Critical Reasoning Questions For CAT Set-4 PDF

Critical Reasoning Questions for CAT Set-2 PDF
Critical Reasoning Questions for CAT Set-2 PDF

Critical Reasoning Questions For CAT Set-4 PDF:

Download Critical Reasoning Questions For CAT Set-4 PDF. Practice important Critical Reasoning Questions with detailed answers and explanations. These questions are based on previous CAT question papers.


Download Critical Reasoning Questions For CAT Set-4 PDF

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Question 1: Chikungunya is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus, which is transmitted from the bite of an Aedes mosquito. The number of people diagnosed with Chikungunya in the state of Uttar Pradesh is thrice the number of people diagnosed last year. The concerned authorities have concluded that measures to control mosquitoes in this state have failed.

Which of the following, if true, would support the conclusion by the concerned authorities?

a) A very high number of people who have been diagnosed with Chikungunya in Uttar Pradesh have returned from abroad
b) Hospitals have been equipped with effective diagnostic tests to detect Chikungunya
c) Other diseases like Dengue fever, which are transmitted from mosquitoes have increased in number
d) Uttar Pradesh has a presence of a lot of industrial areas
e)More number of cases are being reported this year due to the awareness in people of the threat of Chikungunya

Question 2: Tarzan mobiles is an Indian company which manufactures mobile handsets. Recently, the company has been facing stiff competition from Chinese rivals in the global market. In order to compete with chinese rivals in terms of pricing, Tarzan is trying to reduce the operational costs. For the same reason, Tarzan recently laid off over 400 employees, reducing operational expenses by 15%. Since mobile handsets realize a one percentage point increase in sales margins for every five percentage point decrease in operational expenses, the Board of directors is satisfied that these measures will ensure Tarzan’s long-term sustainability.
Which of the following, if true, would do most to weaken the Board’s stance?

a) Tarzan’s main competitor is also an Indian manufacturer.
b) Tarzan’s nearest competitor is based in India.
c) The largest manufacturer of mobile handsets in China has just reduced its operational expenses by 15%.
d) Indian consumers do not want to buy mobile handsets which are manufactured offshore.
e)A large Indian manufacturer of mobile handsets plans to relocate is operations to China.

Question 3: Consider the two statements given below.

Statement I: Changing the rules of a game makes it interesting. That’s why the rules of cricket have been changed constantly and this should not stop.
Statement II: People’s interest in Cricket has been increasing over the years.

a) Statement I is the cause, statement II is the effect.
b) Statement II is the cause, statement I is the effect.
c) Both the statements are independent causes.
d) Both the statements are effects of independent causes.
e)Both are effects of a common cause.

Question 4: In the state of Punjab, recent political campaigns by TAAP, a political party, have focused on a desire to curb voter impersonation fraud, a situation in which party officials send operatives to pose as registered voters and cast votes on their behalf. But despite this rallying cry, the Election commission of India has found only one reported case of voter impersonation over the past three assembly elections in Punjab, representing exactly one fraudulent vote in an election decided by several thousand votes. Therefore, the Commission recommends that no action is necessary to address this supposed issue.
Which of the following is the assumption made by the election commission of India?

a) States other than Punjab have not had higher incidences of voter impersonation fraud in recent years.
b) The Election commission is the only agency qualified to determine whether voter impersonation fraud has occurred.
c) That the Election commission has found few instances of reported voter impersonation fraud is sufficient to determine that such fraud has not widely occurred.
d) Punjab is a large enough state that it is unlikely that an election of great importance would ever be decided by fewer than several hundred votes.
e)The Election Commission’s research on voter impersonation fraud was more extensive than similar studies conducted by other organizations.

Question 5: A majority of the most productive employees at GCS, a software consulting firm, work for 10 hours a day, 4 days of the week instead of the conventional 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Observing this pattern, GCS’s CEO plans to keep the offices closed on Fridays and having all employees work the same schedule-ten hours a day, four days a week. He feels that this would improve the overall productivity of the company.
Which of the following, if true, would cast most serious doubt on the CEOS’s plan to increase the productivity by following the new work schedule?

a) Typically, GCS employee’s least productive hours in the workplace are the early afternoon hours.
b) Working ten hours a day has allowed the most productive employees to work two hours alone each day in their respective offices relatively undisturbed by fellow employees.
c) Those GCS employees who have a four-day workweek do not take any of their office work to do at home on Fridays.
d) None of the employees who work four days a week had volunteered to work that schedule, but all were assigned to it by their supervisors.

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

The authorities have concluded that the measures to control mosquito population have failed. Option C directly supports the conclusion of the authorities by saying that other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes have also increased in number during the same time period. Thus Option C supports the conclusion of the concerned authorities.

2) Answer (C)

The basic premise on which the conclusion of the board members is based is that by reducing the operational costs they will be able to compete with offshore manufactuers. However, if offshore manufacturers also brings about a similar reduction in operational costs then there is no certainty that the plan of the board members will succeed. Thus, option C does the most to weaken the conclusion of the board.

3) Answer (A)

The first statement says that rules have been constantly changed over the years and statement II says that the people’s interest in the game has also been increasing over the years. Thus, I is the cause due to which people’s interest has been growing. Hence Option A is the correct answer.

4) Answer (C)

The election commission says that there has just been one vote which has been impersonated in the elections. So commission recommends that no action is necessary. This means that commission is pretty sure about the fact that no other vote has been impersonated. Hence, the election commission has assumed that whatever fake voters were there, they have been able to get hold of them.
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

5) Answer (B)

The major reason for his plan is based on the idea that people working ten hours on 4 days are more productive. So we have to look for an option which shows that the reasons for more productivity is something else. Option A is irrelevant because people working for 10 hours will also be working in the afternoon. Option C supports the CEO’s claim because it implies that people working 10 hours a day are able to finish their work in office hours itself. Option D is also irrelevant to the given situation. Option B weakens the CEO’s proposal because it shows that people were more productive because they did not have too many distractions. So if all the people work for 10 hours then it won’t have any impact on the productivity. Thus the correct option is option B.

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