List of Indian Government Schemes in 2018 PDF – Question and Answers Quiz

govt schemes quiz for rbi grade b
govt schemes quiz for rbi grade b

List of Indian Government Schemes in 2018 PDF – Important Question and Answers Quiz:

We have provided some important questions and answers quiz for RBI Grade B, NABARD and other Competitive Exams for Indian Government schemes list.

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Question 1: What does ‘S’ stand for in SATH, an initiative by government of India to initiate transformation in Health and Education Sectors by associating with states?

a: Sustainable
b: Social
c: Societal
d: Supervisory

Question 2: Which of the following is an online portal developed by Ministry of Women and Child Development to provide easy access to information on government schemes for women?

c:  NARI
d: Mahila-e- Haat

Question 3: Which of the following Government Schemes has been recently introduced in New Delhi that will provide gas connections to identified beneficiary women in the City?

a: HRIDAY Scheme
b: Jal Kranti Abhiyan
c: UJJAWALA Scheme
d: Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana

Question 4: Which of the following State governments has launched” Ganga Hariteema Yojana” aimed at green cover in catchment areas of river ganga and control soil erosion?

a: Bihar
b: West Bengal
c: Uttar Pradesh
d: Jharkhand

Question 5:Which of the following state governments has launched Uzhavan mobile application for farmers on which the beneficiaries can get information on subsidies, book farm equipment etc?
a: Karnataka
b: Tamilnadu
c: Kerala
d: Telangana

Question 6: Which of the following is not one of the focus areas of HRIDAY Scheme which is aimed at developing and preserving the heritage cities in the country?

a: Social Infrastructure
b: Institutional Infrastructure
c: Physical Infrastructure
d: Scientific Infrastructure

Question 7: Which of the following Cities is not one of the list of HRIDAY Scheme which is aimed at preserving and developing Cities of Heritage Importance in the country?

a: Dwarka
b: Mysore
c: Badami
d: Mathura

Question 8: What does “G” stand for in GOBAR Dhan Yojana which is an ambitious scheme of the government of India to manage and convert cattle dung and solid waste from farms and fields to useful compost and biogas?

a: Gross
b: Global
c: Galvanising

Question 9: What is the name given to the Companies/Individuals who will be adopting a heritage project under their CSR Activity, the project is a joint collaboration between Ministry of Tourism; Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India?

a: Heritage Monument
b: Heritage Friend
c: Monument Mitra
d: Project Monument

Question 10: Public Finance Management System (PFMS) an end-to end solution for tracking, monitoring and processing payments has recorded an all-time high of Rs 71,633 Crores worth transactions on a single day recently, PFMS is administered by which of the following Organizations?

a: Department of Agriculture
b: Electronics and Communications Department
c: Department of Expenditure
d: Department of Revenue



Question 01: A
Question 02: C
Question 03: D
Question 04: C
Question 05: B
Question 06: D
Question 07: B
Question 08: C
Question 09: C
Question 10: C


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