How to Score 25+ Marks in English SBI Junior Associates Clerk 2021

How to Score 25+ Marks in English
How to Score 25+ Marks in English

How to Score 25+ Marks in English SBI Junior Associates Clerk 2021

It is necessary to know some preparation tips to get high marks in the SBI Junior Associates Clerk 2021 English language section with a good grade. We’ve shared some helpful hints for scoring 25+ Marks in the English Language portion of the SBI Clerk exam. English language questions must be attempted with a high accuracy rate to get a good score in the SBI Clerk Prelims.

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How To Prepare English For SBI Clerk Prelims
Phase Number of Questions/Maximum Marks in English Language Section Time Duration
SBI Clerk Prelims 30/30 20 mins

SBI Clerk exam conducted by the prestigious banking organisation in India is the State Bank of India to hire junior associates in the clerical cadre. SBI has released over 5000 vacancies around the country for 2021, providing an excellent opportunity to join one of the country’s most prestigious banking organisations.

The SBI Clerk exam is separated into two sections: preliminary and mains. We’ll go into how to get a 25+ on the English Language section of the SBI Clerk exam below Before we get into it’s essential to know the SBI Clerk Prelim exam syllabus and pattern. Candidates are either afraid of this segment or put it off until the last possible moment. 

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How To Prepare English For SBI Junior Associates Clerk 2021 Of English Section

How To Prepare English For SBI Junior Associates Clerk 2021 Of English Section
English Vocabulary
English Grammar
Comprehension Reading
Verbal Ability

The first phase of the exam consists of an online paper with 100 questions, one mark for every correct answer; for each wrong answer, there will be a negative marking of 1/4th of the allotted marks, which must be completed in 60 minutes. The paper consists of 30 questions in English, 35 questions in reasoning, and 35 questions in quantitative aptitude, all of which must be completed in the same period under a 20-minute sectional time limit.
For English Language Section, you will have 30 questions in 20 minutes. While preparing for this English section, you should make a mindmap of how to distribute 20min.

Section  Time to be taken
Reading Comprehension  5 min

(approximately )

Grammar 5 min
Vocabulary 6 min
Other verbal ability 4 min

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As much as possible, practise mock tests with sectional time. Only by taking a mock test can you determine the optimal time break for each part of the English segment. The timeline seen above is only illustrative. Questions requiring verbal ability, such as sentence re-arrangement, can be perplexing and time-consuming. Reading Comprehension can take up much time. Philosophical questions need a deeper understanding.


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Best English Study Plan for SBI Junoir Associates Clerk Prelims 2021

We’ll go through the various parts of the English Section and plan for them in this section. These guides will help you identify your high and weak areas, allowing you to focus on the strong areas and improve your score and still practice the weak areas.

• Reading Comprehension:  

For this topic, You must develop the habit of reading newspapers and magazines to improve your reading comprehension. A narrative or a fact-based understanding may be used. It is essential to learn daily so that you can read quickly and understand what you are reading. Regularly practise mock assessments and prior year question papers. Reading comprehension questions necessitate a strong command of vocabulary and grammar.

• Grammar: 

It is essential to have a strong foundation in grammar. First and foremost, master the fundamentals of the English language. The grammar section of the SBI Clerk Prelim 2021 Exam consists of fill-in-the-blanks, mistake finding, and word substitution questions. These questions, if properly practised, will get you many points. However, preparation alone is insufficient. Concentrate on key grammar concepts such as article (a, an, the), preposition, questions tags, conjunctions, verb, voice.

• Vocabulary: 

Cloze tests, antonyms and synonyms, fill in the gaps, and other vocabulary questions are among the most general topics. Reading newspapers & magazines is also essential for improving vocabulary. Words, rather than the read or articulation rhythm, should be given more attention in language. Please make a list of any new words you come across when you read them. Understand their antonyms and synonyms, as well as how and when they are found. Additionally, resolving previous year’s English language sectionals. You will be having more clarity on the English.

• Other (Verbal Ability): 

This carries 4-5 marks in the SBI Junior Associates Clerk 2021 Prelims Exam and covers para-jumbles and sentence rearrangement. You would be required to structure sentences to provide a coherent passage. Out of it, questions are sometimes answered. This subject would benefit from your critical thought and pacing.

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Tips for scoring high marks in English Section

As you can see from above, the English Language section is highly theoretical and requires a careful balancing between speed and consistency. As a result, as you plan for this segment, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Know the laws of English grammar inside and out.

2. Get your language stronger.

3. Maintain a high level of speed, consistency, and time control.

4. Develop a habit of reading.

5. Increase the reading level.

6. Practice all kinds of questions in a timed setting.

7. Practice SBI Clerk JA 2021 Mock Tests and Sectionals and get into the routine of answering the simple questions first.

8. Evaluate the previous year’s papers to get a sense of what this test requires.

As a result, students, you do not need to be concerned about this part. Maintain your composure and begin your preparations as soon as possible.

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All the best and Stay tuned for more updates about exams.


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