Coding Decoding Questions for SSC JE PDF

Coding Decoding Questions for SSC JE PDF
Coding Decoding Questions for SSC JE PDF

Coding Decoding Questions for SSC JE PDF

Download SSC JE Coding Decoding Questions PDF. Top 15 SSC JE questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the SSC exam.

Download Coding Decoding Questions for SSC JE PDF

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Question 1: In a certain code language, ‘COMFORTS’ is written as ‘FJPARMWN’. What will be the code for ‘HINDWARE’ in that code language?





Question 2: In a code language, MYCOLOGY is written as PBFRORJV. How will AMMONIA be written as in that language?





Question 3: If POSTER is coded as 592314 and DARK is coded as 8647,then how will STROKE be coded as ?

a) 234917

b) 234971

c) 493287

d) 329417

Question 4: If E is denoted by F, D is denoted by B, R is denoted by K. U is denoted by V, T is denoted by I, A is denoted by C, G is denoted by X and H is denoted by W. then how will the word DAUGHTER be written?





Question 5: In a certain code language, ‘TABLE’ is written as ‘2012125’, ‘ROBIN’ is written as ‘18152914’. What is the code for ‘NATOM’ in that code language?

a) 142101153

b) 142011513

c) 141201315

d) 141201513

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Question 6: If in a code language, HEAD = 4158 and PASTE = 52019116, then TRICK = ?

a) 11391820

b) 31191820

c) 11391718

d) 11932018

Question 7: If UPSIDE is coded as 74, then SHARKS will be coded as:

a) 68

b) 72

c) 77

d) 76

Question 8: If ‘TRANSFER’ is coded as ‘2018114196518’, then how will ‘INCLUDED’ be coded as in that language?

a) 91331121454

b) 18231220454

c) 81431222353

d) 91431221454

Question 9: If in a certain code language , TIGER is written as SUHJFHDFQS, then which word will be coded as GINPQSRTDF?





Question 10: If CAB = 13 and FEED = 41, then JADE = ………

a) 45

b) 41

c) 35

d) 43

Question 11: If ‘REGIONAL’ is coded as ‘185791514112’, then how will ‘PICTURES’ be coded in the same language?

a) 1693202219520

b) 1793202118520

c) 1693192117523

d) 1693202118519

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Question 12: In a certain code language, “SATURN” is written as “JVQXWW” and “URANUS” is written as “OYJENY”. How is “JUITER” written in that code language?





Question 13: In a certain code 0, 1, 2…………9 is coded as a,b,c…..j then find baf ÷ bf x d

a) df

b) be

c) d

d) cb

Question 14: In a certain code language, ‘÷’ represents ‘+’, ‘-‘ represents ‘x’, ‘+’ represents ‘÷’ and ‘x’ represents ‘-‘. Find out the answer to the following question.
17 – 8 + 2 x 9 ÷ 8 = ?

a) 7

b) 40

c) 67

d) 32

Question 15: Ina code language, if PICTURE is coded as 16932021185 then how will FUNCTION be coded in the same language?

a) 6211432091514

b) 6211432091413

c) 6211332091513

d) 6211432081514

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

In the given code language where ‘COMFORTS’ is written as ‘FJPARMWN’, From left to right, letters in odd position (C,M,O,T) in ‘COMFORTS’ and (F,P,R,W) in ‘FJPARMWN’ have two letters between them and letters in even position (O,F,R,S) in ‘COMFORTS’ and (J,A,M,N) in ‘FJPARMWN’ have four letters between them backwards.

Following above logic, HINDWARE will be written as KDQYZVUZ. Therefore, Option C is the right answer.

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (B)

As per the given question,

POSTER is coded as 592314

$P \ \rightarrow \ 5 $

$O \ \rightarrow \ 9$

$ S\ \rightarrow \ 2$

$ T\ \rightarrow \ 3$

$ E\ \rightarrow \ 1$

$ R\ \rightarrow \ 4$

And, DARK can be written as 8647

$D \ \rightarrow \ 8 $

$A \ \rightarrow \ 6 $

$R \ \rightarrow \ 4 $

$K \ \rightarrow \ 7 $

Hence, from the Above coding, we can conclude that  STROKE -234971$

4) Answer (D)

As given in Question, E=F, D=B, R=K. U=V, T=I, A=C, G=X and H=W

Lets replace all values with above alphabets, DAUGHTER=BCVXWIFK

5) Answer (D)

‘TABLE’ is written as ‘2012125’

The pattern followed is that we can get the number by appending the numerical value of the alphabets, when arranged chronologically. A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on.

TABLE : 20,1,2,12,5

Similarly, ROBIN : 18,15,2,9,14 = 18152914

NATOM : 14,1,20,15,13 = 141201513

=> Ans – (D)

6) Answer (A)

If all the alphabets are numbered sequentially, i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on.

Then, HEAD $\equiv$ 8514, and if reverse the number we get = $4158$

Similar pattern is observed in PASTE = $52019116$

$\therefore$ TRICK $\equiv$ 20,18,9,3,11 and if we reverse it = $11391820$

=> Ans – (A)

7) Answer (D)

Adding the corresponding values in alphabetical series

U+P+S+I+D+E = 21+16+19+9+4+5 = 74

So, S+H+A+R+K+S = 76

Option D is correct.

8) Answer (D)

Here, ‘TRANSFER’ is coded as ‘2018114196518’.

All the place values of the letter are written consecutively in the same order as that of the word.

Such as , T = 20, R = 18, A = 1, N= 14, and so on.

Similarly,INCLUDED will be 91431221454

9) Answer (A)

Each letter is coded by it’s next letter and previous letter as per the english alphabetical series.

Like ,T from TIGER is coded by it’s preceding letter S and it’s succeeding letter U.

So,  the given code will produce from HORSE .

A is correct choice.

10) Answer (B)

11) Answer (D)

Here the place value of the alphabets are placed.

‘REGIONAL’ is coded as ‘185791514112’

Where R = 18,E= 5 and s on,

Similarly, PICTURES will be 1693202118519

12) Answer (A)

Expression = “SATURN” is written as “JVQXWW”

The pattern followed is :

Also, “URANUS” is written as “OYJENY”

Similarly, for JUPITER : NIPMQN

=> Ans – (A)

13) Answer (D)

Expression : baf ÷ bf x d


= $7\times3=21\equiv cb$

=> Ans – (D)

14) Answer (C)

Expression : 17 – 8 + 2 x 9 ÷ 8 = ?


= $(17\times4)-1$

= $68-1=67$

=> Ans – (C)

15) Answer (A)

Each letter is represented by its position in alphabetic order.

P   I C  T  U   R  E

16 9 3 20 21 18 5

Similarly FUNCTION will be represented by 6211432091514.

So , the answer would be option a) 6211432091514 .

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