How to prepare for SBI PO prelims 2018 exam

How to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims
A detailed blog on how to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims

SBI has released the notification for the recruitment of Bank POs. The prelims exam has been scheduled for the first week of July. With just 2 months to go, let us see how to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims so as to have a shot at securing the job.

SBI PO online preparation can help aspirants to master the concepts within the short period available. Going through the previous year papers of SBI PO can prove to be useful to gauge the level of the exam. Taking SBI PO mock tests regularly will help aspirants to keep track of their preparation level.

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How to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims?

SBI has introduced a few changes in the pattern of the prelims exam this year. All the 3 sections will have separate sectional time limits this year. Therefore, aspirants cannot afford to ignore any section. Also, the time available for each section must be utilized to the fullest. Section Number of questions Time limit
1. English Language 30 20 minutes
2. Quantitative Aptitude 35 20 minutes
3. Reasoning Ability 35 20 minutes
Total 100 1 hour

SBI has decided to call aspirants in the ratio 1:10 for the mains exam. This is a substantial reduction from the 1:20 ratio used last year. Therefore, we can expect a steep rise in the prelims cut off this year. Now, let us move on to how to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims.

Usually, people spend the least amount of time in the English language section and utilize the extra time to solve questions from other sections. With the introduction of sectional time limits, it is imperative for aspirants to score well in all the three sections to crack SBI PO 2018 exam.

In the first month (May), the focus must be on strengthening the basics of each topic. Also, aspirants must start practising RCs too since they cannot afford to leave the same. 20 minutes is an ample time frame for the English section and hence, aspirants must try to push their scores past 25 in this section. Developing a reading habit can also help aspirants to score well in this section.

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How to prepare for SBI Clerk exam in Two Months – Preparation Plan:

First month:

The focus must be on strengthening the base in the first month. Aspirants must solve a large number of problems to acclimatize themselves with the various types of questions that appear in the exam. Also, having a clear idea of the basics will help a great deal in building speed during the later stages.

To gain an edge in the quants section, knowing the tables well is mandatory. One must try to memorize the fraction to decimal conversion values and the vice versa. This can prove to be handy while solving the DI questions. Also, aspirants must memorize the squares and cubes of numbers till 30 to reduce the time spent on calculation in the exam hall. Aspirants can go through SBI PO important questions and answers to get comfortable with the various types of questions that appear in the exam.

Aspirants must also solve a large number of puzzles during the preparation phase. Also, aspirants must ensure that they expose themselves to different types of puzzles. The types of puzzles appearing in the recent years can be best termed unconventional. Therefore, solving different varieties of puzzles will help aspirants to maintain a cool head even if the exam throws a curveball.

Second month:

Aspirants must spend the month of June taking mock tests. The purpose of taking mock tests must be to know the areas of shortcomings. Aspirants must work on their mistakes between 2 mock tests. With each passing mock, aspirants must ensure that they do not repeat the mistakes from their earlier mocks. Taking mocks will also help aspirants to improve their question selection skills. Selecting the right questions to answer and steering clear of the traps can boost the scores of an aspirant by a significant margin. Therefore, aspirants must spend the second month perfecting the art of taking a test.

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We hope that this article would have helped you to get some idea how to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims. Try reading SBI PO expected cut off and SBI PO in hand salary after 7th pay commission to know more about the job and the exam.


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