Vocabulary Words for NMAT – Download [PDF]

NMAT Vocabulary Questions PDF
NMAT Vocabulary Questions PDF

Vocabulary Words for NMAT – Download [PDF]

Download Vocabulary Questions for NMAT PDF. Top 10 very important Vocabulary Questions for NMAT based on asked questions in previous exam papers.

Download Vocabulary Words for NMAT PDF

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Question 1: The cake had lots of currents(A)/currants(B) and nuts in it.If you engage in such exceptional(A)/exceptionable(B) behaviour, I will be forced to punish you. He has the same capacity as an adult to consent(A)/assent(B) to surgical treatment. The minister is obliged (A)/compelled(B) to report regularly to a parliamentary board. His analysis of the situation is far too sanguine(A)/genuine(B).






Question 2: Anita wore a beautiful broach (A)/brooch (B) on the lapel of her jacket. If you want to complain about the amenities in your neighbourhood, please meet your councillor(A)/counsellor(B). I would like your advice(A)/advise(B) on which job I should choose. The last scene provided a climactic(A)/climatic(B) ending to the film. Jeans that flair(A)/flare(B) at the bottom are in fashion these days.






Question 3: Regrettably [A] / Regretfully [B] I have to decline your invitation.
I am drawn to the poetic, sensual [A] / sensuous [B] quality of her paintings.
He was besides [A] / beside [B] himself with rage when I told him what I had done.
After brushing against a stationary [A] / stationery [B] truck my car turned turtle.

As the water began to rise over [A] / above [B] the danger mark, the signs of an imminent flood were clear.






Question 4: The cricket council that was [A] / were [B] elected last March is [A] / are [B] at sixes and sevens over new rules.
The critics censored [a] / censured [B] the new movie because of its social inaccessibility.
Amit’s explanation for missing the meeting was credulous [A] / credible [B].
She coughed discreetly [A] / discretely [B] to announce her presence.






Question 5: The further [A] / farther [B] he pushed himself, the more disillusioned he grew. For the crowds it was more of a historical [A] / historic [B] event; for their leader, it was just another day. The old man has a healthy distrust [A] / mistrust [B] for all new technology. This film is based on a real [A] / true [B] story. One suspects that the compliment [A] / complement [B] was backhanded






Question 6: Choose the option in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.
“For”CAT [2005]

a) He has a great eye for detail.

b) We are waiting for the day.

c) I can’t bear for her to be angry.

d) It couldn’t be done for ever.


Directions for the following four questions: Each of the following questions has a sentence with two blanks. Given below each question are five pairs of words. Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

Question 7: Exhaustion of natural resources, destruction of individual initiative by governments, control over men’s minds by central _______ of education and propaganda are some of the major evils which appear to be on the increase as a result of the impact of science upon minds suited by _______ to an earlier kind of world.


a) tenets; fixation

b) aspects; inhibitions

c) institutions; inhibitions

d) organs; tradition

e) departments; repulsion

Question 8: Every human being, after the first few days of his life, is a product of two factors: on the one hand, there is his __________ endowment; and on the other hand, there is the effect of environment, including _____


a) constitutional; weather

b) congenital; education

c) personal; climate

d) economic; learning

e) genetic; pedagogy

Question 9: As navigators, calendar makers, and other __________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary, ancient astronomers were forced to __________ that certain bodies might move in circles about points, which in turn moved in circles about the earth.


a) scrutinizers; believe

b) observers; agree

c) scrutinizers; suggest

d) observers; concede

e) students; conclude


Directions for the following four questions: Each of the following questions has a sentence with two blanks. Given below each question are five pairs of words. Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

Question 10: The genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda, apart from being mis-described in the most sinister and _______ manner as ‘ethnic cleansing’, were also blamed, in further hand-washing rhetoric, on something dark and interior to _______ and perpetrators alike.

CAT [2008]

a) innovative; communicator

b) enchanting; leaders

c) disingenuous; victims

d) exigent; exploiters

e) tragic; sufferers

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

Currants are any of several tart red or black berries. Hence should be used in in given context.
Correct usage of second sentence is ‘If you engage in such exceptionable behaviour, I will be forced to punish you.’
Correct usage of third sentence is ‘He has the same capacity as an adult to consent to surgical treatment.’
Being obliged means being duty bound . Hence fits perfectly in given sentence.
Sanguine means confidently optimistic and cheerful. Hence perfectly fits with the last sentence.

