How To Clear English Section In IBPS PO Exam 2019

How To Clear English Section In IBPS PO Exam 2019
How To Clear English Section In IBPS PO Exam 2019

How To Clear English Section In IBPS PO Exam 2019 

In this article we are going to give complete information about How to Prepare English IBPS PO Exam 2019? how to score good marks in English section? how to improve my English for a bank PO exam?.English is common paper for all competitive exams. The main intention of this section to test your basic knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and understanding. So you should be aware of it. The English section in IBPS PO exam 2019 has many sorts of questions such as Reading comprehension, Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions, Direct -Indirect Speech, Sentences, Spelling Mistakes, etc. Here we will give you some important suggestions that will help you to score better in English section.   

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English Section Pattern In IBPS  Exams Name of the exam No. Of questions in prelims No.of marks in prelims Time Duration in prelims No. Of questions in mains No. Of marks in mains Time Duration in mains
1 IBPS Clerk 30 30 20 minutes 40 40 35 minutes
2 IBPS PO 30 30 20 minutes 35 40 40 minutes
3 IBPS RRB Clerk  



40 40  




40 40  


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IBPS PO Expected Number Of Questions In English Section

Topics Expected  marks
Reading Comprehension (RC) 10
Close Test 5
Error spotting/sentence correction/sentence Improvement 5 to 10
Double & Triple Fillers 5
Others 5 to 10

IBPS PO 2019 English Syllabus :

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Close Test
  3. Double & Triple Fillers
  4. Odd one out
  5. Phrase replacement
  6. Spell checker
  7. Phrases and Idioms
  8. Basic English grammar
  9. Parts of speech
  10. Sentence completion
  11. Multiple meaning / error spotting
  12. Paragraph completion

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Tips & Tricks To Clear English Section In IBPS PO Exam 2019

1. Reading comprehension consumes a lot of time in your examination. To avoid this problem, read the questions first before reading the comprehension passage. This trick will help you to answer the questions easily.
2. While attempting the reading comprehension questions, try to attempt vocabulary based questions first.
3. While attempting vocabulary based questions, try to understand the sentence containing the concerned word first.
4. In close Test, read the sentence first and try to find the correct answer by using given options. If you feel difficult while filling the blank try to leave and move on to the next one.
5. In odd one out questions, you need to identify the theme and identify sentence not matching that theme.
6. If the sentence is looking good, try to identify the grammar and spelling mistakes while answering the spotting error questions.
7. Read the sentence properly before answering the questions in phrase replacement.

8. Practise previous year questions it will helps you to find the what type of questions they are asked in the examination and get familiar with all sort of questions that can be asked in the exam. 

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General Preparation Tips & Tricks:

  1. While reading the news paper concentrate on articles based on banking & economy, social issues etc..
  2. Reading the news paper regularly, it improves your reading speed. It will also aid you while reading the comprehension passage.
  3. Good vocabulary will help you to score good marks in the examination.
  4. Get the complete command on grammar it will helps you to answer complex questions in the exam
  5. Practise more number of questions so will not feel difficulty in the examination.
  6. Read the news paper and note down the new words, idioms & phrases. It will help you to improve your vocabulary. Try to spend some time to revise the vocabulary.
  7. Try to give sectional mock test regularly and analyse the exam. it will helps you to find your strength and weak areas.

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