Analogy Questions And Answers For SBI PO

analogy questions and answers for SBI Clerk po
analogy questions and answers for SBI Clerk po

Analogy Questions And Answers For SBI PO

Download Analogy questions and answers for Banking exams of SBI PO & Clerk. Practice Solved important questions on analogy & classification based on asked questions in previous exams.

Download Analogy Questions and Answers For SBI PO

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Question 1: ‘Music is related to Notes’ in the same way as ‘Language’ is related to…….
a) Sentences
b) Combination
c) Grammar
d) Alphabets

Question 2: ‘Lead’ is related to ‘pencil’ in the same way as ‘Ink’ is related to………
a) Bottle
b) Pen
c) Stamp
d) Pot

Select the related words/letters from the given alternatives.
Question 3: SHOE: NCJZ:: REWA: ?
e)None of these

Question 4: Bud: Flower:: ?
a) Clay: Mud
b) Sapling: Tree
c) River: Glacier
d) Bird: Tree
e)Paper: Book

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e)None of these

Question 6: Video: Cassette:: Computer: ?
a) Reels
b) Recordings
c) Files
d) Floppy

Question 7: Nightingale: Warble:: Frog ?
a) Yelp
b) Croak
c) Cackle
d) Squeak
e)None of these

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Question 8: An ‘Island’ is related to ‘Sea in the same way as an ‘Oasis’ is related to…………
a) Water
b) Illusion
c) Pond
d) Trees

Question 9: ‘Mustard’ is related to ‘Seed’ in the same way as ‘Carrot’ is related to………. ?
a) Fruit
b) Stem
c) Flower
d) Root
e)None of these

Question 10: ‘FI’ is related to ‘LO’ in the same way as ‘PS’ is related to ?
a) VY
b) VZ
c) WZ
d) UX
e)None of these

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Answers & Solutions
1) Answer (C)
The question is of coorelation.
In Music, notes give structure and make the musical language sensible so that it can be read.
In language, the grammar gives structure and make the it understandable.
Hence, corelation of language is with grammar as music is with notes.

2) Answer (B)
Here, there exists an analogy between lead and pencil.
We must establish a similar analogy between ink and one of the options.
Lead is contained in a pencil in same way ink is contained in pen.
Hence, option B is correct.

3) Answer (D)
The relationship between first two proportion words is SHOE and NCJZ is, N is 4 letter behind the letter S, C is 4 letters behind the letter H, J is 4 letters behind the letter O and in the circular manner, Z is also 4 letters behind the letter E
Hence, following the same pattern for REWA, we will get our answer as MZRV.
So answer will be D

4) Answer (B)
Bud means “a compact knob-like growth on a plant which develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot”
The similar meaning will be Sapling for a tree, hence, answer will be B

5) Answer (C)
First three letters of the word have been exchanged with the last three letters of the same word and remaining two letters will also exchange their positions. Similar pattern will be followed for the word “Psychotic” and answer will be “TICCHOPSY”
Hence, answer will be C

6) Answer (D)
As a cassette is used to play a video similarly floppy is used to play a video on a computer. Hence, option D is most closely related to computer, So answer will be D

7) Answer (B)
As warble sound is related with nightingale similarly croak sound is related with frog. Hence, answer will be B

8) Answer (E)
Island is a piece of land amidst water, similarly oasis is a water pool amidst sand.
Thus, ‘Oasis’ is related to desert.
=> Ans – (E)

9) Answer (D)
Mustard in an oilseed, hence related to seed, similarly carrot is modified root, thus it is related to root.

10) Answer (A)
‘FI’ is related to ‘LO’
=> F (+3 letters) = I (+3 letters) = L (+3 letters) = O
Similarly, P (+3 letters) = S (+3 letters) = V (+3 letters) = Y
Thus, PS : VY

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