2) Answer (C)

Brooch is a beautiful pin worn by women . Hence should be used in 1st sentence.

Councillor is a member of council.Hence councillor should be used instead of counsellor who is a person who gives advice about problems.

Advice is a noun. It means a suggestion for a beneficial course of action. Advise is a verb. It means to give advice.So Advice should be used here.

Climactic is adjective form of climax. Hence is proper for usage in 4th sentence.

Flare is a shape that spreads outwards. Flair means natural talent . hence , flare is correct in given context.

3) Answer (B)

You , regretfully decline someone’s invitation. Hence correct usage is regretfully.

Sensuous means taking delight in beauty . Hence is perfect for 2nd sentence.

Besides means apart from or and another thing. “Beside oneself” is an idiom which means “In a state of extreme agitation or excitement”. So Beside should be used in given context.

Stationary means stand still . Hence is the correct for usage in 4th sentence.

We generally use the term “above the sea level” and not “over the sea level”. So in this case 5th statement can be correctly written as, ‘ As the water began to rise above the danger mark, the signs of an imminent flood were clear.’

4) Answer (D)

Cricket Council is a collective noun so it takes a singular verb. The reference is made to a group as a whole and not to an individual.
So correct option for 1st sentence is AA.
Censure implies harsh criticism.Censor means to put a ban on something objectionable.So Censure should be the correct answer here.
Credible means capable of being believed.Credulous means tending to believe without evidence.So credible should be used for 3rd sentence.
Discretely means distinct whereas discreetly means to carefully avoid social embarrassment or distress; tactful. So use of ‘ discreetly’ is correct here.
Hence option D.

5) Answer (E)

Use “farther” for physical distance and “further” for metaphorical, or figurative, distance. So further should be used here.

Historic means momentous or notable in history. Historical means something that is concerned with history or past events. From the sentence, we can infer that “historic” is the right word to use.

Though both distrust and mistrust mean something you have no confidence in, mistrust also has the added component of viewing something with suspicion. From the sentence, we can infer that the old man did not feel that he could rely on new technology. As the sentence does not suggest any feelings of suspicion, “distrust” would be a better fit.

The phrase used to describe something that occurred in real life is “true story”. As the word “story” implies fiction, we need the modifier “true” to indicate that it is based in fact.

A compliment means a remark of praise or admiration. Complement, on the other hand, means something that adds to another thing. A backhanded compliment is a remark that is criticism masked as praise.

6) Answer (D)

In statements A ,B and C ‘for’ is correctly used. However, in statement D, there shouldn’t be any space between for and ever. The correct statement is ‘ It couldn’t be done forever’.

7) Answer (A)

First blank can have ‘tenets’ , ‘institutions’ , ‘organs’ or ‘departments’ . The second part is the key to the answer, the part ‘suited by ‘ is best followed by word fixation, which means – an abnormal state where development has stopped. ‘Fixation’ also flows perfectly with the idea of the ‘earlier kind of world’.

8) Answer (B)

In the first blank word used should be between ‘ congenital’ and ‘ genetic’.Here congenital means – from birth; genetic means – something that comes from parents or ancestors(hereditary). But for the second blank ‘education’ sounds proper instead of ‘pedagogy’ as ‘pedagogy means function of teacher or science of teaching’.Hence, option B.

9) Answer (D)

Calendar makers and someone watching the night sky is often referred to as ‘observers’ and not scrutinizers. Scrutinizer means someone observing with very great care, which is not needed here. Out of ‘concede’ and ‘agree’ , concede matches perfectly with the context of statement as concede means – admit (to wrongdoing). Hence, option D.

10) Answer (C)

The first blank should have a word with a negative effect. ‘disingenuous’ is the most appropriate word which means – giving false appearance of frankness;not straightforward. Also ‘victims’ matches in 2nd blank with ‘ victims and perpetrators’ sounding perfect. Perpetrators here means – a culprit; usually with negative connotation.

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