How to prepare for CAT 2022?

How to prepare for CAT 2022?
How to prepare for CAT 2022?

How to prepare for CAT 2022?

CAT 2021 is scheduled to take place on the 28th of November 2021. CAT 2022 is expected to be scheduled around the same time next year. Considering that you are starting your preparation this month, you will have about a year to prepare for CAT 2022, which is more than sufficient. Having a defined plan and direction for your preparation is very important to make the best use of this time. Here is the step-wise approach on how to prepare for CAT 2022.

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Get accustomed to the CAT Pattern

Before we begin with the pattern of the paper, we would like to point out that the pattern of the paper is constantly changing owing to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The question paper will have three sections – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. The number of questions has been changing in the past 2 years. In a 3-hour paper, there were 34, 32 and 34 questions respectively. In 2020(2-hours paper), it was 26, 24, 26 respectively and in 2021(2-hours paper), it is expected to further decrease according to the latest CAT notification.

Strengthen your fundamentals for CAT

Now, that you know the structure of the question paper and also have a knowledge of what areas are tested, you can plan your preparation in that direction. Make a note of all the topics in the CAT 2022 syllabus and learn the fundamentals of each of these topics. You can also check out CAT Online Coaching for a structured and well-defined preparation plan.

Take a CAT mock to see where you stand

After covering the basics and practising a decent number of examples, it is time to know your current level of preparation. Take a mock test and see where you stand in your preparation. Analyze the mock well and keep notre of your strengths and weaknesses. Often a single mock is not sufficient to correctly judge your stronger suites and weaker sections. In that case, you can try out three free CAT Mocks.

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Continuously work on your weaker areas

Now, that you know the topics that you are weak in, start working on them. Refer to the basics of each of these topics again. Solving more problems will eventually help you come up with multiple approaches to solving a single question. Acquiring this skill will give you the luxury to choose the optimal approach among many others for a question.

Take sectionals

Sectionals will be most influential in moulding your sectionwise performance across the paper. Sectionals are often noit given much importance, but that is the worst thing that an aspirant can do. Sectionals help you design a strategy, they help you in strengthening your weaker sections and they give you the flexibility to try out a number of approaches in each section. Take CAT sectionals at regular intervals and between your mocks.

Take the right number of CAT mocks

Having a defined test strategy is very important for an aspirant’s successin the exam. In the last four to five months before CAT, start taking mock tests, at least once every week.Taking the right number of mocks is very necessary as far as the CAT is concerned. You can check out this blog on the right number of mocks to be taken before CAT 2022. Make sure that you analyze them well and work on your errors before taking the next mock. You can try out 3 Free CAT Mocks in our website.

Work on your accuracy

Accuracy is a key factor in CAT. After every mock test, analyze your performance. Segregate the questions into three sets – Correct, Incorrect and Un-attempted. Learn the underlying concepts of all the questions that you have solved incorrectly. It is important to not repeat the same mistakes again. Decreasing the number of mistakes committed while keeping the number of questions attempted the same will improve your accuracy level, which in turn will increase your overall score.

Solve past years’ CAT papers

Solving Previous Year CAT Question papers is very important as it helps you understand the level of difficulty of the questions asked in CAT. Having an idea of the type of questions that may appear in CAT will prepare you to tackle similar questions on the exam day.

Having a well defined approach to your CAT 2022 preparation will help you execute your plan well and ace the examination. Just make sure that you stick to your plan and strategy. Wish you all the best!

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