TOP-100 International GK Questions for All Competitive Exams

TOP-100 International GK Questions for All Competitive Exams
TOP-100 International GK Questions for All Competitive Exams

TOP-100 International GK Questions for All Competitive Exams

Latest and Most Important Questions on International Affairs 2019 to crack all Competitive Exams. Download the PDF and go through the video explanations of the most important questions on International Affairs 2019 and practice them by downloading the PDF provided below. Feel free to visit our website to get access to the free content.

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Question 1: Ms, Yingluck Shinawatra is the first woman Prime Minister of

a) Argentina

b) Brazil

c) Uganda

d) Thailand

e) New Zealand

Question 2: A ________________ is known by different names in different parts of the world.
It is called a ‘hurricane’ in North America.

a) funnel

b) whirlpool

c) cyclone

d) twister

Question 3: The national flower of Italy is?

a) Rose

b) Lily

c) Hibiscus

d) Bupleurum

e) Daffodil

Question 4: Which country is facing border blockade from India and is suffering from food and fuel shortages?

a) Bhutan

b) Sri Lanka

c) Nepal

d) Myanmar

Question 5: Asia’s first ballistic Research Centre is situated in which country?

a) Sri Lanka

b) India

c) Nepal

d) None of the above

Question 6: With which two other countries did India recently sign the Shared Awareness and De-confliction (SHADE) initiative?

a) Russia and China

b) USA and Britain

c) Japan and China

d) Russia and Japan

e) Pakistan and Bangladesh

Question 7: Pranab Mukherjee is the ____________ President of India.

a) 13th

b) 14th

c) 12th

d) 15th

Question 8: Ural mountains and Ural river separates Europe from

a) Africa

b) South America

c) North America

d) Asia

Question 9: In which city are the headquarters of INTERPOL located?

a) Paris

b) New York

c) Zurich

d) Lyon

Question 10: Who is the first Muslim Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

a) Mohammad Khatami

b) Mohammad Yunus

c) Anwara Taimur

d) A.R.Antulay

Question 11: Who was the last Governor General of India?

a) Lord Mountbatten

b) C. Rajagopalachari

c) Rajendra Prasad

d) Clement Attlee

Question 12: The headquarters of SAARC is in ….

a) Kathmandu

b) New Delhi

c) Islamabad

d) Dhaka

e) Colombo

Question 13: British PM ordered a probe into the Thatcher link to ‘Operation Blue Star’. Operation Blue Star relates to

a) Indian Navy

b) Indian Air Force

c) Indian Army

d) Joint Operation by UK and India

e) Rescue flood victim in Bihar

Question 14: Who was the first ever democratically elected president of Afghanistan?

a) Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

b) Abdullah Abdullah

c) Ashraf Ghani

d) Hamid Karzai

Question 15: To which country’ does Magnus Carlsen belong?

a) Venezuela

b) Denmark

c) Switzerland

d) Norway

e) Australia

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Question 16: Where is the headquarters of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) located?

a) Manila, Philippines

b) Geneva, Switzerland

c) New Delhi, India

d) Beijing, China

e) Kathmandu, Nepal

Question 17: Where is the headquarters of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) located?

a) Vienna

b) Rome

c) Warsaw

d) Geneva

e) Montreal

Question 18: Which country recently overtook Saudi Arabia as India’s top oil supplier to India?

a) Kuwait

b) Iraq

c) United Arab Emirates

d) Oman

Question 19: The five BRICS countries represent over 3 Billion people or _____.

a) 42 percent of world population

b) 32 percent of world population

c) 52 percent of world population

d) 22 percent of world population

e) 47 percent of world population

Question 20: According to WHO, which country has the highest rate of Child marriage?

a) India

b) Pakistan

c) Nepal

d) Bangladesh

Question 21: Mona Lisa is painted on

a) Stone

b) Wood

c) Paper

d) Metal sheet

Question 22: The system of judicial review originated in?

a) India

b) Germany

c) Russian

d) USA

Question 23: The largest temple in the world is ?

a) Meenakshi Temple

b) Akshardham Temple

c) Temple of Varanasi

d) Temple in Lumbini

Question 24: Ending over 50 years of Hostilities the United States has recently decided to normalise its relations and to re-establish diplomatic relations with………..

a) Iraq

b) Russia

c) Syria

d) Cuba

e) China

Question 25: Bank formed by “BRICS” is known as?

a) New Development Bank

b) BRICS bank

c) SCIRB Bank

d) None of the above

Question 26: The International Boundary between ‘United States of America’ and ‘Canada’ is often referred to as……

a) 23rd Parallel

b) 49th Parallel

c) 45th Parallel

d) 31st Parallel

e) 37th Parallel

Question 27: Tata-Singapore Airlines (SIA) recently named its upcoming joint venture airline as

a) Pankh

b) Udaan

c) Vistara

d) Gagan

e) Akshay

Question 28: Which country is home to the highest waterfall in the world?

