General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-2 PDF

General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-2 PDF
General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-2 PDF

General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-2 PDF

Download important IIFT  General Knowledge Questions PDF based on previously asked questions in IIFT and other MBA exams. Practice General Knowledge Questions and answers for IIFT and other  exams.

Download General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-2 PDF

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Question 1: Who applied the concept of guerilla warfare in India in 17th Century ?

a) Shivaji

b) Sher Shaih Suri

c) Genghis Khan

d) Maharana Pratap

Question 2: Which Indian language is also spoken in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, the Caribbean, Fiji, South Africa ?

a) Bhojpuri

b) Punjabi

c) Tamil

d) Telugu

Question 3: In which of the following layer of atmosphere the absorption and scattering of the solar ultraviolet radiation takes place ?

a) Troposphere

b) Stratosphere

c) Mesosphere

d) Thermosphere

Question 4: The cooling by a desert Cooler is based on:

a) Hot air replacement

b) Air dehydration

c) Evaporative Cooling

d) Air Rehydration

Question 5: Which of the following is used to make light weight, but strong plastic ?

a) Nylon

b) Polythene

c) Polyvinyl Chloride

d) Methyl Methacrylate

Question 6: which of the following range of Air Pollutant Index is considered as hazardous ?

a) 301-500

b) 201-300

c) 101-200

d) 401-500

Question 7: Which of the following Indian states’ police department launched “ Operation Milan’ to recover abducted youths ?

a) Haryana

b) Gujarat

c) Uttrakhand

d) Uttar Pradesh

Question 8: DNA shows hyperchromicity on:

a) heating

b) cooling

c) crystallizing

d) replication

Question 9: Which of the following is example of simple harmonic motion ?

a) Earth spinning on its axis

b) Simple pendulum

c) Ball bouncing on floor

d) Motion of a ceiling fan

Question 10: What do you call the study of fungi ?

a) Mycology

b) Parasitology

c) Bacteriology

d) Ecology

Question 11: On $16^{th}$ November 2018 Union Government approved three fresh proposals under Nirbaya fund. Choose the right statement/s from the following
a) Setting up Fast Track Special Courts (FTSCs)
b) Procurement of forensic kits for sexual assault cases
c) Setting up of video surveillance system at 50 railway stations
d) Setting up of Mahila Police Thanas at divisional level

a) a, b, c

b) a, c, d

c) b, c, d

d) a, b, c and d

Question 12: Kisan Kranthi Yathra was a protest organised by Bharathiya Kisan Union in October 2018. Its chief demand is/demands are
a) Minimum support price
b) Blanket loan waiver
c) Implementation of Swaminathan Committee Report

a) (a) only

b) (b) only

c) (c) only

d) All the above

Question 13: Royal place consists of thousand pillars was constructed by the following ruler

a) Ganapati Deva

b) Alla-ud-din Khiji

c) Ghiyajud-din-Balban

d) Sadasivaraya

Question 14: Lepakshi temple was constructed by the royal officers who served under

a) Achyuta Devaraya

b) Sadasivaraya

c) Venkatapati raya

d) Krishna Devaraya

Question 15: The first fort that was captured by Sivaji

a) Purandhar

b) Rayaghad

c) Thorna

d) Kondana

Question 16: When was the Second Round Table Conference held?

a) March 7, 1931

b) October 11, 1931

c) September 7, 1931

d) December 7, 1931

Question 17: Which among the following was not preached by Swami Vivekananda as one of the essentials for pursuing religion

a) Education

b) Removal of poverty

c) Emancipation of women

d) Worship of Idols

Question 18: As a result of the new revenue settlements, the cultivators were at the mercy of the

a) Bureaucrats

b) Police

c) Money lenders

d) Zamindars

Question 19: The Andhra Person that acted as the vice chancellor of Madras University.

a) Durgabai Deshmukh

b) G.V. Ramamurty

c) Raghupati Venkataratnam Naidu

d) Burgula Ramakrishna Rao

Question 20: The place with highest rainfall in India is

a) Cherrapunji

b) Munnar

c) Agumbe

d) Mawsynram

Question 21: Which of the following is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a 4 reputation that are due to that origin?

a) Geographical Indication

b) Formal Indication

c) Native Indication

d) Historical Indication

Question 22: Which pigment gives pale yellow color to urine?

a) Erithromycin

b) Amoxylin

c) Urochrorne

d) Unicorn

Question 23: Which of these districts does not come in the top three districts ranking in Swach.h Survekshmi Grameen 2018?

a) Trivandrum

b) Rewari

c) Satara

d) Pedapalli

Question 24: Name the period in which the Slave dynasty existed in India.

a) AD 899-1000

b) AD 1206-1290

c) AD 189-321

d) AD 1690-1715

Question 25: In which language was ‘Tawarikh’ written?

a) Tulu

b) Persian

c) Punjabi

d) Urdu

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Question 26: What was the uowth rate of India’s GDP durinv. July-September 2018 quarter?

