Chemistry Important Questions for Railway Exam – RRB ALP & Group-D

Chemistry Important Questions for Railway Exam
Chemistry Important Questions for Railway Exam

Chemistry Important Questions for Railway Exam:

Download chemistry questions and answers for railway RRB ALP & Group-D exam.

Chemistry Important Questions for Railway Exam

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Question 1: Deuterium, the oxide of which is also called Heavy Water, is an Isotope of which of the following elements?

a) Carbon
b) Helium
c) Oxygen
d) Hydrogen

Question 2:
Why does the chips manufacturers fill nitrogen into the plastic bags ?

a) To prevent chips from Oxidation
b) To prevent chips from Reduction
c) To increase the size
d) To increase the cost

Question 3: When a substance loses oxygen during a reaction then it is said to be ?

a) Oxidised
b) Deoxidised
c) Reduced
d) None of the above

Question 4: Which of the following non metal lies in liquid state at room temperature?

a) Chlorine
b) Iodine
c) Astatine
d) Bromine

Question 5:

Which of the following Oxides are responsible for the Acid Rain?

a) Calcium Oxide and Silicon Dioxide
b) Iron Oxide and Zinc Oxide
c) Carbon dioxide and Aluminium Oxide
d) Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide

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Question 6: 

The ‘p’ in PH standards for?

a) Potenz
b) Potential
c) Polymerization
d) Perception

Question 7:
 Which of the following is a strong acid?

a) Sulphuric acid
b) Nitric acid
c) Hydrochloric acid
d) All of the above

Question 8:
What is the chemical name of Marsh Gas?

a) Methane
b) Propylene
c) Cuprous Oxide
d) Calcium Hydroxide

Question 9:
Suffocation in closed rooms with wood, coal or coke fires is due to the formation of which of the following gases?

a) Silicon Dioxide
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Carbon Monoxide
d) Nitrogen Dioxide

Question 10: 

What is the Chemical name of Plaster of Paris?

a) Calcium Sulphate
b) Zinc Sulphate
c) Ferrous Sulphate
d) Copper Sulphate


1) Answer (d)
2) Answer (a)
3) Answer (c)
4) Answer (d)
5) Answer (d)
6) Answer (a)
7) Answer (d)
8) Answer (a)
9) Answer (c)
10) Answer (a)


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