Speed Vs Accuracy – Which Is More Important In CAT Exam?

Speed vs Accuracy in CAT

CAT 2022 Exam is in 3 months away. All the CAT aspirants have started preparing to achieve their dream of getting into their desired b schools. In order to that, there is a common question of many CAT aspirants that One of the most common questions for the people who are taking the CAT exam, especially those who are taking the CAT for the first time, is that in what they need to focus at either accuracy or speed. It is very important to know whether to focus on accuracy or speed while taking the CAT exam. Let us see which is more important in the CAT exam.

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Accuracy Is More Important Than Speed

It is very imperative to focus more on accuracy than speed because, while taking the CAT exam, the student must need confidence which can be achieved only by maintaining accuracy during the CAT preparation. Maintaining accuracy while taking tests during your preparation will increase your confidence in the particular concept or the problem.

Why focus more on accuracy rather than speed?

Speed is also one of the most essential parameters which is to be considered while taking the CAT exam. Suppose you solved a good number of problems but inaccurately. Probably there is no use in solving the problems faster but inaccurately. Let us have a look at how much accuracy one should have to maintain in each section of the CAT exam.

How Much Accuracy to Maintain In Each Section of CAT Exam?

Maintaining the balance between accuracy and speed is very essential while taking the CAT exam. As we know, there will be three sections in the CAT exam. So, one can maintain a certain amount of accuracy to ace the exam. Let us see them in detail.

Accuracy for VARC Section

Especially in the Non-Reading comprehension in this VARC section, It is necessary to maintain the accuracy of at least 70% or above, i.e., if you are solving 10 questions in the VARC section, then you must solve at least 7 questions accurately.

Accuracy for DILR Section

In the DILR section of CAT, the accuracy does not much matter compared to the other sections. This is because the accuracy of your answer in this section completely depends upon who you focusing on the given clues in the problem. If your analysis while solving the problems in this section is good, then there is no chance to get inaccuracy in your output.

Accuracy for Quant Section

Accuracy will play a crucial role in this section because this section is completely based on the efforts you made during the practice. It is good to maintain more than 80% of accuracy in this section, i.e. if you are attempting 15 questions in Quant, then at least 12-13 questions are correct.

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How To Improve Accuracy?

One can improve their accuracy only by practising a wide number of conceptual questions during the preparation. Taking a good number of mocks will help you increase your accuracy. That doesn’t mean simply taking more mocks. It is necessary to analyze the respective mock after taking it. This process will help you identify the mistakes that you made and trigger points in your exam-taking process.

How To Balance Accuracy And Speed?

Maintaining the balance between accuracy and speed is a thing that can be achieved by improving accuracy at the initial stage of your CAT preparation. Solving more number of questions accurately, whatever time you spend on it doesn’t matter. Firstly it is most important to improve accuracy rather than speed. Gradually the speed also increases when you solve more and more questions. During the examination, one must maintain a time limit on spending for the questions in the CAT exam. Look at the following points the amount of time to maintain on each section of the CAT exam.

The following time limit varies from person to person; as mentioned before, it is completely based on your practice. It is not mandatory to maintain the same time limit for the questions.

In the VARC section, it is good to maintain 2 to 3 Minutes for each Non-RC question, and for the RC questions, it is good to maintain 10 to 12 minutes for each RC.

When it comes to the DILR section, for each set, one can maintain a time limit of 12 to 15 minutes. Whereas in this section, the accuracy doesn’t mean a lot, so it is necessary to improve speed in this section.

As mentioned earlier, accuracy plays a crucial role in the Quant section, so it is very important to maintain accuracy rather than speed. So try to improve the accuracy and simultaneously try to increase the speed.

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