TOP-100 History Questions for SSC-CGL

History Questions for SSC-CGL
History Questions for SSC-CGL

TOP-100 History Questions for SSC-CGL

Latest and Most Important Questions on History to crack SSC-CGL Exam. Download the PDF and go through the video explanations of the most important questions on History and practice them by downloading the PDF provided below. Feel free to visit our website to get access to the free conte

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Question 1: How many times national emergency was declared in India?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 2

Question 2: When was the Dandi march undertaken?

a) 13 april,1919

b) 18 march,1919

c) 12 march,1930

d) 5 feb,1922

Question 3: Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty?

a) Chandragupta I

b) Chandragupta II

c) Samudragupta

d) Skandgupta

Question 4: The Aryans came from central Asia to India around?

a) 8000 B.C

b) 6500 B.C

c) 3500 B.C

d) 2500 B.C

Question 5: When was first Anglo-afghan war fought?

a) 1840

b) 1842

c) 1844

d) 1845

Question 6: The first animal domesticated by Neolithic people was:

a) Sheep

b) Goat

c) Dog

d) Horse

Question 7: In which year did Sikkim join the Indian Republic?

a) 1948

b) 1961

c) 1971

d) 1975

Question 8: The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on ?

a) 6th August 1914

b) 9th August 1945

c) 6th August 1943

d) 9th August 1943

Question 9: The Ajanta caves were built during the period of the ?

a) Guptas

b) Kushans

c) Mauryas

d) Chalukyas

Question 10: The Battle of Talikota was fought in the year ?

a) 1565

b) 1526

c) 1586

d) 1576

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Question 11: Gandhiji’s Dandi March started from ?

a) Bardoli

b) Ahmedabad

c) Surat

d) Bombay

Question 12: Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at ?

a) Shravanabelagola

b) Nalanda

c) Ujjain

d) Patna

Question 13: In the individual satyagraha who has been chosen as the first satyagrahi by Mahatma Gandhi?

a) C Rajagopalachari

b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

c) Vinoba Bhave

d) Sardar valla bhai patel

Question 14: Who is the first person to enter space and from which country?

a) Neil A. Armstrong, Germany

b) Yuri Gagarin, Russia

c) Neil A. Armstrong, Russia

d) Yuri Gagarin, Germany

Question 15: Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

a) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) Subhash Chandra Bose

d) Bhagat Singh

Question 16: In which year did Dada Saheb Phalke produce the first feature film ?

a) 1911

b) 1913

c) 1910

d) 1912

Question 17: Mahatma Gandhi began his political activities in India first from :

a) Dandi

b) Kheda

c) Sabarmati

d) Champaran

Question 18: Big landlords or warrior chiefs in the seventh century were acknowledged as _________ by the existing kings?

a) Rashtrakutas

b) Chalukya

c) Samantas

d) Brahmanas

Question 19: Indian Mughal paintings originated during the rule of which Mughal Emperor?

a) Humayun

b) Akbar

c) Jahangir

d) Shah Jahan

Question 20: Tomb of Lal Khan is located in?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Assam

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Madhya Pradesh

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Question 21: Hawa Mahal was built by?

a) Jai Singh II

b) Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh

c) Bihari Mal

d) Madho Singh I

Question 22: Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara is built by?

a) Kadphises II

b) King George V

c) Humayun

d) Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III

Question 23: ‘Shakuntala’ is the famous work of which painter?

a) Rabindranath Tagore

b) Nandalal Bose

c) Amrita Sher Gil

d) Raja Ravi Varma

Question 24: Gumbaz tomb is the burial chamber of?

a) Nawab Shuja ud Daula

b) Tipu Sultan

c) Sher Shah Suri

d) Ibrahim Khan Sur

Question 25: Akbar (1556-1605 AD) was the ruler of which dynasty?

a) Nanda

b) Maurya

c) Mughal

d) Haryanka

Question 26: In which year was the regulation passed to ban the practice of Sati?

a) 1840

b) 1852

c) 1837

d) 1829

Question 27: The first Indian Satellite Aryabhatta was launched in

a) 1972

b) 1975

c) 1977

d) 1979

Question 28: What Satyagraha was held at Nagpur in 1923?

a) Salt Satyagraha

b) Individual Satyagraha

c) Ryots Satyagraha

d) Flag Satyagraha

Question 29: Pulakesin II was the greatest ruler of the

a) Chvalukyas of Badami

b) Chalukyas of Kalyani

c) Pallavas of Kanchi

d) Cholas of Tamil Nadu

Question 30: Who was the teacher of Gautama Buddha ?