a) 8.1 per cent

b) 6.6 per cent

c) 7.6 per cent

d) 7.1 per cent

Question 27: The first summit of International Solar Alliance was held in which city?

a) Allahabad

b) New Delhi

c) Ahmedabad

d) Chennai

Question 28: What is India’s fiscal deficit target, as a percentage of GDP, for the financial year 2018-19?

a) 3.1 per cent

b) 3.0 per cent

c) 3.2 per cent

d) 3.3 per cent

Question 29: Which of the following Telecom Operator has launched the app based Internet calling service “WINGS” in India?


b) JIO

c) Airtel

d) Vodafone

Question 30: ‘………….’ is aimed at the welfare of areas and people affected by mining-related operations. using the funds generated by District Mineral Foundations (DMFs).

a) Pradhan Mantri UjjWala Yojana

b) Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

c) Pradhan Mantri Digidhan Vyapar Yojana

d) Pradhan Mantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana

Question 31: ………. is India’s oldest research reactor.

a) Kamini

b) Circus

c) Dhruva

d) Apsara

Question 32: The state of Jharkhand was formed by division of Bihar in the year ………

a) 2002

b) 2001

c) 2003

d) 2000

Question 33: Asian Premium is the high price that Asian countries pay to import ………….

a) machinery

b) precious metals

c) mobile phones

d) crude oil

Question 34: Paryushan is an important festival for the ……….. community.

a) Buddhist

b) Jew

c) Jain

d) Zoroastrian

Question 35: The Serum Institute of India launched the oral polio vaccine in ……….

a) 2012

b) 2013

c) 2014

d) 2011

Question 36: The Govemor of an Indian state generally holds ofiice for a period of …….. years.

a) 4

b) 5

c) 7

d) 3

Question 37: What is the approximate playing time of the full version of the Indian National Anthem?

a) 48 seconds

b) 62 seconds

c) 52 seconds

d) 68 seconds

Question 38: India’s oldest operating refinery is at ………..

a) Jamnagar

b) Paradip

c) Digboi

d) Panipat

Question 39: Which is the seventh largest country in the world by land area?

a) Australia

b) Argentina

c) Brazil

d) India

Question 40: Sunita Williams, renowned astronaut of Indian origin, spent a record of …….. days in space.

a) 150

b) 195

c) 175

d) 200

Question 41: Nyctophobia is the fear of:

a) Birds

b) Darkness

c) Light

d) Animals

Question 42: ………. is a textile art fiom Gujarat / Rajasthan.

a) Bandhani

b) Paithani

c) Chanderi

d) Ikat

Question 43: The festival of …………. is dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine avatars.

a) Sankranti

b) Navratri

c) Diwali

d) Holi

Question 44: Prince Khurrarn grew up to be known as:

a) Jahangir

b) Akbar

c) Humayun

d) Shah Jahan

Question 45: Which of the following is NOT a mint of the Sectnity Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL)?

a) India Government Mint, Gorakhpur

b) India Government Mint, Mumbai

c) India Government Mint, Hyderabad

d) India Government Mint, Kolkata

Question 46: Photophobia means:

a) Addiction to light

b) Addiction to taking photos

c) Sensitivity to light

d) Dislike towards taking photos

Question 47: In Computer Terminology, MPEG stands for

a) Moving Picture Experts Group

b) Moving Picture Electronic Group

c) Moving Picture Erasable Group

d) Moving Picture Equipment Group

Question 48: Match List I with List II and select answers from the codes given below:


a) a-I, b-III, c-IV, d-II

b) a-III, b-II, c-I, d-IV

c) a-I, b-IV, c-II, d-III

d) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II

Question 49: Which was the firet unmanned spacecraft to land on the moon?

a) Luna 2

b) Ranger 4

c) Surveyor 4

d) Chang’e 1

Question 50: Who propounded the concept of ‘Soft Power’ in International Relations ?

a) James Tully

b) Joseph Nye

c) Judith Pamela Butler

d) Samuel P. Huntington

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (C)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (A)

7) Answer (D)

8) Answer (A)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (A)

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (C)

16) Answer (C)

17) Answer (B)

18) Answer (C)

19) Answer (C)

20) Answer (D)

21) Answer (A)

22) Answer (C)

23) Answer (A)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (B)

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26) Answer (D)

27) Answer (B)

28) Answer (D)

29) Answer (A)

30) Answer (D)

31) Answer (D)

32) Answer (D)

33) Answer (D)

34) Answer (C)

35) Answer (B)

36) Answer (B)

37) Answer (C)

38) Answer (C)

39) Answer (D)

40) Answer (B)

41) Answer (B)

42) Answer (A)

43) Answer (B)

44) Answer (D)

45) Answer (A)

46) Answer (C)

47) Answer (A)

48) Answer (D)

49) Answer (A)

50) Answer (B)

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