a) Russia

b) Venezuela

c) Mongolia

d) Mexico

Question 29: The largest plateau in the world is being administered by which country?

a) Canada

b) USA

c) Russia

d) China

Question 30: The Headquarters of BIMSTEC group of nations is located in ….

a) Dhaka

b) Abu Dhabi

c) Lisbon

d) Thimpu

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Question 31: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the capital of which country?

a) Maldives

b) Sri Lanka

c) Mauritius

d) Comoros

e) Seychelles

Question 32: The remains of which ancient civilization can be seen at the site of Machu Pichu in Peru?

a) Incas

b) Aztecs

c) Mayans

d) Indians

Question 33: The first Export Processing Zone of Asia was set up in

a) Singapore

b) Kandla

c) Shanghai

d) Dubai

Question 34: Apart from India which other country does National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) serve?

a) Bangladesh

b) Bhutan

c) Sri Lanka

d) Pakistan

e) Nepal

Question 35: Nepal has border with how many countries?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

Question 36: Where is the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) located?

a) Sydney

b) Frankfurt

c) Montreal

d) Oslo

Question 37: Which is the only country whose postage stamps do not bear its name?

a) U.S.A.

b) U.K.

c) Japan

d) Pakistan

Question 38: What is the venue for 24th ASEAN summit?

a) Katmandu

b) Islamabad

c) Nay Pyi Taw

d) None of the above

Question 39: Which country has three capitals viz. Administrative, Legislative and Judicial?

a) Chile

b) Malaysia

c) Canada

d) South Africa

Question 40: Which of the treaty was signed amongst the European nations for entering into the monetary union?

a) Treaty of Nice

b) Treaty of Versailles

c) Maastricht Treaty

d) Treaty of Paris.

Question 41: The newest country in the world is:

a) Palau

b) Kosovo

c) Eritrea

d) East Timor

e) South Sudan

Question 42: Chinese Parliament is known as

a) National People’s Congress

b) National Assembly

c) The National Parliament of China

d) The House of Democracy of China

e) None of these

Question 43: What is the International Calling Code of Nepal?

a) 977

b) 947

c) 974

d) 964

Question 44: Which country awards Nobel Prize ?

a) France

b) Sweden

c) Switzerland

d) U.S.A.

Question 45: Which country has been affected the most by the Zika virus?

a) Brazil

b) Spain

c) Australia

d) US

e) India

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Question 46: Citizen of which neighbouring country does not require a passport or visa to enter India?

a) Pakistan

b) Bangladesh

c) Nepal

d) China

Question 47: Which country is the largest producer of Wheat?

a) Brazil

b) United States

c) France

d) China

Question 48: The commodity for which India spends the largest amount to import is

a) Foodgrains

b) Crude petroleum

c) Fertilisers

d) Iron and Steel

Question 49: George Bernard Shaw, the great dramatist, was ?

a) An Irish Man

b) An Englishman

c) A Scotsman

d) A welsh

Question 50: World Intellectual Property Organization is situated at

a) New york

b) London

c) Paris

d) Zeneva

Question 51: South Asian University (SAU), a joint SARC University of SAARC Nations, has been established in___________.

a) New Delhi

b) Male

c) Colombo

d) Dhaka

Question 52: The `CNSA is the national space agency of

a) Soviet Union

b) Republic of Singapore

c) Russian Federation

d) People’s Republic of China

e) United States of America

Question 53: The Headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency is located in

a) Manila

b) Vienna

c) Paris

d) Washington DC

e) London

Question 54: Nirupama Rao is appointed as India’s Ambassador to

a) Australia

b) UK

c) Russia

d) USA

e) China

Question 55: Operation New Dawn is the beginning of stability in:

a) Afghanistan

b) Iran

c) Sudan

d) Sri Lanka

e) Iraq

Question 56: Who launched a ‘crowd funding’ campaign to raise funds for bailing out Greece?

a) Thomas Feeney

b) Thomas Friedman

c) Thomson Reuters

d) Thomas Edison

Question 57: Who is the President of European Council?

a) Donald Tusk

b) Antonio Guterres

c) Onno Ruhl

d) Werner Hoyer

Question 58: Which is the largest tobacco producing country in the world?

a) USA

b) India

c) China

d) Brazil

Question 59: The world’s longest river the Nile, flows through which continent?

a) South America

b) Africa

c) North America

d) Europe

Question 60: The city of Lothal stood beside a tributary of which river?

a) Narmada

b) Ganga

c) Yamuna

d) Sabarmati

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Question 61: The Mekong Ganga Cooperation is an intiative by India and how many other countries?