a) Panini

b) Alara Kalama

c) Kapila

d) Patanjali

Question 31: Who was the son of Bimbisara, the founder of Haryanka dynasty?

a) Udayin

b) Ajatashatru

c) Shishunaga

d) Kalashoka

Question 32: Which ruler had built the temple of Kailash at Ellora?

a) Amogh Varsha

b) Govinda III

c) Krishna I

d) Dantidurg

Question 33: A book entitled “The Hindus : An Alternative History” is written by

a) Shobha De

b) B.R. Ambedkar

c) Wendy Doniger

d) Salman Rushdie

Question 34: Who was defeated in the second battle of Tarain ?

a) Mohammed Ghori

b) Prithviraj Chauhan

c) Jaichandra

d) Sher Shah Suri

Question 35: How many female Islamic rulers did India ever have in its history?

a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 3

e) More than 3

Question 36: When was the Quit India movement launched?

a) 1941

b) 1930

c) 1942

d) 1943

Question 37: Which king is referred to as Devanampiya Piyadassi (Beloved of the Gods) in the inscriptions ?

a) Asoka

b) Harsha

c) Bindusara

d) Chandragupta Maurya

Question 38: Name the Maratha Saint who was a contemporary of Shivaji.

a) Saint Eknath

b) Saint Tukaram

c) Saint Dhyaneshwar

d) Namdev

Question 39: Who is regarded as the geat law-giver of ancient India ?

a) Panini

b) Manu

c) Kautilya

d) None of these

Question 40: ___was named Vikramaditya ?

a) Samudragupta

b) Chandragupta II

c) Bindusara

d) Ashoka

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Question 41: Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty ?

a) Chandragupta I

b) Chandragupta II

c) Samudragupta

d) Sri Gupta

Question 42: The treaty of Versailles restored Alsace­-Lorraine to:

a) Italy

b) Britain

c) France

d) Belgium

Question 43: The Asokan Edicts were deciphered first by :

a) Sir John Marshall

b) Sir William Jones

c) Charles Wilkins

d) James Prinsep

Question 44: Who was the first ruler of Mughal dynasty in India?

a) Jahangir

b) Akbar

c) Humayun

d) Babar

Question 45: When was the Bengal reunited after partition in 1905?

a) 1912

b) 1909

c) 1911

d) 1907

Question 46: To protest against which incident did Rabindranath Tagore reject his Knighthood title?

a) Passage of Rowlatt Act

b) Jallinawala Bagh Massacre

c) World War I

d) Passage of Morley-Minto reforms

Question 47: Which Indian movement is also known as “August Kranti”?

a) Civil-disobedience movement

b) Non-cooperation movement

c) Quit India movement

d) Anti-simon revolt

Question 48: Who are the revolutionaries behind the central legislative assembly bombing in 1929?

a) Bhagat Singh & Batukeshwar Dutt

b) Bhagat Singh & Chandrasekhar Azad

c) V.D.Savarkar & Batukeshwar Dutt

d) Sukh Dev & Bhagat Singh

Question 49: Which Indian freedom fighter is known as “Gandhi Buri”?

a) Sarojini Naidu

b) Matangini Hazra

c) Annie Beasant

d) Rani Gaidiniliu

Question 50: 1916 Lucknow Pact was signed between Indian National Congress and whom?

a) Bengal Governor General

b) BritishIndia Viceroy

c) All India Muslim League

d) British Government

Question 51: Indian revolutionary organisation Ghadar party was based in which country?

a) United States of America

b) Mexico

c) Brazil

d) South Africa

Question 52: Who was the first muslim president of Indian National Congress?

a) Moulana Azad

b) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

c) Mohammad Iqbal

d) Badruddin Tyabji

Question 53: Who was the publisher of Tatvabodhini Patrika?

a) Atmaram Panduranga

b) Dayanand Saraswati

c) Debendranath Tagore

d) Raja Rammohan Roy

Question 54: When did Santhal rebellion take place?

a) 1864-65

b) 1855-56

c) 1859-60

d) 1862-64

Question 55: Which is the Indus Valley site that doesnot have Citadel?

a) Chanhudaro

b) Mohenjadaro

c) Kalibangan

d) Lothal

Question 56: Which clan does Gautama Buddha belong to?

a) Lichchavi clan

b) Shakhya clan

c) Saka clan

d) Manikya clan

Question 57: Who discovered the Indus Valley Site, Mohenjadaro?

a) George Dales

b) D.K.Dikshitar

c) R.D.Benerjee

d) Dayaram Sahani

Question 58: Ashvagosha was the contemporary of which ruler?

