Odd One Out Questions For CAT PDF Set-2

Odd One Out Questions For CAT PDF Set-2
Odd One Out Questions For CAT PDF Set-2

Odd One Out Questions For CAT PDF Set-2:

Download Odd one out questions and answers for CAT with solutions and explanations. These are some of the must solve important questions based on odd one out questions.

Download Odd One Out Questions For CAT PDF Set-2

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Question 1:  Given below are 4 sentences out of which 3 sentences form a proper paragraph and 1 sentence is out of context. Select the sentence which is out of context.

a) The first half of the 19th century witnessed many brave ships and gallant men sent to the arctic regions.
b) In those early days, few men being rich enough to pay for expeditions to the north out of their own pockets, practically every explorer was financed by the government under whose orders he acted.
c) England hurled expedition after expedition, manned by the best talent and energy of her navy, against the ice which seemingly blocked every channel to her ambitions for an arctic route to the Orient.
d) While most of these expeditions were not directed against the Pole so much as sent in an endeavour to find a route to the Indies round North America—the Northwest Passage—and around Asia—the Northeast Passage—many of them are intimately interwoven with the conquest of the Pole, and were a necessary part of its ultimate discovery.

Question 2: Three out of four sentences, when arranged, form a coherent paragraph. Find the odd sentence out.

a) I am well aware of the difficulties that attend the subject, and from that consideration, had reserved it to a more advanced period of life.
b) I intended it to be the last offering I should make to my fellow-citizens of all nations, and that at a time when the purity of the motive that induced me to it could not admit of a question, even by those who might disapprove the work.
c) It has been my intention, for several years past, to publish my thoughts upon religion.
d) Soon after I had published the pamphlet COMMON SENSE, in America, I saw the exceeding probability that a revolution in the system of government would be followed by a revolution in the system of religion.

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Question 3: Three out of four sentences, when arranged, form a coherent paragraph. Find the odd sentence out.

a) Six mighty armies stood ready for the great invasion. Their estimated total was 1,200,000 men.
b) The first great campaign on the western battle grounds in the European War began on August 4, 1914.
c) The First Army was assembled at Aix-la-Chapelle in the north of Belgium, within a few miles of the Dutch frontier.
d) On this epoch-making day the German army began its invasion of Belgium, with the conquest of France as its ultimate goal.

Question 4: Three out of the four sentences, when arranged, form a coherent paragraph. Find the odd sentence.

a) Both sources of information are alike defective in precision; the latter, for general reasons too obvious to require specification; the former, because the facts to which it bears testimony occurred before the habit or the means of rigorously scientific observation upon any branch of physical research, and especially upon climatic changes, existed.
b) These changes for evil and for good have not been caused by great natural revolutions of the globe, nor are they by any means attributable wholly to the moral and physical action or inaction of the peoples, or, in all cases, even of the races that now inhabit these respective regions.
c) The exact measurement of the geographical changes hitherto thus effected is, as I have hinted, impracticable, and we possess, in relation to them, the means of only qualitative, not quantitative analysis.
d) The fact of such revolutions is established partly by historical evidence, partly by analogical deduction from effects produced in our own time by operations similar in character to those which must have taken place in more or less remote ages of human action.

Question 5: Three out of the four sentences, when arranged, form a coherent paragraph. Find the odd sentence.

a) That science is a whole, remains a true principle of inductive as well as of metaphysical philosophy; and the love of universal knowledge is still the characteristic of the philosopher in modern as well as in ancient times.
b) They are partly facetious, but also contain a germ of truth.
c) In the delineation of the philosopher, the illustrations of the nature of philosophy derived from love are more suited to the apprehension of Glaucon, the Athenian man of pleasure, than to modern tastes or feelings.
d) Some defects and difficulties may be noted in the execution of the communistic plan.

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)
The passage starts with a where the examples of expeditions are mentioned. a is followed by d where the nature of expeditions is mentioned. c presents the conclusion by giving the example of England. b is an odd one out as the topic of financing of expeditions is out of context of the passage.

2) Answer (D)
The paragraph talks about the intention of the author to write on the topic of religion. As option C introduces the subject, it would be the opening line of the paragraph. A logically proceeds from C by stating that the author appreciates the difficulties involved in the undertaking and B concludes the paragraph by saying that the author wanted it to be his last work. Hence, the correct order is C-A-B. Thus, option D is out-of-context.

3) Answer (C)
B introduces the topic of the paragraph and hence must be the opening line. B-D are connected where D elaborates on what occurred on the historic day. A adds more detail about the proposed invasion. Hence, B-D-A form the paragraph. Thus, option C is out of context.

4) Answer (B)
Let’s try to find any links between sentences.

In sentence A, the author talks about two sources of information. We know this because of the word “both”. In order to find a link, we need to check whether any of the other sentences talks about two sources of information. Sentence D talks about historical evidence and analogical deduction. Clearly, these are the two sources of information. Hence, sentence A follows D.

Sentence D cannot be the starting sentence because of the word “such”. The word “such” needs to refer to something in the preceding sentence. Hence, either sentence B or sentence C must be the first sentence of the paragraph. Sentence C introduces the topic under discussion, i.e. measurement of geographical changes. Hence, it must the starting line of the paragraph. Moreover, sentence B cannot start a paragraph because of the usage of the pronoun “these”, which does not have an antecedent. Hence, sentence C is the starting sentence of the paragraph. The correct order of the sentences in the paragraph is C-D-A.

Sentence B is out of context.

5) Answer (D)
Let’s try to find any links between sentences.

In sentence C, the author says that the illustrations of the nature of philosophy derived by love describe an age-old philosopher better than they do modern philosophers. In sentence B, he says that “they” are not entirely true but true to some extent. Here, the pronoun “they” refers to “illustrations” in sentence C. Hence, sentence B follows sentence C.

In sentence A, the author says that love of universal knowledge is a trait common to both ancient as well as modern philosophers. This explains why the author partly opposes the view mentioned in sentence C.

Hence, the author introduces an idea in sentence C, adds that it isnt entirely true in sentence B and explains the reason in sentence A. The correct order of the paragraph is C-B-A. Hence, sentence D is out of context.

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