Chemistry Study Material PDF Notes Set-3

chemistry study notes-3
chemistry study notes-3

General Science is an Important section in any competitive exam and in Railways exams it plays a crucial role. It is not difficult to learn basic general Science if we plan wisely. Cracku brings to you daily General Science Twenty-20 updates covering one subject, starting from 20-03-2018. Learn and try to remember only so much that is provided in our capsule every day and we are sure, you will master General Science Section before the exam.

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Download Chemistry Study Material PDF Set-3

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Chemistry 20 Important One Liners

Element that doesn’t occur in nature but is produced artificially Plutonium
Popular Allotrope of Oxygen which is highly reactive in nature Ozone
World’s Biggest and most Powerful Nuclear Powered Ship SIBIR
launched in Russia recently
World’s first Molecular Robot
(Millionth of Millimeter in Size)
Created by Scientists from University of Manchester
(Made from elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen)
Scientist credited with the Discovery  of Electrons J J Thomson
Organization which developed new technique to produce bioethanol from discarded Cotton Stalks CSIR- National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology

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Name of the World’s first Wind Farm built across coast of Scotland Country Hywind
India’s first Bio-CNG(Bio-methane) Bus developed recently by Tata Motors
Atoms of same element having same Atomic Number but different Mass Numbers Isotopes
A Mexican chemist and Noble Prize winner for discovery of theory developed on depletion of Ozone due to CFCs Mario Jose Molina
Scientist credited with the discovery of the covalent bond Gilbert N. Lewis
Chemical mainly used as Preservative in Food Benzoic Acid
Scientist credited with the discovery of Fluorine Henri Moissan
Substance used to retard the setting of the Cement Gypsum
Most commonly used foaming agent in Fire Extinguishers Aluminum Hydroxide
Chemical with characteristic odors are commonly used in synthetic flavors, perfumes, and cosmetics Esters
Main Ore of Mercury Cinnabar
Chemical name of Green Vitriol – Hydrated Salt Ferrous Sulphate
Metals kept in kerosene to avoid combustion in open air due to their high reactivity Potassium and Sodium
Chemical name of Lime Water Calcium Hydroxide

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