Logo Matching Questions for IIFT PDF

Logo Matching Questions for IIFT PDF
Logo Matching Questions for IIFT PDF

Logo Matching Questions for IIFT PDF

Download important IIFT Logo Matching Questions PDF based on previously asked questions in IIFT and other MBA exams. Practice GK Logo questions and answers for IIFT and other MBA exams.

Download Logo Matching Questions for IIFT PDF

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Question 1: Given as under, are part logo of different Organizations. Match the part logo of each with their type of Organization:

a) i-a. ii-e, iii-b, iv-d, v-c

b) i-d, ii-c, iii-a, iv-b, v-e

c) i-d, ii-c, iii-b, iv-e, v-a

d) i-e, ii-a, iii-c, iv-b, v-d

Question 2: Given below are the logos of various global firms. On the basis of their logo, select the correct functional area they operate in.

a) Airlines, Automobiles, Banking, Petroleum

b) Banking, Airlines, Automobiles, Petroleum

c) Airlines, Petroleum, Automobiles, Banking

d) Banking, Airlines, Petroleum, Automobiles

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Question 3: ‘The man of substance’ is the promotional logo of which suiting shirting?

a) Raymond

b) Graviera

c) Van Huesan

d) Louise Phillipe

Question 4: In January 2019, Chief Minister of Tripura, Biplab Kumar Deb unveiled the official logo of the state’s tea which features ………, the iconic landmark of Tripura.

a) Neermahal palace

b) Pilak

c) Ujjayanta palace

d) Devtamura

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Question 5: The Make In India Logo is made up of what?

a) Lion made of Cogs

b) Eagle Made of Steel

c) Chakra Made of Cotton

d) Tiger Made of Khadi

Question 6: ”Industry, Impartiality, Integrity” is the logo of

a) CBI

b) Supreme Court of India

c) Indian Army



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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

The first logo is of Mitsubishi, a Japanese conglomerate.
The second logo is the old logo of Adidas, a sport brand.
The third logo is of Lufthansa, German airlines.
The fourth logo is of World Bank, a multilateral organization.
The fifth logo is of Dream Works, a media production house.

Therefore, option C is the right answer.

2) Answer (B)

3) Answer (E)

4) Answer (A)

5) Answer (A)

6) Answer (A)

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