Current Affairs 11th to 15th April 2019 Today Quiz

Current Affairs 11th to 15th April 2019 Today Quiz
Current Affairs 11th to 15th April 2019 Today Quiz

Take today’s Quiz of current affairs of 11th to 15th April 2019 covering all important happenings in India and the world. Daily GK Update Free Quiz on Top 10 current affairs of 11th to 15th April 2019 useful for UPSC, SSC, RPF, Banking & other competitive exams.

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1.Who was recently conferred with Order of St.Andrew the Apostle, the highest Order of Russian Federation?

1.Sonia Gandhi

2.Sushma Swaraj

3.Ram Nath Kovind

4.Narendra Modi

Ans: 4 – Narendra Modi

2.According to the UN Population Fund’s State of World Population 2019 Report, what is the population of India as of 2019?

  1. 1.56 billion

2. 1.46 billion

3. 1.36 billion

4. 1.26 billion

Ans: 3 – 1.36 billion

3.Who is named as Wisden’s leading cricketer of the year for 2018?

1.Rashid Khan

2.Virat Kohli

3.Kumara Sangakkara

4.Shikar Dhawan

Ans: 2 – Virat Kohli

4.Who became the first woman Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University?

1.Najma Akhtar

2.Sofia Mufti

3.Shaheena Kadir

4.Hazrat Akhtar

Ans: 1 – Najma Akhtar

5.Which day is celebrated as Ambedkar Jayanti in India?

1.April 12

2.April 14

3.April 15

4.April 11

Ans: 2 – April 14

6.Which stock market took over Japanese stock market to become the third largest stock market in the world?




4.Hong kong

Ans: 4 – Hong kong

7.Which year marks the centenary of the horrid Jallianawala Bagh Massacre?

  1. 2019

2. 2020

3. 2021

4. 2022

Ans: 1 – 2019

8.Which new state of matter that exists both in liquid and solid states was discovered by the University of Edinburgh scientists?

1.Chain state

2.Plasma state

3.Chain-melted state

4.Glasma state

Ans: 3 – Chain-melted state

9.Reporters belonging to which News Agency are going to be conferred with the 2019 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize?

1.Myanmar News Agency

2.Freedom News Agency

3.Rakhine News Agency

4.Reuters News Agency

Ans: 4 – Reuters News Agency

10.UN Security Council has voted to end its Peacekeeping operations in which country?





Ans: 3 – Haiti

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