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Synonyms and Antonyms Questions for IIFT – Most Important

Practice IIFT solved Synonyms and Antonyms Questions paper tests, which are the practice question to have a firm grasp on the Synonyms and Antonyms topic in the IIFT exam. In this article, one can find the top 20 very Important Synonyms and Antonyms Questions for IIFT based on asked questions in previous exam papers. The IIFT question papers contain actual questions asked with detailed solutions. Download these important Synonyms and Antonyms Questions for IIFT PDF with detailed solutions. Click on the link given below to download the PDF.

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InstructionsDirections :In the following questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

Question 1: MEANDERING

a) Sliding

b) Sloping

c) Strained

d) Straight

1) Answer (D)


Meandering means “being a curvy path” and the word straight is the perfect antonym.

Question 2: FERVENT

a) Inexcitable

b) Enduring

c) Dispassionate

d) Subdued

2) Answer (C)


Fevent means showing a passionate intensity.
So option C, “Dispassionate”, is clearly the antonym for fervent.


a) Vagueness

b) Dullness

c) Unfairness

d) Unwillingness

3) Answer (A)


Perspecuity means to see through, and vagueness means to have a rough imagery or not clear a image.

Question 4: VERITY

a) Sanctity

b) Reverence

c) Falsehood

d) Rarity

4) Answer (C)


Verity means something that is regarded true.
So option C, Falsehood is the only word in the options which gives the opposite meaning of the given word.

Question 5: FLORID

a) Weak

b) Pale

c) Monotonous

d) Ugly

5) Answer (B)


Florid means having a red or flushed complexion.
In the given options A and C can be eliminated because they aren’t relevant.
Option D doesn’t mean that somebody is not red.
So the remaining option B is the right choice as “Pale” means light faded colour(red).

Question 6: Select the antonym of demure

a) humble

b) bold

c) coy

d) sober

6) Answer (B)


‘Demure’ means ‘shy and reserved’.

‘Coy’ means ‘pretending to be shy’. ‘Sober’ means ‘not under the influence of alcohol’.

Therefore, ‘bold’ is the word opposite in meaning to ‘demure’. Hence, option B is the right answer.

Question 7: Select the synonym of purge

a) evacuate

b) pressurize

c) thrust

d) float

7) Answer (A)


‘Purge’ means to get rid of something. Option A – ‘evacuate’ also means the same thing.

Question 8: Choose the antonym of analogue

a) correlate

b) cognate

c) dialogue

d) difference

8) Answer (D)


‘Analogue’ means a person or a thing seen as comparable to another.

So out of the given options ‘difference’ must be the antonym of ‘analogue’.

Hence, option D is the right choice.

Question 9: Select the synonym of ‘splayed’

a) nimble

b) jade

c) frayed

d) spread

9) Answer (D)


‘Splay’ means to spread things apart. Hence, option D is the correct answer.


Select the most appropriate antonym of the given word.

Question 10: SALIENT

a) negligible

b) prominent

c) striking

d) clear

10) Answer (A)


Salient means prominent or important, so the antonym is negligible.


In following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given.

Question 11: INTREPID

a) Ambitious

b) Determined

c) Talkative

d) Fearless

11) Answer (D)


Intrepid means someone who is not afraid, i.e. fearless, hence the last option best expresses meaning of above word.

Ambitious and determined are synonyms and talkative is one who speaks a lot.

=> Ans – (D)

Question 12: ABROGATE

a) Repeal

b) Destroy

c) Delay

d) Dismiss

12) Answer (A)


Abrogate means to repeal or evade, hence the first option best expresses meaning of above word.

Destroy means to ruin, delay means late and dismiss means to send away.

=> Ans – (A)

Question 13: DEFERENCE

a) Indifference

b) Sympathy

c) Respect

d) Flattery

13) Answer (C)


Deference means to show respect, hence the third option best expresses meaning of above word.

Indifference means sympathy and flattery means to praise.

=> Ans – (C)

Question 14: COVENANT

a) Case

b) Coupon

c) Contract

d) settlement

14) Answer (C)


Covenant means an agreement.

Case = situation

Coupon = a discount voucher

Contract = agreement

Settlement = bargain

Thus, the third option best expresses meaning of above word.

=> Ans – (C)

Question 15: OBNOXIOUS

a) Depressing

b) Disgusting

c) Arrogant

d) Filthy

15) Answer (B)


Obnoxious means extremely unpleasant.

Depressing = feeling miserable dejection

Disgusting = unpleasant

Arrogant = egoistic

Filthy = unclean

Thus, second option best expresses meaning of above word.

=> Ans – (B)

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