A blog on how to prepare Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam

In the mains exam, SBI will conduct the Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam immediately after the objective test. Candidates must ensure that the fatigue of completing the 3-hour long objective test does not spill over to the descriptive test.

The Descriptive paper carries a total weightage of 50 marks. The time duration for the exam is 30 minutes. The descriptive paper is also an online test. The descriptive paper for SBI PO exam contains two sections – Letter writing and Essay writing. Candidates can prepare for SBI PO online to boost their chances.

SBI uses the marks you score in the descriptive paper till the final selection. Hence, it is important to pay equal attention to the Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam too. Aspirants can take SBI PO mock tests to benchmark and improve themselves.

Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam:

SBI conducts the descriptive test to assess the writing ability of candidates and to check how succinct they are in their written communication. As an assistant manager, recruited candidates will be dealing with huge volumes of documents daily and will be responding to them. Hence, writing skills of a candidate are very important

One of the most common mistakes that aspirants make is that they take the descriptive paper lightly. Last year, the cutoff that has to be cleared to bag an interview call was 70. SBI will evaluate the descriptive papers of only those candidates who clear the cutoff of the objective test.

Candidates must have in mind how much their performance in the descriptive test will boost their chances in the final selection.

The descriptive paper for SBI PO exam contains 2 topics – Letter writing and Essay writing. Under each topic, you will have 3 to 4 questions to make a choice from. Since the answers are to be typed in the computer, candidates must get themselves comfortable with using the computer. Having a good typing speed helps.

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Tips for essay writing:

Candidates will have to choose a topic from the choices provided. Mostly, the topics will be related in one way or another to the current affairs. Hence, candidates must read something about the latest happenings during their preparation. Also, this will come in handy during their GD-PI preparation.

Choose the topic you are most comfortable with. Do not start writing once you see the topic. Make a mind map of points to be made, the order in which they have to be made. Then, think about how to make your thought flow coherent.

Brevity is the key. Avoid being verbose. The essay is to be of 250 words. Think about how to put your thoughts succinctly. Avoid beating around the bush.

Try to maintain a neutral stance throughout the essay. Remember, this is not a debate. Avoid being biased. The writing must be analytical, weighing the pros and cons of either side. Try to be as objective as possible in your views.

If you are using quotes, try to be verbatim. If you are not sure of the exact words, skip the quote. Quoting something wrong usually leaves a bad impression. Also, avoid using points/sentences that might hurt someone.

Do not end the essay abruptly. Conclude the essay properly by summarising the key points discussed in it.

Tips for Letter writing:

Again, candidates will have 3 options to choose from. During preparation, go through the various types of letters – official, personal. Acquaint yourself with the various formats of letters.

Choose the letter based on your preference. There is no hard and fast rule that you should select the official letter. If you are comfortable with the personal letter, go ahead with it.

Don’t get the salutation wrong. Avoid using colloquial words in the official letter. Use humble words. Also, try to sound as professional as possible in your letter. End the letter properly.

Again, make sure that the point you intend to convey is conveyed. Don’t let your literary genius cloud the essence of the letter. SBI is searching for managers, not writers. So, use simple words that drive home the point clearly.

Some general tips:

Practice enough papers in these last few days so that you may not stumble during the test. Also, read about the latest happenings of economic and strategic significance. This will help you to back your stance with facts during Essay writing.

After a gruelling 3 hour objective test, it is natural that your spirits may not soar high during the Descriptive paper for SBI PO exam. However, remember that this paper also has a say in the final selection.

If the objective paper turns out to be tough (as was the case with IBPS last year), then the descriptive test will have a significant influence on your final selection. So, don’t let your efforts go in vain due to the descriptive paper.

Don’t get complacent on completing the objective test. Remember, the test is not over till the descriptive paper is completed.

We wish you luck for your SBI PO mains exam.
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