a) Bindusara

b) Chandragupta Maurya

c) Ashoka

d) Kanishka

Question 59: What is the meaning of Silapadikaram, one of the epics of Tamil literature?

a) The jeweled anklet

b) The great dancer

c) The passionate dancer

d) The jeweled artefact

Question 60: Ellora caves in Maharastra are associated with which religion?

a) Buddhism & Hinduism only

b) Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism

c) Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism

d) Buddhism & Jainism only

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Question 61: What was the capital of Pallavas?

a) Aihole

b) Madurai

c) Thanjavur

d) Kanchipuram

Question 62: Ravikirti is the court poet of whom?

a) Harshavardhana

b) Pulakeshin II

c) Narasimhavarman I

d) Dantidurga

Question 63: The Tripartite struggle of Gurjara-pratihara, Rashtrakuta and pala dynasties was for which place?

a) Indraprastha

b) Ujjain

c) Kanauj

d) Kosala

Question 64: In which language was the Kitanb-al-hind written?

a) Sanskrit

b) Urdu

c) Persian

d) Arabic

Question 65: Who was the founder of Chola dynasty?

a) Vijayalaya

b) Raja Raja Chola I

c) Rajendra Chola

d) None of the above

Question 66: Which battle has led to the foundation of Mughal empire?

a) 2nd Battle of Panipat

b) 1st Battle of Panipat

c) 3rd Battle of Panipat

d) Battle of Kannauj

Question 67: What was the official language of Delhi Sultanate?

a) Afghani

b) Urdu

c) Persian

d) Arabic

Question 68: Name the oldest municipal corporation in India?

a) Delhi Municipal Corporation

b) Madras Municipal Corporation

c) Bombay Municipal Corporation

d) Calcutta Municipal Corporation

Question 69: In which session Indian National Congress Split into two groups – extremists and moderates?

a) Allahabad session

b) Bombay session

c) Surat session

d) Madras session

Question 70: Who is the author of “New Lamps for old”?

a) Lord Dalhousie

b) Satyendranath Tagore

c) Lord Curzon

d) Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

Question 71: After which five year plan, ‘The Rolling Plan’ was implemented?

a) Third Plan

b) Fifth Plan

c) Seventh Plan

d) Ninth Plan

Question 72: Who was the first Englishman to appear in the Mughal Court during Jahangir’s reign?

a) Paul Canning

b) Captain William Hawkins

c) William Edward

d) Ralph Fitch

Question 73: Who was the first scholar to use the term “Indus Civilization”?

a) John Marshall

b) Badarayana

c) Bharavi

d) Hsuan Tsang

Question 74: Who is the founder of Tughluq dynasty?

a) Mujammad bin tughluq

b) Feroz shah Tughluq

c) Ghiyath al-din Tughluq

d) Nasir-ud-din-mujamud shah tughluq

Question 75: By which Charter Act, the East India Company’s monopoly of trade with China came to an end?

a) Charter Act of 1793

b) Charter Act of 1813

c) Charter Act of 1833

d) Charter Act of 1853

Question 76: The weekly paper “Young India” is founded by?

a) Lala Lajpat Rai

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

d) Motilal Nehru

Question 77: The first Anglo-Sikh war took place in which year?

a) 1792-93

b) 1848-49

c) 1845-46

d) 1865-66

Question 78: The Maratha Peshwa signed the Subsidiary Alliance Treaty of Bassein in which war?

a) First Anglo-Maratha war

b) Second Anglo-Maratha war

c) Third Anglo-Maratha war

d) Fourth Anglo-Maratha war

Question 79: Who completed the construction of the Kutub Minar ?

a) Kutubuddin Aibak

b) Iltutmish

c) Razia Begum

d) Shahjehan

Question 80: Who started Zabti system ?

a) Akbar

b) Shershah

c) Ashoka

d) Harshavardhana

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Question 81: Which emperor wrote the play Priyadarsika in Sanskrit language?

a) Prabhaka Vardhana

b) Harshavardhana

c) Bindusura

d) Chandragupta

Question 82: The founder of Asaf Jah Dynasty, Mir Qamaruddin khan Belongs to which region?

a) Lucknow

b) Bengal

c) Hyderabad

d) Varanasi

Question 83: Where was the battle of Plassey fought?

a) Palashi

b) Mewar

c) Ajmer

d) Marwar

Question 84: The people of the Indus valley civilisation worshipped ____________________.

a) Vishnu

b) Pashupati

c) Indra

d) Brahma

Question 85: Which country was a part of the Axis Powers during World War 2?

a) Yugoslavia

b) Poland

c) Belgium

d) Hungary

Question 86: Which script was used in Ashoka’s inscriptions?

