SSC CGL ASKED GK Questions (6th to 10th June)

SSC CGL 10th june Asked GK Questions
SSC CGL 10th june Asked GK Questions

Download PDF of the GK questions that were asked in the SSC CGL exam of all shifts from June 6th to 10th. Practice these type of questions to score maximum marks in the exam. Feel free to visit our website to access the free content.

Download SSC CGL ASKED GK Questions (6th to 10th June)

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Question 1: Which Mughal emperor expanded his empire till South India?

Question 2: What is the pH value of milk?

Question 3: How many gold medals did India win in the Makran boxing championship held in Iran?

Question 4: Who is the present chief minister of Maharashtra?

Question 5: Who was the slave of Muhammad of Ghori?

Question 6: Where is the headquarters of ADB (Asian Development Bank) located?

Question 7: Which one is the longest highway in India?

Question 8: The battle of Buxar was fought in which year?

Question 9: Which river passes through the Thar desert?

Question 10: Name the Indian who won the nobel prize after mother Teresa?

Question 11: Which one is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Question 12: Bandipur national park is located in which state?

Question 13: Pramod Sawant is the chief minister of which state?

Question 14: Who is the brand ambassador of online bus ticketing platform ‘Redbus’?

Question 15: Who is the CEO of NITI Aayog?

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Question 16: “Leaving no one behind” is the theme of which day?

Question 17: Who is the director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC)?

Question 18: Who was the founder of Sayyid dynasty?

Question 19: Rickets is caused due to the presence of which vitamin?

Question 20: Which mountain pass connects the Kashmir Valley with the outer Himalaya?

Question 21: Which article in the Indian constitution provides ‘Right to move freely’?

Question 22: Khajuraho temple is located in?

Question 23: Ozone depletion is caused due to the presence of which gas in the atmosphere?

Question 24: Who invented electromagnetic theory?

Question 25: Who is the winner of the Abel prize 2019?

Question 26: Who rebuilt the “The Grand Trunk Road” in Pakistan?

Question 27: Dhaman folk dance belongs to which state?

Question 28: Article 61 in the Indian constitution consists what?

Question 29: President rule comes under which article in the Indian Constitution?

Question 30: Name the person who participated in all the three round table conferences?

Question 31: What is the scientific name of Banyan Tree?

Question 32: Who was the chairman of ISRO at the time of launch of Mars Orbiter?

Question 33: Who is the author of “Khooni Vaisakhi: A Poem from the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, 1919”?

Question 34: Bagh caves are located in which state?

Question 35: The place where bees are kept is called?

Question 36: Irani trophy is related to which field?

Question 37: Which one is the most ductile metal?

Question 38: Who discovered Electro Magnetic Induction?

Question 39: Who is the author of the novel “Solo”?

Question 40: Who is the present Prime Minister of Burkina Faso?

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Question 41: Manjuli Island is in which state?

Question 42: Who was the first Chief Justice of Delhi high court?

Question 43: Which one is the highest railway station in India?

Question 44: _________ is a sustained increase in the general level of prices of goods and services over time?

Question 45: Raziya Sultana is a sultanate of _______

Question 46: In Galvanization Iron and steel are coated with which metal?

Question 47: Who received the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2019?

Question 48: Earth Day is celebrated on which day annually?

Question 49: Phosphorus pentoxide is the anhydride of _________

Question 50: Article 43 in the Indian constitution is related to?

Question 51: Vivekananda Rock Memorial is situated at?

Question 52: Where does the Ganga and Yamuna rivers meet?

Question 53: What was the theme of special Olympics 2019?

Question 54: President can submit resignation to?

Question 55: Who received PETA Award 2019?

Question 56: Who wrote Ramacharita manas?

Question 57: Who can hold office in the absence president and vice president of India?

Question 58: Pollination of the plants by the birds is called?

Question 59: Who built Taj Mahal?

Question 60: Who is the present chairman of National Green Tribunal?

Question 61: Who wrote Akbarnama?

Question 62: Burmese war ended with which treaty?

Question 63: Who is the author of the book “Century is not Enough”?

Question 64: Bangladesh liberation war ended in which year?

Question 65: Which News reporter was killed in Karnataka in the year 2017?

Question 66: Who is the present Chief Minister of Chattisgarh?

Question 67: Theory of Relativity was invented in which year?

Question 68: Which emperor is called as Nur Jahan?

Question 69: Who became the first Indian flight engineer lady?

Question 70: Who is the first female wrestler who qualified for the summer Olympics?

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: Aurangzeb

2) Answer: 6.5 (fresh cow milk)

3) Answer: 1 gold medal

4) Answer: Devendra Fadnavis

5) Answer: Qutb al-Din Aibak

6) Answer: Manila, Philippines

7) Answer: NH 44

8) Answer: 1764

9) Answer: Luni

10) Answer: Amartya Sen

11) Answer: Saddle Peak

12) Answer: Karnataka

13) Answer: Goa

14) Answer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

15) Answer: Amitabh Kant

16) Answer: World Water day 2019

17) Answer: Ajit Kumar Mohanty

18) Answer: Sayyid Khizr Khan

19) Answer: Vitamin D

20) Answer: Banihal Pass

21) Answer: Article 19

22) Answer: Madhya Pradesh

23) Answer: Chlorine and Bromine gas

24) Answer: James Clerk Maxwell

25) Answer: Karen Uhlenbeck

26) Answer: Sher Shah Suri

27) Answer: Himachal Pradesh

28) Answer: Procedure for impeachment of the President

29) Answer: Article 356

30) Answer: B R Ambedkar

31) Answer: Ficus Benghalensis

32) Answer: G. Madhavan Nair

33) Answer: Nanak Singh and Navdeep Suri

34) Answer: Madhya Pradesh

35) Answer: An Apiary

36) Answer: Cricket

37) Answer: Platinum

38) Answer: Michael Faraday

39) Answer: William Boyd

40) Answer: Christophe Joseph Marie Dabiré

41) Answer: Assam

42) Answer: K. S. Hegde

43) Answer: Ghum railway station

44) Answer: Inflation

45) Answer: Delhi

46) Answer: Zinc

47) Answer: Rana Dasgupta

48) Answer: April 22

49) Answer: Phosphorous acid

50) Answer: Directive principles of state policy

51) Answer: Tamil Nadu

52) Answer: Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

53) Answer: Community Integration and Empowerment for the future

54) Answer: Vice President

55) Answer: Sonam Kapoor

56) Answer: Tulsidas

57) Answer: Chief Justice of India

58) Answer: Ornithophily

59) Answer: Shah Jahan

60) Answer: Adarsh Kumar Goel

61) Answer: Abul Fazl

62) Answer: Treaty of Yandabo

63) Answer: Sourav Ganguly

64) Answer: 1971

65) Answer: Gauri Lankesh

66) Answer: Bhupesh Baghel

67) Answer: 1905

68) Answer: Jahangir

69) Answer: Hina Jaiswal

70) Answer: Geeta Phogat

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