Time and Work Questions for SSC-CGL PDF (Set-2)

Time and Work Questions for SSC CGL PDF
Time and Work Questions for SSC CGL PDF

Time and Work Questions for SSC-CGL PDF

Download SSC CGL Time and Work Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CGL exams. Very important Time and Work Questions for SSC exams.

Download Time and Work Questions for SSC CGL PDF

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Question 1: A and B can do a piece of work in 4 days and C and D in 3 days. In how many days will A, B, C and do it together?

a) $\frac{12}{7}$ days

b) $\frac{7}{12}$ days

c) $\frac{2}{3}$ days

d) $\frac{3}{2}$ days

Question 2: A alone can complete a work in 10 days and B alone can complete the same work in 20 days. In how many days both 4 and B together can complete half of the total work?

a) $\frac{40}{3}  days$

b) $\frac{20}{3}  days$

c) $\frac{10}{3}  days$

d) $\frac{25}{3}  days$

Question 3: P and Q together can complete a work in 20 days. If P alone can complete the same work in 36 days, then in how many days Q alone can complete the same work?

a) 48 days

b) 42 days

c) 45 days

d) 51 days

Question 4: Pipe C can fill a tank in 12 hours and pipe D can fill the same tank in 40 hours. In how many hours both pipe C and D together can fill the same tank?

a) $\frac{60}{7}  hours$

b) $\frac{60}{11}  hours$

c) $\frac{120}{13}  hours$

d) $\frac{120}{11}  hours$

Question 5: M can complete a work in 14 days less than the time taken by L. If both M and L together can complete the same work in 24 days, then in how many days L alone can complete the same work?

a) 35 days

b) 56 days

c) 21 days

d) 42 days

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Question 6: If C alone can complete two-third part of a work in 12 days, then in how many days C can complete the whole work?

a) 24 days

b) 15 days

c) 8 days

d) 18 days

Question 7: A train is moving at the speed of 20 m/sec. If the length of train is 540 metres, then how much time will it take to cross a pole?

a) 108 seconds

b) 81 seconds

c) 27 seconds

d) 54 seconds

Question 8: A train covers a certain distance at a speed of 45 m/s in 15 minutes. How much time it will take to cover the same distance at the speed of 60 m/s?

a) 3.25 minutes

b) 4.75 minutes

c) 6.75 minutes

d) 11.25 minutes

Question 9: A 250 metre long train takes 30 seconds to cross a 350 metres long bridge. How much time train will take to cross a 550 metre long bridge?

a) 38 seconds

b) 42 seconds

c) 40 seconds

d) 35 seconds

Question 10: A pipe can fill a cistern in 20 minutes whereas the cistern when full can be emptied by a leak in 28 minutes. When both are opened,the time taken to fill the cistern is:

a) 48 min

b) 70 min

c) 80 min

d) 60 min


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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

Time taken for both ‘A’ and ‘B’ to do the work is 4 days
i.e (1/a)+(1/b)=1/4
Time taken for both ‘C’ and ‘D’ to do the same work is 3 days.
For all of them to complete the work by working together let it take ‘x’ days
x=12/7 days

2) Answer (C)

Let the total work be 20 units (LCM of 10 and 20)
Efficiency of A = 20/10 = 2 units per day
Efficiency of B = 20/20 = 1 unit per day
Total efficiency of A and B = 3 units per day
Half of the work = 20/2 = 10 units.
Hence, 10 units can be completed by A and B together in $\dfrac{10}{3}$ days.

3) Answer (C)

Let the total work be 180 units (LCM of 20 and 36)
Efficiency of P+Q = 180/20 = 9 units per day
Efficiency of P = 180/36 = 5 units per day
Then, Efficiency of Q = 9-5 = 4 units per day
Therefore, Q can do the work together in 180/4 = 45 days

4) Answer (C)

Let the total capacity of the tank be 120 units (LCM of 12 and 40)
Efficiency of Pipe C = 120/12 = 10 units per hour
Efficiency of Pipe D = 120/40 = 3 units per hour
Total efficiency of Pipe C and D together = 13 units per hour
Therefore, 120 units of tank can be filled in $\dfrac{120}{13}$ hours

5) Answer (B)

Let the number of days taken by L to complete the work be L days
Then, 1 day work of L = $\dfrac{1}{L}$

Number of days taken by M to complete the work = L-14 days
Then, 1 day work of M = $\dfrac{1}{L-14}$

Given, $\dfrac{1}{L} + \dfrac{1}{L-14} = \dfrac{1}{24}$

=> $\dfrac{2L-14}{L^2-14L} = \dfrac{1}{24}$

=> $L^2 – 62L + 336 = 0$
=> $L^2 – 6L-56L+336 = 0$
=> $L(L-6)-56(L-6) = 0$
=> $(L-56)(L-6) = 0$
=> L = 56 or L = 6
Since, M can do the work 14 days less than L, L cannot be 6.
Hence, L can do the work in 56 days.

6) Answer (D)

Given, C can complete $\dfrac{2}{3}rd$ part of work in 12 days.
$\dfrac{2}{3} –> 12$
$1 –> ?$

Total work will be completed in $1\times\dfrac{12}{2}\times3 = 18$ days

7) Answer (C)

Given that the speed of the train = 20 m/sec
Length of the train = 540 m
Time required to cross a pole is the time time required to cross its length = $\dfrac{540}{20} = 27$ seconds

8) Answer (D)

Given, Speed of the train = 45 m/sec
Time taken to cover a certain distance = 15 minutes = 15*60 = 900 seconds
Then, Distance travelled by the train = 45*900 = 40500 m
New speed = 60 m/sec
Then, Time taken to travel 39500 m = $\dfrac{40500}{60} = 675$ seconds = $\dfrac{675}{60} = 11.25$ minutes

9) Answer (C)

Length of the train = 250 m
Length of the first bridge = 350 m
Total distance to be travelled to cross the bridge = 250+350 = 600 m
Then, Speed of the train = $\dfrac{600}{30} = 20 m/sec$
Length of the second bridge = 550 m
Total distance = 550+250 = 800 m
Then, Time taken = $\dfrac{800}{20} = 40$ seconds

10) Answer (B)

Let the capacity of the cistern be 140 units.
Efficiency of pipe = 140/20 = 7 units per minute
Efficiency of leakage = 140/-28 = -5 units per minute
Then, When both are opened, the cistern can be filled at 2 units per minute.
Therefore, 140 units can be filled in 140/2 = 70 minutes.

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