Current Affairs 14th March 2019 Today Quiz

Current Affairs 14th March 2019 Today Quiz
Current Affairs 14th March 2019 Today Quiz

Take today’s Quiz of current affairs of 14th March 2019 covering all important happenings in India and the world. Daily GK Update Free Quiz on Top 10 current affairs of 14th March 2019 useful for UPSC, SSC, RPF, Banking & other competitive exams.

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1.What is the theme of World Kidney Day 2019?

1.Kidney for everyone

2.Kidney health for everyone, everywhere

3.Kidney Cure

4.Kidney Medicine

Ans: 2 – Kidney health for everyone, everywhere

2.Which is the third Indian company to cross a market value of Rs.6 trillion after Reliance Industries and TCS?

1.Corporation Bank


3.HDFC Bank

4.ICICI Bank

Ans: 3 – HDFC Bank

3.Who is the first Hindu Dalit female to be elected as the Senator of Pakistan?

1.Krishna Kumari Kohli

2.Krishna Sobti

3.Veena Bhargav

4.Kiran Kohli

Ans: 1 – Krishna Kumari Kohli

4.According to the second Global Chemical Outlook Report, by which year the production of chemicals is going to be doubled?

  1. 2035

2. 2022

3. 2025

4. 2030

Ans: 4 – 2030

5.What is the name of the joint military exercise between India and Oman commenced in Oman?

1.Al manah III

2.Al zazeera III

3.Al nagah III

4.Al renan III

Ans: 3 – Al nagah III

6.Which country has released Black Hole Coin in the honour of Stephen Hawking?





Ans: 1 – USA

7.What is the base year for the estimation of the Index of Industrial Production?

  1. 2010-11

2. 2011-12

3. 2012-13

4. 2013-14

Ans: 2 – 2011-12

8.Who is the Art historian & Pablo Picasso biographer who passed away recently?

1.Peter Abbs

2.Douglas Cooper

3.Sir John Richardson

4.Arne Glimcher

Ans: 3 – Sir John Richardson

9.Which among the following countries are added to EU’s Tax Haven Black list recently?




4.All of the above

Ans: 4 – All of the above

10.Who is appointed as the non-executive chairman of Axis Bank?

1.Rakesh Makhija

2.Chanda Kochhar

3.Vijay Kumar Shukla

4.Ram Thripati

Ans: 1 – Rakesh Makhija

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