Time and work shortcuts & Tricks for Banking Exams – IBPS & SBI pdf

    time work shortcuts for ibps po bank exam
    time, speed, distance and work shortcuts for ibps po bank exam

    Time, speed, distance and work is an important topic in quantitative section of IBPS PO bank exam. Learning various shortcuts, formulas and tips will help you to solve questions form this topic very easily. Take SBI Clerk mock test now and try to solve questions from this topic, using this formulas.

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    Outline of various topics covered in this Time and work shortcuts pdf

    • Speed, distance and time formulas
    • Ratio of speeds and Average speed shortcuts
    • Circular Tracks
    • Two persons meet a point formulas
    • Trains
    • Work
    • Boats and Streams tips
    • Pipes and Cisterns
    • Some more tips and tricks for Time, Speed, Distance & Work

    Start solving various problems of time, speed, distance and work

    Taking mock tests will help you to score high in this IBPS PO exam.

    If you want to get more comfortable with this topic you can read CAT level questions on Time and Distance.


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