How To Prepare English For IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 exam

How To Prepare English For IBPS Clerk Prelims
How To Prepare English For IBPS Clerk Prelims

How To Prepare English For IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 Exam

 In this article, we are going to provide complete information about how to prepare English for IBPS clerk prelims. IBPS has scheduled online prelims exam dates for clerk post (December on 7th 8th 14th and 21st ). To call for the second phase of Clerk mains exam first you need to clear three sections within the time frame of 20 minutes and also fetch good score in IBPS clerk prelims exam.   

 Generally Many of the students are comfortable with reasoning & quantitative aptitude and face with difficulties with the English language because it is mostly avoided and least prepared section. Most of the candidates who are preparing for banking and other competitive exams fail only English section because they are unable to crack the English sectional cut off. English place a major place in all the competitive exams, so it is essential to give more attention to the English language.

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In IBPS Clerk Prelims exam English section consist of 30 questions, all the questions in objective type. You need to complete these sections within the time frame of 20 minutes. Don’t do mistakes while attempting because 0.25 mark will be deducted for each and every wrong answer. Based on previous year question papers which type of questions/topic are generally asked are mentioned below.

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IBPS Clerk English Section Topic-wise Weight-age :

Section  Prelims Exam Marks  Mains Exam Marks
Reading Comprehension 10 10
Sentence correction 5 10
Para Jumbled 5 5
Error Detection 5 5
Fill in the blanks 5 10
Close Test 5 5

English For IBPS Clerk-2019

Important Tips To Prepare For IBPS Clerk

Tips To vocabulary Preparation

Try to read the English Newspaper daily and make a habit of reading. At the time of reading jot down the new words (synonyms & antonyms) and phrases. Revise these words in your leaser time.

At the time of talking with your friends try to use these words because this is the perfect way to memorize all the words.

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Tips To Cloze Test Preparation

In IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam, Cloze test questions consist of 5 marks. In this section, one paragraph is given with blank space and five options is given for each blank space below the passage, you should put appropriate option in this blank.

In cloze test all the sentences are logically connected to each, this logic will give an idea which word is perfect for blank space. Most of the times in cloze test you can easily find the correct option without eliminating the word. The key point for filing the cloze test try to understand the logic behind the sentence while filling blank space.

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Tips To Reading Comprehension Preparation 

In IBPS Clerk prelims exam, Reading comprehension occupies major portion nearly 8 to 10 questions are coming from this topic in English section. This topic, test your comprehension skills and analyzation of the problem in a perfect way. In reading comprehension try to read the questions first. Because if you understand the questions properly you can easily find the answer while reading a passage.

In reading comprehension try to attempt synonyms and antonyms questions. While attempting the question try to understand how the word is used in the sentence. Read the passage quick to understand what the author is saying and what is the central idea of the passage. This will help you to find the answer quickly.

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Tips To Solve Spelling Mistakes and Spotting Errors

In spotting error questions you have to find a grammatical mistake in the sentence. From this topic nearly 3 to 4 questions are expected. This section tests your grammar skills.

In order to solve spotting error questions first read the question thoroughly. In several cases, you will find the correct answer in first attempt only. If you do not find the answer, observe each and every sentence. Give online mock test, read the newspapers daily to avoid spelling mistakes and write the error-free sentence by using the words from what you learn in the newspaper, every day.

By following the above tips you can easily fetch the good marks and can also clear the sectional cut off In IBPS Clerk Prelims Examination.

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General English Preparation Tips 

  1. Make the habit of reading English newspapers like the Hindu, Economic Times etc. Reading the newspaper regularly, not only useful for English section preparation but also helps you to score good marks in general awareness section.
  2. Watch English news, movies, serials and debates in your favourite English channel. Write down the words and revise them in your free time.
  3. Make a proper time table based on your time. If you are weak in English grammar buy IBPS English preparation material. 
  4. Practise previous year question papers and find which type of questions are generally asked in the exam and put more concentration on this type of questions while doing your preparation.  Try to Practice IBPS clerk English practice set in your free time.
  5.  Get the complete idea on IBPS clerk English language syllabus.
  6. If the question is complex, don’t stop at a particular question in the exam. When you feel difficulty while attempting, try to leave that question and move on to another one.
  7. You must be familiar with basic usage of grammar and try to revise vocabulary in your free time.

Give the sectional mock test regularly and analyse it; it will help you to find your strength and weakness. Try to spend more time on your weaker sections

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we hope this article will help you to know the IBPS Clerk 2019 expected cut off. Want free guidance for IBPS Clerk from Experts, Whatsapp ‘IBPS Clerk ’ to 7661025557.


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