Parajumbles Questions with answers for CAT – Set-2

CAT 2017 Para Jumble Questions and Answers
CAT 2017 Para Jumble Questions and Answers

Para jumbles have become an essential and integral part of the verbal ability section in a range of competitive exams, such as the CAT (Common Admission Test). The consistent inclusion of parajumbles questions in the CAT exam underscores their importance, emphasizing the necessity for comprehensive preparation in this domain. To aid CAT aspirants in their journey, we have curated a PDF (Set 2) comprising the most significant para-jumbles questions for focused practice. Engaging with these carefully selected questions will enhance one’s understanding and command of this topic. Access the link below to download the PDF, complete with detailed answers.


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Instructions: 1 to 6

The following sentences when arranged properly make a coherent passage. Choose the option which represents the most logical arrangement.

Question 1:

A) Everybody was familiar with the lineaments of their countenances, and even with every peculiarity of their dress.

B) In the early decades of the nineteenth century the two most prominent figures in English literature were Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron.

C) Their busts or pictures were in every cultivated family and in almost every shop-window.

D) They are still read and admired, especially Scott; but it is not easy to understand the enormous popularity of these two men in their own day.


Question 2:

A) Even from a purely scientific point of view, there is no denying that this music exists.

B) This unison of sound forms the great music of the spheres, which the poets and philosophers have written so much about.

C) Aviators tell us that when they listen from a distance to the myriads of noises and sounds that arise over a great city, these are all apparently lost in a modulated hum precisely like the vibrations of an immense tuning- fork, and appearing as but a single tone.

D) The great thinkers of the age believe that the world is one marvelous blending of innumerable and varied voices.


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Question 3:

A) It will greatly surprise the novice to learn of the great amount of underwater insect life present in any stream.

B) Together with minnows, crawfish, etc., they represent about ninety percent of the trout’s regular diet.

C) Nymphs are larvae of all aquatic insects.

D) Next time you go fishing, hold your landing net close to the bottom, in a foot or so of fast water.

E) Considering this fact, it is obvious that nymphs will take trout throughout the entire season.


Question 4:

A) Others have been disfigured by “restorations.”

B) Rome, according to an old saying, contains as many churches as there are days in the year.

C) A great many have disappeared since the first institution and are known only from ruins, or inscriptions and chronicles.

D) Without denying the fact that our sacred buildings excel in quantity rather than quality, there is no doubt that as a whole they form the best artistic and historic collection in the world.


Question 5:

A. Up until 1939, only 88 naturally occurring elements had been discovered.

B. Most of these recent discoveries are directly attributed to scientists working under the Atomic Energy Commission at the University of California’s Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley.

C. It is well known that the number of elements has grown from four in the days of the Greeks to 103 at present, but the change in methods needed for their discovery is not so well known.

D. It took a dramatic modern technique to synthesize the most recently discovered elements.


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Question 6:

A. Some will wonder how this marvelous universe ever came into existence and will consider the question of the existence of things to be the problem of philosophy.
B. They differ in their statement of the problem, in the purpose of the attempt, and in their methods of attempting the solution.
C. Others in observing the diversity of things in the universe wonder what is behind it all; they seek to go beyond mere appearances and to investigate the nature of that behind the appearances, which they call the reality.
D. Philosophers, in general, set out to solve the riddle of the universe.


Solutions: (1 to 6)

1) Answer (b)

The passage is talking about two prominent writers of English literature, Sir Walton Scott and Lord Byron. Hence sentence B which introduces these writers is the best opening sentence. Statement D talks about the popularity of these two persons in their time and option C gives an example to showcase their immense popularity. Hence DC form a pair. Statement A continues the same point which is mentioned in C. Hence A should come after C. So the correct order of the 4 sentences should be BDCA. Hence option B is correct.

2) Answer (c)

Sentence D gives the premise of the paragraph i.e. world is made up of the sound of many voices. Thus, D is suitable as the opening sentence of the paragraph. The pronoun “This” present in sentence B refers to “innumerable voices” mentioned in D. Thus, B immediately follow sentence D. Sentence A is used to strengthen the author’s view stated in D and B and sentence C gives an example to prove the fact in A.
Thus, the correct order of the sentences is DBAC.

3) Answer (b)

Sentence C and B form a pair since B starts with ‘together with minnows’ trying to convey that the nymphs together with minnows, crawfish, etc. form 90% of trout’s diet. E should follow B since C and B together form the fact E is referring to. Now, A and D can’t start the paragraph since CBE following A or D will provide an abrupt transition. D should follow A as A states that there are a great amount of underwater insect life present and D logically continues this idea by implying that because of A, you should hold the net close to the bottom. Thus, the correct sequence is CBEAD.

4) Answer (c)

The paragraph should start with B as it introduces the many churches the other sentences are talking about. Sentences C and A form a logical pair since A continues to illustrate the poor condition of churches mentioned in C. The possible combinations are BDCA and BCAD. But D before CA makes no sense as D says that the churches form the best artistic and historic collection in the world. So, the sentences following it stating the poor condition of the churches doesn’t fit well.
Thus, BCAD is the correct sequence.

5) Answer (c)

Sentence D talks about “recently discovered elements” and sentence B talks about people responsible for this discovery. Thus, sentence DB form a pair. Sentence C gives a basic introduction to the subject being mentioned, so C is present before the pair DB. Sentence A talks about past discoveries and thus cannot be placed after DB. Also, between A and C, C is more apt as the opening point as C is more general. Thus, the correct order of the sentence is CADB

6) Answer (a)

Sentence D introduces the main subject being discussed in the passage. Thus, D is suitable as the opening sentence of the passage. Sentence B is an elaboration of the point made in sentence D. Thus, B immediately follows D. The pronoun “Others” in sentence C indicates that sentence C occurs after sentence A. Thus, the correct order of the sentences is DBAC

Hope this parajumbles questions with answers from CAT exam are useful to you.

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