10 Tips to increase speed in MAH-CET exam

Tips to improve speed in MAH MBA CET exam
Tips to improve speed in MAH MBA CET exam

How to increase speed in MAH-CET exam

MAH-CET 2021 is expected to be held on 4th week of March 2021. The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, will be conducting the MAH-CET exam for admission to MBA/MMS courses offered by colleges across Maharashtra.

Once the registration starts candidates must register for the MAH-CET 2021 exam on the official website.

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There are four sections in the MAH-CET exam:

Logical Reasoning – 75 questions

Abstract Reasoning – 25 questions

Quantitative Aptitude -50 questions

Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension – 50 questions

There are totally 200 questions that have to be solved in 150 minutes, which means there is less than 1 min per question. This makes MAH-CET a speed based exam, and hence your speed during the exam becomes very crucial.

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Some tips to improve speed during the MAH-CET exam:

  • Firstly, start with brushing up the concepts: If you are familiar with the topics, you can solve them quickly, thus spending less time thinking about a particular question. Familiarity with problems helps you save time while solving, and it will also help leave the problems quickly, which you don’t know. Practising more questions is the only way to get familiar with different types of questions.
  • For Quantitative Aptitude: The critical thing here is to have strong fundamentals. Once you have strong fundamentals in place, learn shortcuts or different ways to solve a particular question to improve your speed. The ways you solve problems during your practice will be the ways you tend to use during the exam, hence try using better ways of solving during preparation.
  • Spend around 20 mins on doing mental calculations every day (like simple multiplications, additions and subtractions): Avoid using pen & paper when you are practising speed calculations. Being familiar with the tables (at least till 25) also helps save time during the exam.
  • While solving DI questions, try solving using approximate calculations.  Approximations play a vital role in the MAH-CET exam.
  • For Reading Comprehension: Reading every day will help you in improving your speed. There is no substitute for reading when it comes to improving speed in this section. Read from different sources. A fast reading ability also helps in other sections, as this is a speed-based exam.
  • For Logical Reasoning: Solving in an organised manner is the key. If you represent the data in a proper manner, you don’t waste time going through conditions multiple times. This helps you save a lot of time. Practising varied puzzles from topics that come in the exam, help you improve speed.
  • For Abstract Reasoning: A simple way is to practice more number of questions from this section.
  • Solving more mocks and analysing them: Do a thorough mock analysis and see the time spent per question. After careful analysis, you can see which questions you are spending more time on, the easy ones you missed, and those you marked wrong. By identifying that and working on your weaknesses, you’ll be able to increase your attempts and accuracy.
  • Practice the sections you find challenging. From mock analysis see where you are spending more time and practice that more.
  • A right balance between accuracy and speed is very important, as there’s no point in solving with more speed but will less accuracy.

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Speed automatically improves when you have strong fundamentals in place, and you practice more. The more questions you practice, the faster you get. MAH- CET is not a tough exam as compared to other MBA entrance exams like CAT. Attempting 200 questions in 150 minutes is not so easy, a lot of practice, taking more mocks and analysing them is the only way to enhance your speed. With more speed and accuracy, you will be able to attempt more questions, and thus you will be able to maximise your score during the exam.

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