Current Affairs 6th March 2019 Today Quiz

Current Affairs 6th March 2019 Today Quiz
Current Affairs 6th March 2019 Today Quiz

Take today’s Quiz of current affairs of 6th March 2019 covering all important happenings in India and the world. Daily GK Update Free Quiz on Top 10 current affairs of 6th March 2019 useful for UPSC, SSC, RPF, Banking & other competitive exams.

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1.Between which countries is the bilateral joint exercise named “Al Nagah III”going to be conducted?

1.India & UAE

2.India & Oman

3.India & Saudi Arabia

4.India & Qatar

Ans: 2 – India & Oman

2.From which place did Prime minister Narendra Modi launch Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandan Yojana that intends to benefit unorganised sector workers?

1.Hampi, Karnataka

2.Chennai, Tamil Nadu

3.Vastral, Gujarat

4.Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Ans: 3 – Vastral, Gujarat

3.With which bank has India signed a loan agreement of 250$ million for the National Rural Economic Transformation Project to boost rural income of 13 states?

1.Asian Development Bank

2.Asian Infrastructure & Investment Bank

3.European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

4.World Bank

Ans: 4 – World Bank

4.Who is the Egyptian UN award winning photo journalist who has been released from the prison after five years?

1.Mahmoud Abou Zeid

2.Mahmoud Solih

3.Abdel Sisi

4.Ibrahim Zeid

Ans: 1 – Mahmoud Abou Zeid

5.Union Home Minister has launched smart fencing project on _____ border.





Ans: 3 – Indo-bangladesh

6.What is the name of the single card for seamless travel through different transport systems launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad recently?

1.National Carrier Mobility Card

2.National Compact Transport Card

3.National Common Mobility Card

4.National Connective Mobility Card

Ans: 3 – National Common Mobility Card

7.Where is the 2nd edition of Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue being conducted?

1.Prayag Raj



4.New Delhi

Ans: 4 – New Delhi

8.What is the name of the space programme launched by the ISRO for the school children?

1.Yuva Vidya Karyakram

2.Yuva Vigyani Karyakram

3.Yuva Anthariksh Protshakaran Karyakram

4.Bal Anthariksh Karyakram

Ans: 2 – Yuva Vigyani Karyakram

9.Where is Kole wetland located where the alarm of alien species has been raised recently?

1.Dispur, Assam

2.Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

3.Belgaum, Karnataka

4.Thrissur, Kerala

Ans:  4 – Thrissur, Kerala

10.What is the name of the super computer i.e, launched by the IIT-BHU as a part of the National Supercomputing Mission recently?

1.Param Ramay

2.Param Shivay

3.Shakti Shiva

4.Manas Shivay

Ans: 2 – Param Shivay

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