SSC CGL GK Questions (asked on 13th June, 2019)

SSC CGL 13th June Asked GK Questions
SSC CGL 13th June Asked GK Questions

SSC CGL GK Questions (asked on 13th June, 2019)

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Download SSC CGL GK Questions (asked on 13th June, 2019)

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Question 1: Who designed the Dartington hall built in the year 1932?

Question 2: Name the highest peak of Sri Lanka?

Question 3: Who is the longest serving chief minister of India?

Question 4: The battle of kannauj was held in which year?

Question 5: What is the other name of orion?

Question 6: What is the SI unit of Magnetic field?

Question 7: Special olympics was held in which country?

Question 8: Name the largest recognized constellation in the sky?

Question 9: Which part in the brain is responsible for maintaining Posture, balance, and Equilibrium?

Question 10: Who was the ruler of Awadh?

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Question 11: What is the study of insects called?

Question 12: Who is the longest serving governor in India till date?

Question 13: Aligarh movement was started in which year?

Question 14: What is the eastern most point in india?

Question 15: How many sessions of lok sabha occur in a year?

Question 16: What is the National Sport of Bangladesh?

Question 17: Saragadhi Battle took place in which year?


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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: William Lescaze

2) Answer: Pidurutalagala Mountain

3) Answer: Pawan Kumar Chamling

4) Answer: 1540

5) Answer: The Hunter

6) Answer: Tesla

7) Answer: Greece

8) Answer: Hydra

9) Answer: Cerebellum

10) Answer: Wajid Ali Shah

11) Answer: Entomology

12) Answer: Padmaja Naidu

13) Answer: 1886

14) Answer: Kibithu

15) Answer: Three

16) Answer: Kabaddi

17) Answer: 1897


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