Critical Reasoning Questions for MAH-CET PDF

Critical Reasoning Questions (1)
Critical Reasoning Questions (1)

Critical Reasoning Questions for MAH-CET PDF

Here you can download a free Critical Reasoning questions PDF with answers for MAH MBA CET by Cracku. These are some tricky questions in the MAH MBA CET exam that you need to find Critical Reasoning answers for the given questions. These questions will help you to make practice and solve the Critical Reasoning questions in the MAH MBA CET exam. Utilize this best PDF practice set which is included answers in detail. Click on the below link to download the Critical Reasoning MCQ PDF for MBA-CET 2022 for free.

Download Critical Reasoning Questions for MAH-CET PDF

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Question 1: Read the following information carefully and answer the question which follows:
‘$A \times B $’ means ‘$A$ is the father of $B$’.
‘$A+B$’ means ‘$A$ is the daughter of $B$’.
‘$A \div B$’ means ‘$A$ is the son of $B$’
‘$A-B$’ means ‘$A$ is the sister of $B$’
What will come in place of question mark to establish that $P$ is the son-in-law of $S$ in the following expression ?
$P \times Q+R-T?S$

a) $+$

b) $\times$

c) $-$

d) $\div$

e) Either $+$ or $\div$

1) Answer (E)


From the expression $P \times Q+R-T$ we can make deductions as:

P is father of Q. Q is daughter of R. Hence, P and R are husband and wife.
Also, R is sister of T. Hence, R must be daughter or son of S for P to be son in law of S.

Hence, the correct option is E

Question 2: Which of the following expression is definitely true if the given expression ‘R<P’ and ‘S>Q’ are definitely true?

a) P>Q=R$\leq$T<S

b) S>T$\geq$R>Q

c) Q>R$\leq$T>P$\geq$S

d) S>T $\geq$ R>Q>P

e) None of these

2) Answer (A)


means P is greater than Q and hence, P is greater than R. R is less than or equal to T. T is less than S. Therefore, Q is less than T.

Hence, the correct option is A.

Question 3: Which of the following symbols should replace question mark in the given expression in order to make the expression ‘$A>D$’ and ‘$F \geq C$’ definitely true ?
$A>B \geq C ? D \leq E = F$

a) $>$

b) $<$

c) $\leq$

d) $=$

e) Either $=$ or $\geq$

3) Answer (D)


The expression, A>B$\geq$C=D $\leq$ E =F,

Means that A is greater than B which can be greater than or equal to C. Now, if C is equal to D, naturally A is greter than D.

Also, D is less than or equal to E. As E and F are equal, D is less than or equal to F. Hence, C is less than or equal to F.

Question 4: Statements: The Finance company has launched a new tractor loan scheme. It has brought prosperity among the farmers. Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the above statements? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted)

a) The prosperity of farmers solely depends upon the tractor loan scheme

b) Tractor is an important input for farmers to enhance the farm activities

c) Earlier there was no tractor loan scheme for farmers

d) Farmers do not prefer to take loans for buying tractors

e) None of these

4) Answer (B)


Since the loan scheme for tractors has brought prosperity among farmers, it is assumed that tractor is an important input for farmers to enhance their farm activities.

Option b) captures this idea.

Question 5: Statement: According to a survey innumerable diseases and unhealthy habits from the recent pandemic to cancer, AIDS and obesity have plagued the mankind. Which of the following may be the most plausible cause of the situation given in the above statements?

a) The lifestyle and food habits of people are responsible for this state

b) Environmental degradation has led to the present situation

c) The people remain ignorant above their health

d) Technological advancement and fast pace of life are contributing to the spread of diseases

e) None of these

5) Answer (A)


As it is given in the paragraph that unhealthy habits pandemic to cancer hence, option A is more appropriate as it describes about the lifestyle and food habits

Question 6: Statement: A first past the post election is one that is won by the candidate with more votes than others. Highest vote, majority vote and plurality voting system use a first past the post voting method but there are subtle differences in the method of execution. Which of the following can be the best reason for the assertion made in the above statement?

a) It is not possible to execute the plurality voting system

b) The plurality voting system uses very complex procedure so it is not a practical approach

c) A system which is simple gets wide acceptance

d) The method is not so important in electing a candidate

e) None of these

6) Answer (C)


A first past the post election is a simple method as the candidate with more votes than others wins the election. Since it is simple, it is used in many voting systems.

Question 7: Statement: Experts define the social entrepreneurship as such that pursues opportunities to serve the mission to give solutions to social problems. Business entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return. Which of the following can be concluded from the above statements?

a) It is possible to address social problems while making business profitable.

b) Social entrepreneurship is different from the business entrepreneurship

c) Business entrepreneurship does not care social problems while devising their business policy.

d) Business entrepreneurship is more important than social entrepreneurship

e) None of these

7) Answer (B)


From the statement, we can infer that the underlying motive in social entrepreneurship is different from that in business entrepreneurship. So, the conclusion that can be drawn is that social entrepreneurship is different from business entrepreneurship.

