Current Affairs 1st February 2019 Today Quiz

Current Affairs 1st February 2019 Today Quiz
Current Affairs 1st February 2019 Today Quiz

Current Affairs 1st February 2019:

Take today’s Quiz of current affairs of 1st February 2019 covering all important happenings in India and the world. Daily GK Update Free Quiz on Top 10 current affairs of 1st February 2019 useful for UPSC, SSC, RPF, Banking & other competitive exams.

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1.Which year is launched by the UNESCO as the International Year Of Periodic Table Of Chemical Elements?

  1. 2021

2. 2020

3. 2019

4. 2018

Ans: 3 – 2019

2.Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial recently?





Ans: 4 – Dandi

3.Whose tenure is terminated by the ICICI Bank due to the violation of Bank code of conduct?

1.Ashok Chawla

2.Sri Ram

3.Amitabh Chaudhary

4.Chandha Kochar

Ans: 4 – Chandha Kochar

4.Which company became the official sponsor of ICC, International Cricket Council?

1.Oppo Phone


3.Hindustan Unilever Limited

4.Coco Cola

Ans: 4 – Coco Cola

5.Who is appointed as the Director General of NCC?

1.Lt Gen Sanjay Mishra

2.Lt Gen Hirnath Kapoor

3.Lt Gen Rajni Mishra

4.Lt Gen Rajeev Chopra

Ans: 4 – Lt Gen Rajeev Chopra

6.Which brigade has won the Best Marching Contingent Award at the 2019 Republic Day Parade?

1.Motor Brigade

2.Infantry Brigade

3.Gorkha Brigade

4. Maratha Brigade

Ans: 3 – Gorkha Brigade

7.What is the new name of the Department of Industrial Policy And Promotion?

1. Department of Company Policy

2. Department of Promotion Of Services

3. Department of Industrial Policy

4. Department of Promotion Of Industry & Internal Trade

Ans: 4 – Department of Promotion Of Industry & Internal Trade

8.According to the CSO, what is the revised GDP growth rate for the year 2017-18?

  1. 7.2%

2. 7.1%

3. 7.0%

4. 7.3%

Ans: 1 –  7.2%

9.What is the weight of the Eight Core Industries in the Index Of Industrial Production?

  1. 44.27%

2. 40.27%

3. 42.27%

4. 44.27%

Ans: 2 – 40.27%

10.What is the Unemployment rate for the year 2017-18 according to the National Sample Survey Office?

  1. 6.1%

2. 6.5%

3. 6.2%

4. 6.6%

Ans: 1 –  6.1%

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