Top-100 Expected SSC MTS Geography Questions PDF

SSC MTS Geography Questions
SSC MTS Geography Questions

Top-100 Expected SSC MTS Geography Questions PDF

Download Top-100 Expected Geography questions and answers for SSC MTS exam. Go through the video of Repeatedly asked and most important SSC MTS Geography questions. These questions are based on previous year questions in Railways and other Govt exams.


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Question 1: Delhi is located on the banks of river ………..

a) Kosi

b) Yamnotri

c) Yamuna

d) Gangotri

Question 2: According to 2001 Census which state has a ‘Sex Ratio’ more than 1000?

a) West Bengal

b) Kerala

c) Maharashtra

d) None of these

Question 3: The folk dance ‘Ghoomar’ belongs to which state ?

a) J & K

b) Punjab

c) Himachal Pradesh

d) Rajasthan

Question 4: Highest peak in South India is

a) Anaimudi

b) Dodabeta

c) Amarkantak

d) Mahendra Giri

Question 5: Gulbarga is located in the state of

a) Maharashtra

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Karnataka

d) Madhya Pradesh

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Question 6: Udayagiri rock-cut-caves are located in

a) Assam

b) Chhattisgarh

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Orissa

Question 7: Headquarters of South-Western Railway are located in–

a) Bengaluru

b) Hubli

c) Belgaum

d) Secunderabad

Question 8: Which of the following is the deepest and the oldest lake of the world of fresh water?

a) Lake Titikaka

b) Lake Baikal

c) Lake Chilka

d) Lake Superior

Question 9: Monsoon is caused by ?

a) Seasonal reversal of winds

b) revolution of earth

c) Movement of clouds

d) Rise in temperature

Question 10: Equinox means ?

a) Days are longer than nights

b) Nights are longer than days

c) Days and nights are equal

d) The shortest day and shortest night in the year


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Question 11: The Mountains Pass Nathu-La is located in:

a) Arunachal Pradesh

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Sikkim

d) Jammu & Kashmir

Question 12: The planet nearest to the Sun is ?

a) Mars

b) Mercury

c) Jupiter

d) Saturn

Question 13: Headquarters of North-Eastern Railways is located at  ?

a) Guwahati

b) Gorakhpur

c) Kolkata

d) Bhubaneshwar

Question 14: On 21 June the sun is vertically overhead the ?

a) Tropic of Capricorn

b) Equator

c) Position of the sun is not definite

d) Tropic of Cancer

Question 15: Evergreen forests are found in ?

a) Equatorial regions

b) Monsoon climatic areas

c) Desert regions

d) Mediterranean

Question 16: The vegetaion of the Thar desert consists of ?

a) Xerophytes

b) Hydrophytes

c) Mesophytes

d) Thallophytesv

​_Question 17: Which is the world’s highest dam ?

a) New Cornelia Tailings

b) Rogun dam

c) Aswan Dam

d) Grande Dixence

Question 18: The equatorial radius of the Earth is approximately ?

a) 12,700 km

b) 6,900 km

c) 6,400 km

d) 11m,600 km

Question 19: Where is Rail Coach Factory located?

a) Kapurtala

b) Chhapra

c) Patiala

d) Bangalore

Question 20: Which is known as ‘Garden City of India’ ?

a) Trivandruam

b) Imphal

c) Simla

d) Bangalore

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Question 21: In which district of Rajasthan does the Aravalli hills have its highest peak ?

a) Sirohi

b) Udaipur

c) Bikaner

d) Alwar

Question 22: ‘Triveni’ (Trijunction of Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswathi) is in the city of

a) Varanasi

b) Haridwar

c) Allahabad

d) Ayodhya

Question 23: ”Masala Park” is related to which city to Rajasthan ?

a) Kota

b) Jodhpur

c) Ramganjmandi

d) Sawaimadhopur

Question 24: ‘Kanyakumari’ is located in

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Karnataka

d) Kerala

Question 25: What is the time difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Meridian ?

a) $5\frac{1}{2}$ hours

b) $2\frac{1}{2}$ hours

c) $6\frac{1}{2}$ hours

d) $5$ hours

Question 26: Through which of the following district of Rajasthan does the Tropic of Cancer pass by ?

