IBPS PO 2017 question paper PDF Analysis

IBPS PO Question Paper PDF - Analysis
IBPS PO Question Paper PDF - Analysis

IBPS PO exam is just a month away. Going through the previous year papers of IBPS PO exam at this crucial juncture will help you to understand the exam better. In this article, let us try to analyze the IBPS PO 2017 question paper pdf to know about the pattern of the exam in detail.

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IBPS PO 2017 prelims question paper pdf analysis:

The exam had 3 sections – English language, quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. The exam did not have any sectional time limit. From this year, IBPS has introduced sectional time limits in the exam. The duration of the exam was 1 hour. The exam had 100 questions in total – 30 questions in the English language section and 35 questions each in the other 2 sections. Each question carried 1 mark. An incorrect answer attracted a penalty of 0.25 marks.

English language section:

This section had only questions belonging to 3 types – reading comprehension, spotting the error and sentence replacement. Going by the IBPS PO 2017 question paper pdf, the RC had 10 questions. There were 10 questions on error spotting, and 10 questions were on sentence replacement. The sentence replacement questions were in a different pattern. Most aspirants deemed the section moderate in level. The sectional cut off for the section was 5 marks.

Quantitative aptitude section:

The quants section had DI sets, approximation problems, and word problems from various topics. The DI sets were slightly on the tougher side. Most of the questions from other topics were of moderate difficulty. The quants section had a sectional cut off of 7.75 marks.

Reasoning ability section:

Puzzles dominated this section as usual. There were some puzzles of unconventional types as well. Apart from the puzzles, this section had questions such as direction sense, inequalities, and blood relations. Most of the questions were doable, and this section was slightly on the easier side as compared to the other 2 sections. This reflected in the sectional cut off for the section as well. The sectional cut off for reasoning section was 10 marks.

The prelims exam of IBPS PO 2017 was of moderate difficulty level. Most aspirants attempted more than 50 questions with ease. The cut off was also a bit on the lower side as compared to the previous year. The overall cut off was 42.75 marks.

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Changes in the IBPS PO Pre exam pattern:

IBPS has introduced sectional time limits in the exam from this year. Therefore, the focus should be on maximizing the scores in each of the 3 sections within the 20 minutes available. Aspirants cannot afford to hide behind their strengths anymore as the time limits have made it imperative to put on a decent show across all the three sections. Aspirants should ensure that their study plan reflects the change in the pattern. The need for the preparation plan to be balanced is more now than ever. Therefore, aspirants must ensure that they do not ignore any of the three sections while preparing for the exam.

Apart from tweaking the preparation plan, aspirants should also take a lot of IBPS PO mock tests to acclimatize themselves to the new pattern. Being familiar with the pattern of the exam is crucial to scoring well and hence, aspirants should try to take at least a mock a day from now.

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We hope that this analysis of IBPS PO 2017 question paper pdf was helpful to you. For more useful articles, try reading how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO exam and IBPS PO in hand salary after 7th pay commission.


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