English Questions for RBI Grade B Exam PDF

English Questions for RBI Grade B Exam PDF
English Questions for RBI Grade B Exam PDF

English Questions for RBI Grade B Exam PDF:

English Questions and answers for RBI Grade-B exam with solutions based on previous year paper asked questions. Practice set on english for RBI exam.

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Instructions: In the following passage there are blanks each of the which has been numbered These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words phrases are suggested one of which best fits the blank appropriately Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case
Economic growth figures for the first quarter of this financial year seem to support the claim that the worst may be over for the Indian economy The gradual revival is also an indication that the government’s economic stimulus package is (181) What could however upset the positive outlook is the drought which (182) large parts of the country and its impact on overall growth Even though the monsoon had picked up (183) the rains received were grossly (184) There are clear (185) that farm output particularly cereals will fall drastically Insufficient rain is bound to shoot up the (186) of agriculture commodities and that would impact the economy as a whole The drought would also (187) a drastic reduction in rural employment and consumption besides inflation in the prices of food articles
Food prices have been (188) since the past few months and lower agriculture production is likely to (189) the situation The government has said that food grain from the buffer stocks will be used to keep prices (190) Subsidised food grain is necessary in these times but its effectiveness will depend a lot on the distribution system

Question 1: 181

a) impractical
b) ambiguous
c) failing
d) working
e) weakening

Question 2: 182

a) strike
b) affected
c) exposed
d) reverted
e) altered

Question 3: 183

a) unseasonably
b) unfavourably
c) presently
d) meagrely
e) later

Question 4: 184

a) inadequate
b) enough
c) missing
d) ample
e) atrocious

Question 5: 185

a) contradictions
b) advices
c) reasons
d) results
e) indications

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Question 6: 186

a) production
b) requirement
c) price
d) yield
e) labour

Question 7: 187

a) trigger
b) lead
c) result
d) contribute

Question 8: 188

a) improving
b) balanced
c) stable
d) increasing
e) decreasing

Question 9: 189

a) aggravate
b) amend
c) smoothen
d) improve
e) challenge

Question 10: 190

a) unprofitable
b) futile
c) maximum
d) growing
e) down

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Answers & Solutions :

1) Answer (D)

The previous statement states that worst was finished in Indian economy and better is to come as the government has initiated economic stimulus package. Hence the word we use should be positive in nature and should be linked to strengthen stimulus package. and state that it is going on well. Hence,A,B,C ,E can be eliminated.Working fits correctly into the blank. Hence,D

2) Answer (B)

The previous sentence states that the positive lookout of Economic growth is upset by drought as it has done some damage to large parts of the country.Hence, Affected means causing some bad and fits into the passage,Exposed means to show up reverted means returned ,altered means changed.Hence,B

3) Answer (E)

The logical flow of the sentence is that drought has impacted the country and later rains picked up .Unfavorably,unreasonably& meagerly cannot be linked with picked up as it is a positive term. Between presently and later, later fits in well. Hence, E

4) Answer (A)

The previous words state that monsoon has picked up, the following sentences should have a logical connection. As Even though is a negative connector used for stating contrasted clauses, the following sentences should have a negative tone. Hence, enough and ample can be eliminated. Rains were grossly missing doesnt make a sense. Also, atrocious means inhumane and cannot be used in the context. Hence, Inadequate meaning low is correct. Hence,A

5) Answer (E)

The previous sentence is a cause stating rains are low, hence connecting sentence should be an effect(cereal production will be low). Hence, contradictions, results can be eliminated as both of those don’t make sense. Among reasons,advices and indications, indications meaning sign fits in correctly . The sentence means as rains are low which gives a sign(indication) that cereal production will fall .Hence E.

6) Answer (C)

The previous sentence means that the cereal production has fallen drastically and hence, it would result in increase of prices .Also, insufficient rain can never shoot up(increase) production , yield or labor . Between requirement and price, price fits in correctly as the following sentence speaks of economy. Hence,E

7) Answer (A)

Dampen means make something wet or to have a low impact and can be eliminated as the passage states that drought has a high impact on the employment.’ Lead&contribute;’ are to be followed by ‘to’ to fit in the passage. ‘Result’ should be followed by ‘in’ to fit in the passage. Hence, trigger means have effect on something forcefully is correct.

8) Answer (D)

In general and as used in the passage, drought will always lead to reduction of employment and increase of prices and inflation.Hence, B, C,E are eliminated. Improve means to increase the quality and doesnt fit here. Also ‘since,—-have been’ should be followed by ‘verb+ing’ form. Hence, D is correct

9) Answer (A)

The previous sentences state that the drought has impacted various parts of the country and low rain fall has further worsened the case leading to low production of cereals which in turn lead to decrease in employment and increase in prices. And the lower agriculture production is further impacting the situation. Also the following statement says that the government brings food grains from buffer stocks. Hence, aggravate meaning worsened is the correct word.

10) Answer (E)

The reason for bringing the stocks from buffer markets is to bring the prices low.Hence,C,D eliminated..The correct formation is ‘the buffer stocks will be used to keep the prices down’. hence, E

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