a) Ajmer

b) Chittorgarh

c) Banswara

d) Udaipur

Question 27: How many districts of Rajasthan are not touched by any of the boundaries of state and country ?

a) 6

b) 7

c) 8

d) 9

Question 28: The sex ratio is the highest in:

a) Kerala

b) West bengal

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Mizoram

Question 29: In which of the following district of Rajasthan is “Kameshwari” oil found ?

a) Barmer

b) Jaisalmer

c) Jalor

d) Jodhpur

Question 30: What is the International Date Line ?

a) Equator

b) Longitude

c) 90° East Longitude

d) 180° East Longitude

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Question 31: The region known as rice bowl of India is

a) North eastern region

b) Kerala and Tamil Nadu

c) Indus – Ganges Region

d) Krishna – Godavari Delta

Question 32: The pink city in India is

a) Jaipur

b) Jodhpur

c) Ajmer

d) Delhi

Question 33: The Largest port is

a) Kolkata

b) Mumbai

c) Haldia

d) Kandla

Question 34: The Ruins of the Vijayanagar empire exist in

a) Bijapur

b) Hampi

c) Golkonda

d) Baroda

Question 35: The first fertilizer plant of India is in

a) Nangal

b) Trombay

c) Sindri

d) Alwaye

Question 36: Which state in India has Least Population?

a) Nagaland

b) Arunachal Pradesh

c) Sikkim

d) Goa

Question 37: Which of the following planets has been named after the Roman Goddess of Love?

a) Mars

b) Jupiter

c) Saturn

d) Venus

Question 38: National Stock Exchange is located in

a) Mumbai

b) Kolkata

c) Chennai

d) New Delhi

Question 39: ‘Wimbledon’ belongs to

a) Britain

b) Australia

c) France

d) None

Question 40: The famous ‘Nile River’ flows through which country?

a) France

b) Italy

c) Egypt

d) None

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Question 41: Which is the ‘Largest River’ the world

a) Ganga River

b) Mississipi River

c) Amazon River

d) None of these

Question 42: Which canal connects Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea ?

a) Corinthian canal

b) Grand canal

c) Panama canal

d) Suez canal

Question 43: Where is Almatti Dam located ?

a) Himachal Pradesh

b) Uttarakhand

c) Karnataka

d) Tamil Nadu

Question 44: The concept of “Welfare State” is defined in :

a) Preamble

b) Fundamental Rights

c) Directive Principles

d) Fundamental Duties

Question 45: Which state is bound by Bangladesh on three sides ?

a) Mizoram

b) Meghalaya

c) Tripura

d) West Bengal

Question 46: In which country is Arakan Yorna, an extension of the Himalayan ranges situated ?

a) Pakistan

b) Myanmar

c) Nepal

d) Bhutan

Question 47: Which among the following is the oldest University established in modern India?

a) University of Calcutta

b) Delhi University

c) Allahabad University

d) Banaras Hindu University

Question 48: Birds get thrust (forward motion) and lift (upward motion) from :

a) Air sacs

b) Flapping of wings

c) Twisting of feathers

d) Shape of wings which is similar to Aeroplane blades

Question 49: The Bhopal disaster of 1984 was the result of :

a) Nuclear accident

b) Biological accident

c) Chemical accident

d) Railway accident

Question 50: The largest living bird is :

a) duck

b) dodo

c) ostrich

d) peacock

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Question 51: Pandit Bhim Sen Joshi is known as a famous

a) Vocalist

b) Flutist

c) Sarod Player

d) Sitar Player

Question 52: “Eiffel Tower is located in which Country ?

a) USA

b) UK

c) France

d) Russia

Question 53: Amongst the following Indian states which one has the minimum total forest cover?

a) Sikkim

b) Goa

c) Haryana

d) Kerala

Question 54: Pandit Ravi Shankar is associated with music as

a) Vocalist

b) Sitar Player

c) Santoor Player

d) Tabla Player

Question 55: The famous “Hornbill Festival” is celebrated in which state ?

