SSC CGL Cloze Test Questions PDF (Set – 2)

SSC CGL Cloze Test Questions PDF (Set - 2)
SSC CGL Cloze Test Questions PDF (Set - 2)

SSC CGL Cloze Test Questions PDF (Set – 2):

Cloze test is very important topic in english section of SSC CGL exam. The candidates should have basic knowledge over english vocabulary and need to find out the best option that fits the sentence. We have provided some practice questions for english cloze test. This practice set is from previous exam paper, so try to answer and learn.

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Instructions: In the following passage some of the words have been left out. First read the
passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of
the alternatives given.

The Solar System has been a complicated wonder for the astronomers. This is a ___(1)___
to which we may never have the exact answer. Man has wondered ___(2)___ the age of the Earth ___(3)___ ancient times. There were all kinds of ___(4)___ that seemed to have the ___(5)___. But man could not begin to ___(6)___ about the question scientifically until about 400 years ___(7)___. When it was proved that the ___(8)___ revolved round the Sun and the Earth was a ___(9)___ of our Solar System, then scientists knew where to ___(10)___ .

Question 1: (1)
a) problem
b) question
c) matter
d) query

Question 2: (2)
a) around
b) out
c) about
d) on

question 3: (3)
a) since
b) during
c) around
d) from

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Question 4: (4)
a) ideas
b) opinions
c) stories
d) matters

Question 5: (5)
a) solution
b) novel
c) book
d) answer

Question 6: (6)
a) read
b) think
c) open
d) guess

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question 7: (7)
a) now
b) time
c) then
d) ago

Question 8:(8)
a) Moon
b) time
c) Earth
d) Mars

Question 9: (9)
a) part
b) division
c) opening
d) centre

Question10: (10)
a) enda) end
b) begin
c) think
d) work

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Answers and explanations for SSC CGL Cloze Test Questions PDF (Set – 2):

Answers and explanations:
1) Answer (B)
2)Answer (c)

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