Question 8: Statements: The United States based FMCG Company has developed a new deodorant. The company selected a media person couple for its promotion and marketing. They marketed it through television, radio, print, hoarding and social media. Which of the assumptions is implicit in the above statements? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted)

a) People do not pay heed to the advertisements and buy such goods which are available easily

b) Marketing through electronic media has not proved to be very effective

c) People want to see famous people in the advertisement of an FMCG product

d) Some people may tend to buy the deodorant of the United States based FMCG company

e) None of these

8) Answer (D)


The company has advertised the product so that many people will get to know about it and buy the product. So, the statement in option c) is implicit in the premise.

Question 9: Statements: There are several types of wrist watches in the world. A new type of digital wrist watch has been introduced in the market which can calculate the life span of a person. The wrist watch stops when the person dies. Which of the following can be concluded from the facts given in the statements?

a) This could lead to chaos and confusion in the world.

b) Person can know how long life is left and he could live his life happily

c) The new wrist watch has altered the life pattern of the people

d) The statements implies that death is certain

e) None of these

9) Answer (D)


Options a) and c) are far-fetched. Option b) is wrong. It cannot be said that the person will live happily because of the watch. Option d) is the correct answer because the statements imply that death is certain and hence the watch can calculate the life-span of the person wearing it.

Question 10: Statement: According to a survey conducted by a magazine Pulse, College XYZ ranked best among all the MBA institutes in the country. Which of the following statements substantiates the fact expressed in the above statement?

a) A large number of students of College XYZ find better placement after completing their course.

b) There are many institutes which have better infrastructure than the College XYZ

c) The rate of enrolment in the College XYZ has come down in the recent years

d) Majority of the institutes have contradicted the finding of the magazine Pulse

e) None of these

10) Answer (A)


Statements in options b), c) and d) negate the findings of the survey. The statement in option a) says that a large number of students find good placements after graduating from college XYZ. So, option a) strengths the findings of the survey. So, option a) is the correct answer.

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Question 11: Statements: A country X has no national gun act. There is no firearm control and licensing mechanism in the country. The general public is free to acquire gun. The people require arms for their safety. This has ultimately increased the crime rate considerably in the country. Should the gun or firearm not be licensed?

a) It is not necessary to license the gun or fire arm.

b) The gun or fire arm act is opposed by the people of country

c) The Government should make all necessary arrangement to enact fire arm act.

d) Many countries in the world have no fire arm act.

e) None of these

11) Answer (C)


People require guns for their safety. So, guns should not be banned. But to control the crime rate, the Government should enact fire-arms act. So, option c) is the correct answer.

Question 12: Many sociologists have argued that there is a functional relationship between education and economic systems. They point to the fact that mass formal education began in industrial society and is an established part of all industrial societies. Which of the following inferences can be drawn from the above statements?

a) Formal education has suffered a setback due to industrial society

b) Industrial society is responsible for expansion of education of the mass level

c) Formal education can be traced to industrial society.

d) Industrial society changed the pattern of education

e) None of these

12) Answer (B)


The statement says that mass formal education has been primarily because of industrial societies. So, we can infer that industrial society is responsible for the expansion of education at the mass level. Option b) is the correct answer.

Question 13: Read the following information carefully and answer the question which follows: Farmers found using chemical fertilisers in the organic-farming area of their farms would be heavily fined. Which of the following statements is an assumption implicit in the given statement? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted.)

a) Chemical fertilisers harm the crop.

b) A farm’s area for organic and chemical farming is different.

c) Farmers who do not use chemical fertilisers in the chemical farming area would be penalised as well.

d) All farmers undertake both these kinds of farming (chemical as well as organic: in their farms.

e) Organic fertilisers are banned in the area for chemical farming.

13) Answer (B)


The statement given says farmers who use chemical fertilizers in the ‘organic-farming area’ would be fined heavily. So, the assumption is that the organic-farming area is different from the chemical farming area. The farmer may or may not use chemical fertilizers in the chemical farming area depending on his discretion. So, the correct answer is option b).

Question 14: The govt. appealed to all cititzens to use potable water judiciously as there is an acute shortage in supply. Excessive use may lead to huge scarcity incoming months. Which of the following assumption is implicit in the above statement? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted.)

a) People may igonore the appeal and continue using water as per their consideration.

b) Govt. may be able to tap those who do not resopond to the appeal.

c) Govt. may be able to put in place alternate sources of water in the event of crisis.

d) A large number of people may positively respond to the govt’s appeal and help tide over the crisis.

e) Only the poor are going to suffer from this shortage of water supply.

14) Answer (D)


The government spent resources to appeal to its citizens assuming that many of them will respond favourably and help tide over the crisis.

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