Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During The CAT Preparation

Common mistakes to avoid during CAT preparation
Common mistakes to avoid during CAT preparation

There are many MBA aspirants who are taking the CAT entrance test to crack it and attain their dream of getting admission to top MBA colleges like IIMs. There are many types of people who are taking the CAT test including students, working professionals, and also the repeater who retakes the CAT exam. Apart from that, acing the CAT exam is not tough if you have the perfect strategy to prepare and avoid some common mistakes most the CAT aspirants make during the preparation. In this article, we will discuss some simple ways to prepare for the CAT exam and also the various mistakes to avoid that the CAT aspirants make during their preparation.

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Avoid These Mistakes While Preparing For CAT

Not going through with the CAT syllabus

Understanding the complete CAT syllabus is an imperative task that aspirants must do before starting their preparation. Many of the students are unclear about the topics that are to be concentrated more when it comes to the CAT preparation. It is not a matter of just seeing the CAT syllabus, the aspirants need to understand it thoroughly and need to plan a perfect strategy for preparation.

Go through the syllabus

Not making a preparation strategy(study plan)

Formulating a preparation strategy is an immediate task that follows after understanding the CAT syllabus. When it comes to the preparation, in most cases the students will spend irrespective of time on their preparation and also skip some of the topics. This could happen if one does not have any study plan during that CAT preparation. So it is very essential to have a perfect study plan for their CAT preparation.


Not being thorough with the basics

This is the most common error that the test takers make during the CAT preparation. Having a vague understanding of the basics will make you stop while solving the questions in the CAT exam. Without having a solid preparation of basics, one cannot solve the questions even if they have the idea of the procedure of solving the question.

Thorough with the basicsNot taking enough mocks

Taking CAT mocks is a very crucial task when it comes to CAT preparation. Taking mocks will help you understand how the actual exam is going to be and also after taking the mock one can know their strengths and weaknesses.  Also do not wait to take mock until the syllabus gets completed. Apply different exam-taking strategies while taking the mocks to test yourself.

Do not neglect mocks

Not analyzing the mocks

This is one of the most common mistakes that must be avoided by the students who are preparing for the CAT. After taking a mock most of the students to neglect to analyze them. It is essential to analyze the mock that they attempt. Making an analysis help, you know the insights of your performance in the mock. It will help you figure out the weak areas or weak sections to be improved. Also, it gives you an idea of the time that you are consuming for each section or a question. This analysis helps you memorize your mistakes in the test and warn you not to repeat them.

Make analysis

Over attempting mocks

Taking more mocks without gaps is also a mistake that most of the students will do mostly at the end of their preparation plan. The mocks are used only to identify your weak areas and to improve them. Firstly, the student has to take a mock and analyze it thoroughly and identify the weak areas and work on them until they feel confident on that particular topic.

Neglecting Previous Year Papers

CAT Previous papers are the most important resources for practising. One can understand how the difficulty level of the CAT exam paper is changing and also used practice by solving the question in the previous year’s papers. One can download the free CAT previous papers made by

Postponing of tasks

Do not neglect to accomplish the task that is placed on your daily preparation schedule. It is very important to stick with your preparation timetable and complete the respective tasks. Manage your time to complete the task of the day. Do not try to delay or postpone the task.

Not maintaining the balance between sections

Most of the students make a mistake by spending more time on their favourite sections or easy sections and not maintaining the perfect balance of covering all the sections during the CAT preparation. This is a terrible mistake which leads to pulling down the chances of getting a good percentile in CAT. The difficulty level of the CAT exam varies every year. There will be fluctuation in the difficulty levels of the sections in the CAT exam, some times quant section also may become difficult. So, it is to be considered to maintain a balance between the sections.

Maintain perfect balance

Lack of regular revision

The revision part of the CAT preparation plan is very important. Most commonly the students make their revisions at the end of their preparation. Actually, this is not the right way to crack the CAT exam. Students must take the conceptual revision after the completion of every topic and it will help them remember the concepts.

Using shortcuts in preparation

Usage of shortcuts is very necessary but not in terms of preparation. During the CAT preparation, the students feel lazy sometimes, at that instance, they will find some shortcuts to complete the task of preparation such as skimming the concept, neglecting some simple concepts, etc. This type of habit is to be avoided during the preparation.

Giving Up 

Cracking the CAT exam is a long term goal for every MBA aspirant, It needs so much time for preparation to ace the exam. Some people may give up their CAT preparation at some instance by influencing various factors such as failing in understanding the concepts, some personal situations, lack of hope, etc. Being motivated during the CAT preparation is very crucial. So, it is advised to stay motivated and never give up the CAT preparation.

Never Give Up

Stay Motivated and take enough breaks during the preparation which helps to move out of stress.

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