Important Bridges in India | List of 33 Largest Bridges in India – Download PDF

Longest & Top 5 Bridges in India
Longest & Top 5 Bridges in India

Important Bridges in India – Download PDF

A bridge is a structure designed to cross physical barriers such as a body of water, valley, or road without blocking the way beneath, in order to provide passage over the barrier. India is well known as the land of rivers, and in order to overcome the challenges posed by the rivers, several bridges have been built. Some are railways, others are rail-roads, and all are the work of Indian engineers. India has some of the country’s best above-water bridge structures, as well as a remarkable list of railway bridges. Bridges are seen as an essential component of a country’s infrastructure. When they join two positions that balance each other economically, it raises the cash flow.

Important Bridges in India PDF

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List of Longest Bridges in India



Name Distance Complete


Type Connecting Place
1 Dhola Sadiya bridge – Bhupen Hazarika Setu 9.15 Km 2017 Road Assam and Arunachal Pradesh Lohit River, Tinsukia, Assam
2 Dibang River Bridge – Sisseri River Bridge 6.2 Km 2018 Road Arunachal Pradesh Dibang River
3 Mahatma Gandhi Setu 5.75 Km 1982 Road South Patna to Hajipur Ganga, Patna, Bihar
4 Bandra-Worli Sea Link (BWSL) 5.57 Km 2009 Road Bandra to Worli (South Mumbai) Mahim Bay, Mumbai
5 Bogibeel Bridge 4.94 Km 2018 Rail cum road Dhemaji to Dibrugarh Brahmaputra River, Assam
6 Vikramshila Setu 4.70 Km 2001 Road Bhagalpur to Naugachia Ganga, Bhagalpur, Bihar
7 Vembanad Rail Bridge 4.62 Km 2011 Rail-cum-road Edappally to Vallarpadam Vembanad Lake, Kochi, Kerala
8 Digha–Sonpur Bridge 4.55 Km 2016 Rail-cum-Road Digha, Patna to Sonpur, Saran Ganga, Patna, Bihar
9 Arrah–Chhapra Bridge 4.35 Km 2017 Road Arrah to Chhapra Ganga, Saran, Bihar
10 Godavari Bridge 4.13 Km 2015 Rail cum Road Kovvur to Rajahmundry Godavari river, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
11 Munger Ganga Bridge, Bihar 3.75 Km 2020 Rail cum Road Munger to Jamalpur Ganga River
12 Chahlari Ghat Bridge, Uttar Pradesh 3.25 Km 2017 Road Bahraich to Sitapur Ghagra River
13 Jawahar Setu, Bihar 3.06 Km 1965 Road Dehri – Son nagar Son River
14 Nehru Setu, Bihar 3.05 Km 1900 Rail Dehri – Son nagar Son River
15 Koila Bhomora Setu, Assam 3.01 Km 1987 Road Tezpur to Kaliabor Brahmaputra River, Assam
16 Korthi-Kolhar Bridge 3.00 Km 2006 Road Karnataka Krishna River
17 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Setu 2.88 Km 2017 Road Odisha Kathajodi River
18 Godavari Bridge 2.79 Km 1974 Rail-cum-road Andhra Pradesh Godavari River
19 Old Godavari Bridge

Now decommissioned

2.75 Km 1900 Rail Andhra Pradesh Godavari River
20 Godavari Arch Bridge 2.74 Km 1997/2003 Rail Andhra Pradesh Godavari River
21 Penumudi–Puligadda Bridge 2.59 Km 2006 Road Andhra Pradesh Krishna River
22 Badaun-Ganjdundwara Bridge 2.33 Km 2012 Road Uttar Pradesh Ganges River
23 Pamban Bridge 2.30 Km 1988 Road Tamil Nadu Palk Strait
24 Naranarayan Setu 2.28 Km 1998 Rail-cum-road Assam Brahmaputra River
25 Farakka Barrage 2.27 Km 1975 Rail-cum-road West Bengal Ganges River
26 Kanaka Durga Varadhi 2.20 Km 1995 Road Andhra Pradesh Krishna River
27 Mahanadi Rail Bridge 2.10 Km 1902 Rail Odisha Mahanadi River
28 Second Mahanadi Rail Bridge 2.10 Km 2008 Rail Odisha Mahanadi River
29 Pamban Bridge 2.06 Km 1913 Rail Tamil Nadu Palk Strait
30 Sharavathi Bridge 2.06 Km 1994 Rail Karnataka Sharavathi River
31 Kosi Maha Setu 2.06 Km 2013 Rail Bihar Kosi River
32 Rajendra Setu 2.02 Km 1959 Rail-cum-road Bihar Ganges River
33 Daraganj Bridge 2.00 Km 1920 Rail Uttar Pradesh Ganges River


List of Important Bridges in India:-

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Top 5 Bridges in India

India’s Longest Bridge: Dhola Sadiya Bridge: 9.15 Km, Assam

Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also known as the Dhola Sadiya Bridge, crosses the Dhola Sadiya River. The Dhola Sadiya Bridge, which crosses the mighty Brahmaputra, is India’s longest above-water bridge. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 9.15-kilometre-long bridge connecting Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It reduces the distance between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by 165 kilometres & and cut down the travel time by 5 hours.

Dibang River Bridge: 6.2 Km, Arunachal Pradesh

The Sikang Bridge is also known as the Dibang River. The Dibang River Bridge in Arunachal Pradesh is the second-longest road bridge in India, after the Bhupen Hazarika Setu and before the Mahatma Gandhi Setu. It is 6.2 kilometres long. It is a crucial bridge for strategic reasons, as it allows the Indian Army to cross the Chinese borders in less time.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu: 5.6 Km, Bihar

The Mahatma Gandhi Setu was India’s third-longest river bridge, crossing the Ganges from Patna in the south to Hajipur in the north. It is a 5750-meters-long river bridge and one of the state’s leading tourism attractions. It was inaugurated in 1982 by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Before the Dibang Bridge was built, it was the longest bridge in the world.

Bandra Worli Sea Link: 5.57 Km, Maharashtra

Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is another name for Bandra Worli Sea Link. is India’s fourth-longest bridge above the water. It is a work of art created in India. The Bandra Worli Sea Connection is a bridge that connects Bandra in Mumbai’s Western Suburbs to Worli in South Mumbai. It is a cable-stayed bridge with pre-tensioned reinforced steel viaducts on both sides. The planned Western Freeway includes the 5.57-miles-long bridge.

Bogibeel Bridge: 4.94 Km, Assam

Bogibeel bridge is a road & rail bridge that spans the Brahmaputra River between the Assam districts of Dhemaji and Dibrugarh. Bogibeel river bridge is India’s longest rail-road-bridge, spanning 4.94 kilometres. Since it is located in an earthquake-prone location, India’s first bridge has completely welded steel-concrete support beams that can withstand earthquakes with Richter scale magnitudes of up to 7. It is Asia’s second-longest rail-to-road bridge, with a service life of approximately 120 years.

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