General science questions for SSC CHSL PDF – GS

SSC CHSL General Science Questions.
SSC CHSL General Science Questions.

General science questions for SSC CHSL PDF covering GS questions and answers from previous SSC CHSL 2017 question papers. Important General science questions, mostly asked for the upcoming SSC CHSL 2018 exam.

SSC CHSL General Science Questions:

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Question 1: A concave lens always forms an image which is

a) real and erect
b) virtual and erect
c) real and inverted
d) virtual and inverted

Question 2: A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity. The vitamin is

a) Vitamin B12
b) Vitamin D
c) Vitamin B2
d) Vitamin A

Question 3: One of the constituents of tear gas is

a) Ethane
b) Ethanol
c) Ether
d) Chloropicrin

Question 4: The modulus of rigidity is the ratio of

a) longitudinal stress to longitudinal strain
b) Volume stress to volume strain
c) shearing stress to shearing strain
d) tensile stress to tensile strain

Question 5: The propagation of sound waves in a gas involves

a) adiabatic compression and rarefaction
b) isothermal compression and rarefaction
c) isochoric compression and rarefaction
d) isobaric compression and rarefaction

Question 6: An atomic clock is based on transitions in

a) Sodium
b) Caesium
c) Magnesium
d) Aluminium

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Question 7: Plasma membrane in eukaryotic cells is made up of

a) Phospholipid
b) Lipoprotein
c) Phospholipo-protein
d) Phospho-protein

Question 8: Which one of the following is also called the ‘power plants’ of the cell ?

a) Golgi body
b) Mitochondrion
c) Ribosome
d) Lysosome

Question 9: What is the chemical name of vinegar ?

a) Citric acid
b) Acetic acid
c) Pyruvic acid
d) Malic acid

Question 10: Which of the following is not a property of heavy water?

a) Boiling point of heavy water is lower than that or ordinary water
b) Density of heavy water is higher than that of ordinary water
c) Freezing point of heavy water is higher than that of ordinary water
d) It produces corrosion

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General questions Answers (1 to 10):

1) Answer (B)
2) Answer (A)
3) Answer (D)
4) Answer (C)
5) Answer (A)
6) Answer (B)
7) Answer (A)
8) Answer (B)
9) Answer (B)
10) Answer (A)

I hope this General Science Questions of SSC CHSL PDF will be very useful to you.

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