SSC CGL asked GK questions (10th, 11th June)


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Download SSC CGL asked GK questions (10th June and 11th June 1st shift)

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Question 1: Who is the author of “A Passage to England”?

Question 2: Who was the first president of Pakistan?

Question 3: Who climbed the Mount Everest for the first time?

Question 4: India won first Olympic medal in which year after Independence?

Question 5: How many persons are present in the Sri Lankan parliament?

Question 6: In which year Bangladesh war ended?

Question 7: What is the theme of world oceans day?

Question 8: The Indian parliament consists of _________

Question 9: Who was the founder of the Gupta Dynasty?

Question 10: Which country has the largest parliament in the world?

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Question 11: Name the non-Indian who received the Padma Vibhusan award in the year 2019?

Question 12: Natal Congress is founded in which year?

Question 13: Penicillin is discovered by?

Question 14: What is the national bird of Bhutan?

Question 15: What is the closest star to the Sun?

Question 16: Which acid is present in the sting of an ant?

Question 17: Who is the CEO of ICC (International Cricket Council)?

Question 18: The largest saltwater lake, Chilka lake is located in which state?

Question 19: Who received the Gyanpeeth award 2018?

Question 20: Who is the president of Ukraine?

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: Nirad C. Chaudhuri

2) Answer: Iskander Mirza

3) Answer: Tenzing Norgay

4) Answer: 1948

5) Answer: 225

6) Answer: 1971

7) Answer: Gender and the Ocean

8) Answer: Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and the president

9) Answer: Sri Gupta

10) Answer: China

11) Answer: Ismaïl Omar Guelleh

12) Answer: 1894

13) Answer: Alexander Fleming

14) Answer: Raven

15) Answer: Alpha Centauri

16) Answer: Formic acid

17) Answer: Dave Richardson

18) Answer: Odisha

19) Answer: Amitav Ghosh

20) Answer: Volodymyr Zelensky

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