a) Mizoram

b) Nagaland

c) Assam

d) Meghalaya

Question 56: The Shipping Corporation of India Limited was formed in :

a) 1952

b) 1950

c) 1976

d) 1981

Question 57: Kanchenjunga mountain peak is in the border of

a) Bhutan

b) Nepal

c) China

d) Bangladesh

Question 58: The Shipping Corporation of India Limited was formed in :

a) 1952

b) 1950

c) 1976

d) 1981

Question 59: The mean distance from the Sun to the Earth is called :

a) Light year

b) Parallachc second

c) Astronomical unit

d) Angstrom

Question 60: A lunar eclipse’ occurs when

a) The moon comes between the earth and the sun

b) The earth comes between the sun and the moon

c) The sun comes between the earth and the moon

d) The sun. the earth and the moon make an angle of 90‘

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Question 61: Hawa Mahal is situated in

a) Jaipur

b) Alwar

c) Bikaner

d) Jaisalmer

Question 62: Which city is known as the Garden City of India?

a) KolKata

b) New Delhi

c) Srinagar

d) Bengaluru

Question 63: What is the height of Mount Everest approximately ?

a) 6700 mtr.

b) 8850 mtr

c) 9800 mtr

d) 7800 mtr.

Question 64: Where does Yamuna River merge with the river Ganges?

a) Rishikesh

b) Patna

c) Allahabad

d) Haridwar

Question 65: The Union of India consists of _____ States and ______Union Territories

a) 29 & 11

b) 28 & 8

c) 28 & 7

d) 29 & 7

Question 66: Agra is situated on the bank of the river

a) Godavari

b) Narmada

c) Yamuna

d) Krishna

Question 67: In which of the following countries Gobi Desert is situated?

a) The U.S.A

b) Mangolia

c) Japan

d) Chile

Question 68: Chilika lake is in

a) Rajasthan

b) Odisha

c) Bihar

d) Madhya Pradesh

Question 69: MR. C. Where is the Chidambaram stadium located?

a) Chennai

b) Kolkata

c) Pune

d) Delhi

Question 70: Tungabhadra Dam is located in

a) Karnataka

b) Kerala

c) Goa

d) Maharashtra

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Question 71: Which one of the following is also known as Red Planet ?

a) Mercury

b) Venus

c) Earth

d) Mars

Question 72: Which of the following cities is known for its world famous Meenakshi temple?

a) Chidambaram

b) Madurai

c) Tirupati

d) Thanjavur

Question 73: Which one of the following is the largest island in the world?

a) Seychelles

b) Finland

c) Greenland

d) Maldives

Question 74: In which of the following oceans Japan Trench is located?

a) Indian Ocean

b) Pacific Ocean

c) Atlantic Ocean

d) Arctic Ocean

Question 75: In which of the following countries Padma river is flowing?

a) Bangladesh

b) Pakistan

c) Germany

d) Myanmar

Question 76: Which one of the following is an Indian research station in Antarctica?

a) Himadri

b) Himansh

c) Dakshin Gangotri

d) Yamunotri

Question 77: In which year did the Partition of Bengal take place?

a) 1910

b) 1902

c) 1903

d) 1905

Question 78: In which year the name of the Union Territory of Pondicherry was changed to Puducherry?

a) 2000

b) 2002

c) 2008

d) 2006

Question 79: Which of the following soils is also known as ‘Regur soil’?

a) Laterite Soil

b) Red Soil

c) Alluvial Soil

d) Black Soil

Question 80: The Make In India Logo is made up of what?

a) Lion made of Cogs

b) Eagle Made of Steel

c) Chakra Made of Cotton

d) Tiger Made of Khadi

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Question 81: Which of the following regions is the original habitat of the ‘Toda Tribe’?

a) Kurnaun Hills

b) Nilgiri Hills

c) Khasi Hills

d) Gharwal Hills

Question 82: Which of the following popular tourist destinations of India were built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary?

a) India Gate

b) Gateway of India

c) The Prince of Wales Museum

d) Victoria Terminus

Question 83: From where was Mangalyaan launched?

a) Chennai

b) Sriharikota

c) Trombay

d) Gopalpur, on sea

Question 84: Which one is called the dwarf planet?

a) Venus

b) Mercury

c) Moon

d) Pluto

Question 85: According to an early Indian philosopher everything is made up of ……… basic elements.

a) 2

b) 4

c) 3

d) 5

Question 86: The Black soil is also known as ……… soil.

a) Bhangar

b) Humus

c) Crystalline

d) Regur

Question 87: Weight of an object on the moon is ………… the weight of the object on earth.