a) Brahmi

b) Devanagiri

c) Gurmukhi

d) Sanskrit

Question 87: Consumer Protection Act 1986, was amended in :

a) 1992

b) 1993

c) 1994

d) 1991

Question 88: What was the name of the horse of Alexander the great?

a) Bucephalus

b) Krushna

c) Rana Safvi

d) Badal

Question 89: Who was the last ruler of the Maurya empire?

a) Dasaratha

b) Brihadratha

c) Kunala

d) Ashoka

Question 90: What does the term ‘Orar’ mean in the Sangam Administration?

a) Ministers

b) Commanders

c) Envoys

d) Spies

Question 91: The title “Vikramaditya” is given to which Gupta Emperor?

a) Chandragupta I

b) Samudragupta

c) Chandragupta II

d) Kumaragupta I

Question 92: Khajuraho, Lingaraja temple and Sun temple were built by?

a) Kakatiyas

b) Cholas

c) Rajputs

d) Yadavas

Question 93: During the rule of Firoz Shah Tughlaq, Kharaj was a tax on ________

a) Land

b) Nonmuslim people

c) Property

d) War

Question 94: Which prominent Nationalist leader was arrested in the Alipore Bomb Case by the British Government?

a) Bipin Chandra Pal

b) Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

d) Mahatma Gandhi

Question 95: “The First Indian War of Independence 1857 – 1859” is a book written by_______-

a) Rabindranath Tagore

b) Sayeed Ahmad Khan

c) P C Joshi

d) Karl Marx

Question 96: The first session of the Indian National Congress (INC) was held under the leadership of?

a) W C Bannerji

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) Annie Besant

d) A O Hume

Question 97: Jawaharlal Nehru declared Poorna Swaraj at:

a) Surat (1907)

b) Belgaum (1924)

c) Lahore (1929)

d) Tripuri (1939)

Question 98: The invasion of Alexander took place in north-west India in 326 B.C in the period of

a) Ajata Shatru

b) Nandas

c) Chandra Gupta Maurya

d) Shishunaga

Question 99: Despotism is possible in a

a) One party state

b) Two party state

c) Multi Party state

d) Two and multi party state

Question 100: The Poona Pact was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and __________.

a) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

b) Lord Irwin

c) Subhash Chandra Bose

d) B. R. Ambedkar

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (D)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (A)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (B)

12) Answer (A)

13) Answer (C)

14) Answer (B)

15) Answer (D)

16) Answer (B)

17) Answer (D)

18) Answer (C)

19) Answer (A)

20) Answer (A)

21) Answer (B)

22) Answer (D)

23) Answer (D)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (C)

26) Answer (D)

27) Answer (B)

28) Answer (D)

29) Answer (A)

30) Answer (B)

31) Answer (B)

32) Answer (C)

33) Answer (C)

34) Answer (B)

35) Answer (B)

Razia Sultana is the only female Muslim ruler in India’s history

36) Answer (C)

37) Answer (A)

38) Answer (B)

39) Answer (B)

40) Answer (B)

41) Answer (D)

42) Answer (C)

43) Answer (D)

44) Answer (D)

45) Answer (C)

46) Answer (B)

47) Answer (C)

48) Answer (A)

49) Answer (B)

50) Answer (C)

51) Answer (A)

52) Answer (D)

53) Answer (C)

54) Answer (B)

55) Answer (A)

56) Answer (B)

57) Answer (C)

58) Answer (D)

59) Answer (A)

60) Answer (C)

61) Answer (D)

62) Answer (B)

63) Answer (C)

64) Answer (D)

65) Answer (A)

66) Answer (B)

67) Answer (C)

68) Answer (B)

69) Answer (C)

70) Answer (D)

71) Answer (B)

72) Answer (B)

73) Answer (A)

74) Answer (C)

75) Answer (C)

76) Answer (B)

77) Answer (C)

78) Answer (B)

79) Answer (B)

80) Answer (B)

81) Answer (B)

82) Answer (C)

83) Answer (A)

The battle of Plassey was fought at Palashi in 1757.
The name Plassey is derived from the word Palashi which is in West Bengal.

84) Answer (B)

85) Answer (D)

86) Answer (A)

87) Answer (C)

88) Answer (A)

89) Answer (B)

90) Answer (D)

91) Answer (C)

92) Answer (C)

93) Answer (A)

94) Answer (B)

95) Answer (D)

96) Answer (A)

97) Answer (C)

98) Answer (B)

99) Answer (A)

100) Answer (D)

We hope this very important SSC-CGL History Questions will be very helpful to you.


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