a) 3

b) 5

c) 7

d) 11

Question 62: Which is the first country to leave international criminal court?

a) Gambia

b) South Africa

c) Burundi

d) France

Question 63: What is called the descendants of Dutch and Portuguese colonies in Sri Lanka?

a) Sinhalese

b) Tamil

c) Burgher

d) Vedda

Question 64: Which Island is called ‘Island of pearls’?

a) Madagascar

b) Bahrain

c) Croatia

d) Australia

Question 65: The Samjhauta Express runs between Delhi to which city in Pakistan?

a) Karachi

b) Islamabad

c) Quetta

d) Lahore

Question 66: Which country is known as ‘Land of Midnight Sun’?

a) Sweden

b) Norway

c) Germany

d) Finland

Question 67: Which is called country of canals?

a) India

b) Pakistan

c) Japan

d) Myanmar

Question 68: Which country is regarded as the home of ‘Fabian Socialism’?

a) Russia

b) England

c) France

d) Italy

Question 69: Which Vedic text mentioned the eastern and western seas for the first time?

a) Tandya Brahmana

b) Satpath Brahmana

c) Gopath Brahmana

d) Kaustiki Brahmana

Question 70: Which is city is also known as Big Apple ?

a) Madrid ,Spain

b) Lausanne,Switchez Leland

c) Canberra, Australia

d) New York USA

Question 71: The method of Impeachment of the President of India is adopted from

a) U.S.A.

b) U.K.

c) U.S.S.R.

d) France

Question 72: The biggest consumer of natural gas in the world?

a) USA

b) Russia

c) Canada

d) China

Question 73: The Delhi – Lahore Bus is officially known as __________________.

a) Sada-e-Sarhad

b) Maitree bus

c) Yaad-e-Shaheed

d) Dosti bus

Question 74: The Upper House of the Legislature is more powerful than the Lower house in?

a) Britain

b) France

c) sri Lanka

d) United states of America

Question 75: The dispute over Siachin Glacier is between

a) India and China

b) India and Afghanistan

c) India and Pakistan

d) India and Nepal

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Question 76: Where was the first regular session of UN General Assembly held?

a) San Francisco

b) New York

c) London

d) Paris

Question 77: The Panama Canal expansion project is also referred to

a) Dead Locks

b) Third Set of Locks

c) New Horizon

d) Cut Across the Sea

Question 78: World Economic Outlook is published by?

a) IMF

b) World Bank

c) UN

d) ADB

Question 79: Which country is the largest producer of the gold in the world?

a) India

b) South Africa

c) China

d) Brazil

Question 80: Which country has the longest railway network in the world?

a) Canada

b) Russia

c) USA

d) China

Question 81: Largest producer of Bauxite in the world is

a) U.S.A.

b) Jamaica

c) Chile

d) Australia

Question 82: Who is the President of New Development Bank ?

a) Jin Liqun

b) K V Kamath

c) Onno Ruhl

d) Werner Hoyer

Question 83: Who is the current Director of World Trade Organization?

a) Jin Liqun

b) K V Kamath

c) Onno Ruhl

d) Robert Azevedo

Question 84: Who is the executive chairman and founder of World Economic Forum?

a) Jin Liqun

b) Klaus Schwab

c) Onno Ruhl

d) Werner Hoyer

Question 85: INS Sindhurakshak was in the news recently. From which country did India get this submarine?

a) France

b) Russia

c) Sweden

d) Australia

e) United States of America

Question 86: The World Diamond Conference was held recently in

a) Germany

b) Russia

c) Singapore

d) China

e) India

Question 87: The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is headquartered at –

a) Camp David, Maryland USA

b) Geneva

c) New York

d) Sweden

e) Brussels

Question 88: What is the code name of world’s largest amphibious aircraft made by China?

a) Kunlong

b) Sea Star

c) Libelle

d) Dornier

Question 89: Bhutan’s national language is known as ___________.

a) Dzongkha

b) Khengkha

c) Tshanglakha

d) Lhotshamkha

Question 90: The worldwide great depression took place in

a) 1930

b) 1936

c) 1929

d) 1928

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Question 91: Which country is the largest producer of Guava?

a) Brazil

b) China

c) United States

d) India

Question 92: Angel Falls is situated on which river?

a) Amazon

b) Orinoco

c) Caroni

d) Parana

Question 93: The co-founders of Google are:

a) Sergey Brin & Eric Schmidt

b) Larry Page & Eric Schmidt

c) Sergey Brin & Larry Page

d) Shirley M tilghman & Eric Schmidt

Question 94: Who is the Prime Minister of Japan?

a) Shinzo Abe

b) Xi Jin Ping

c) Jim Yong Kim

d) None of the above

Question 95: MacMohan line is in between which two countries?