a) equal to

b) 1/6th

c) 1/2

d) 1/5th

Question 88: India is the ……. most populated country in the world.

a) fourth

b) first

c) third

d) second

Question 89: Rama Setu is located in which of the following?

a) Palk Strait

b) Strait of Gibraltar

c) Kiel Canal

d) Bering Strait

Question 90: Which city of India stands on river Hooghly?

a) Kolkata

b) Chennai

c) Gangtok

d) Cuttack


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Question 91: Three or more lines are …….. if and only if all of them pass through the same point.

a) concurrent

b) parallel

c) perpendicular

d) collinear

Question 92: The Great Indian Desert is also known as the ……… desert.

a) Kalahari

b) Gobi

c) Sahara

d) Thar

Question 93: ……….. is the leading coffee producer state in India.

a) Karnataka

b) Maharashtra

c) Telengana

d) Gujarat

Question 94: There are ……… parallel ranges of the Himalayas.

a) three

b) two

c) five

d) four

Question 95: The tallest peak of which of the following mountain ranges is a mountain called ‘Guru Shikhar’?

a) Western Ghats Range

b) Satpura Range

c) Aravalli Range

d) Vindhya Range

Question 96: The mass of the earth is ………..

a) $6 \times 10^{23}$ kg

b) $6 \times 10^{24}$ kg

c) $6 \times 10^{25}$ kg

d) $6 \times 10^{22}$ kg

Question 97: In which city is St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the most famous churches in Christianity, located?

a) Madrid

b) Lisbon

c) Pisa

d) Vatican

Question 98: Dakshin Gangotri is a research base station set up by Indian scientists. Where is it located?

a) Sundarbans Delta

b) Cauvery Basin

c) Sri Lanka

d) Antarctica

Question 99: Which of the following regions has the highest potential for wind energy?

a) The Deccan Plateau

b) Gangetic planes

c) Western Ghats

d) The Himalayas

Question 100: The hill station of Chail is located in __________.

a) Himachal Pradesh

b) Arunachal Pradesh

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Uttar Pradesh

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (C)

2) Answer (B)

3) Answer (D)

4) Answer (A)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (D)

7) Answer (B)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (A)

10) Answer (C)

11) Answer (C)

12) Answer (B)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (D)

15) Answer (A)

16) Answer (A)

17) Answer (B)

18) Answer (C)

19) Answer (A)

20) Answer (D)

21) Answer (A)

22) Answer (C)

23) Answer (B)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (A)

26) Answer (C)

27) Answer (D)

28) Answer (A)

29) Answer (A)

30) Answer (D)

31) Answer (D)

32) Answer (A)

33) Answer (B)

34) Answer (B)

35) Answer (C)

36) Answer (C)

37) Answer (D)

38) Answer (A)

39) Answer (A)

40) Answer (C)

41) Answer (C)

42) Answer (D)

43) Answer (C)

44) Answer (C)

45) Answer (C)

46) Answer (B)

47) Answer (A)

48) Answer (B)

49) Answer (C)

50) Answer (C)

51) Answer (A)

52) Answer (C)

53) Answer (C)

54) Answer (B)

55) Answer (B)

56) Answer (B)

57) Answer (B)

58) Answer (B)

59) Answer (C)

60) Answer (B)

61) Answer (A)

62) Answer (D)

63) Answer (B)

64) Answer (C)

65) Answer (D)

66) Answer (C)

67) Answer (B)

68) Answer (B)

69) Answer (A)

70) Answer (A)

71) Answer (D)

72) Answer (B)

73) Answer (C)

74) Answer (B)

75) Answer (A)

76) Answer (C)

77) Answer (D)

78) Answer (D)

79) Answer (D)

80) Answer (A)

81) Answer (B)

82) Answer (B)

83) Answer (B)

84) Answer (D)

85) Answer (D)

86) Answer (D)

87) Answer (B)

88) Answer (D)

89) Answer (A)

90) Answer (A)

91) Answer (A)

92) Answer (D)

93) Answer (A)

94) Answer (A)

95) Answer (C)

96) Answer (B)

97) Answer (A)

98) Answer (D)

99) Answer (C)

100) Answer (A)


We hope this very important SSC MTS Geography  Questions will be very helpful to you.


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