a) Indian and Nepal

b) India and Pakistan

c) India and Afghanistan

d) India and China

Question 96: How many background colours there are in Bhutan’s national flag?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Question 97: The Island that are under dispute of ownership between Japan and China are:

a) Osaka Islands

b) Muntheetu Islands

c) South China Islands

d) Senkaku Islands

e) None of the above

Question 98: Which country has made the world’s largest amphibious aircraft named AG600?

a) United States of America

b) Russia

c) China

d) Saudi Arabia

Question 99: The longest continental Railway in the world is

a) Trans Atlantic Railway

b) Trans Siberian Railway

c) Canadian Pacific Railway

d) Canadian National Railway

Question 100: Who takes the decision regarding the savings and loan activities in a Self Help Group (SHG)?

a) Private Bank

b) Reserve Bank of India

c) Members of group

d) Non Government Organizations


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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (D)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (C)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (D)

9) Answer (D)

10) Answer (D)

11) Answer (B)

12) Answer (A)

13) Answer (C)

14) Answer (D)

15) Answer (D)

16) Answer (E)

17) Answer (D)

18) Answer (B)

19) Answer (A)

20) Answer (D)

21) Answer (B)

22) Answer (D)

23) Answer (B)

24) Answer (D)

25) Answer (A)


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26) Answer (B)

27) Answer (C)

28) Answer (B)

29) Answer (D)

The largest and highest plateau is Tibet

30) Answer (A)

31) Answer (B)

32) Answer (A)

Although known locally, it was not known to the Spanish during the colonial period and remained unknown to the outside world until American historian Hiram Bingham brought it to international attention in 1911. Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls.

33) Answer (B)

India is one of the first countries in Asia to recognize the effectiveness of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) model in promoting export. India was inspired by China for setting up of SEZ. Asia’s First EPZ was set up in Kandla in 1965.

34) Answer (E)

35) Answer (B)

36) Answer (C)

37) Answer (B)

38) Answer (C)

39) Answer (D)

40) Answer (C)

The Maastricht Treaty was approved by heads of government of the states making up the European Community (EC) in December 1991. The treaty required voters in each country to approve the European Union, which proved to be a hotly debated topic in many areas. The agreement took ended with the creation of the European Union and has since been amended by other treaties. The Maastricht Treaty was signed on February 7, 1992, by the leaders of 12 member nations (Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, West Germany, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal and Spain). The treaty entered into force November 1, 1993.

41) Answer (E)

42) Answer (A)

43) Answer (A)

44) Answer (B)

45) Answer (A)

46) Answer (C)

47) Answer (D)

48) Answer (B)

49) Answer (A)

50) Answer (D)


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51) Answer (A)

52) Answer (D)

53) Answer (B)

54) Answer (D)

55) Answer (E)

56) Answer (A)

Campaign organiser Thomas Feeney wasted no time in launching the campaign again. A crowdfunding campaign trying to raise €1.6 billion to bail out Greece has ended with contributions just shy of the €2 million mark – or 0 per cent of the total needed to make a difference to Greece.

57) Answer (A)

President of the European Council – Donald Tusk

58) Answer (C)

59) Answer (B)

60) Answer (D)

61) Answer (B)

62) Answer (C)

63) Answer (C)

64) Answer (B)

65) Answer (D)

66) Answer (B)

67) Answer (B)

68) Answer (B)

69) Answer (B)

70) Answer (D)

71) Answer (A)

72) Answer (A)

73) Answer (A)

74) Answer (A)

75) Answer (C)


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76) Answer (C)

77) Answer (B)

The Panama Canal Expansion Project is also known as the third set of locks project. The original canal had 2 lanes with a lock each. A third lane was opened which has nearly doubled the traffic. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean eliminating the need to circumnavigate South America. Therefore, option B is the right answer.

78) Answer (A)

World Economic Outlook is published by International Monetary Fund.

79) Answer (C)

80) Answer (C)

81) Answer (D)

82) Answer (B)

President of the New Development Bank is K V Kamath.

83) Answer (D)

Robert Azevedo is the current Director General of World Trade Organization

84) Answer (B)

The executive chairman and founder of World Economic Forum is Klaus Schwab

85) Answer (B)

86) Answer (E)

87) Answer (E)

88) Answer (A)

89) Answer (A)

90) Answer (A)

91) Answer (D)

92) Answer (C)

93) Answer (C)

The co-founders of Google are Sergey Brin & Larry Page.
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

94) Answer (A)

95) Answer (D)

96) Answer (B)

97) Answer (D)

98) Answer (C)

99) Answer (B)

100) Answer (C)


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We hope this Important International Affairs 2019 Questions for SSC CPO/CGL Exam will be highly useful for your preparation.


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