SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk – Main differences between a PO and a clerk in Bank jobs

A detailed blog on SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk

SBI has scheduled the PO and clerk exams back to back. A question that confronts most of the aspirants now is which one should they choose if they manage to clear both the exams. Though the decision might look like a no-brainer, we will have a look at the pros and cons of both the jobs. This will help aspirants to make an informed decision if they manage to clear both the exams. In this article, let us do a detailed analysis of SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk and the parameters one must consider while making a decision.

SBI online preparation can help aspirants to prepare well for both the exams. Going through previous year papers of SBI Clerk and SBI PO can help aspirants to juxtapose the level of difficulty of both the exams. This, in turn, will help the aspirants to fine-tune their preparation and strategy. Taking SBI PO mock tests and SBI Clerk mock tests can help aspirants to identify where they fall short of their dream score and can help them to reach the same.

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SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk:

Which one is better SBI Clerk or SBI PO?

PO is an officer level post and it is the highest grade for which SBI recruits through an exam. From a customary glance at the list of SBI Chairmen, we can infer that most of them had started their careers as a PO. SBI Clerk, on the other hand, is a clerical level post and it is a rung lower than that of the PO.

In terms of prestige, being a PO has the upper hand. Within just 2 years of joining, POs will end up becoming a deputy manager or manager. Therefore, people usually consider the PO job to be more prestigious as compared to the clerical job.

SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk salary:

SBI Clerk draws a monthly salary close to Rs. 23,000. SBI PO, on the other hand, has an in-hand salary close to Rs. 40,000. Apart from the salary, POs can opt for leased accommodation by forfeiting their HRA. Including the various allowances like the leased accommodation, a PO earns nearly twice the salary of a clerk.

SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk – Promotions and career trajectory:

As discussed earlier, a PO can end up becoming the chairman of the bank. Clerks, after a few years of service, can apply for the internal promotions exam and can get promoted as a trainee officer (TO). A TO is an equivalent post of PO. Therefore, the career trajectory of a clerk will lag behind that of a PO by a few years.

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SBI PO Vs SBI Clerk – Work timings:

A clerk has fixed work timings. The job timings of a clerk are from 10 to 5. This leaves a clerk with ample time to spend. A PO, on the other hand, has no fixed timings. People usually consider the PO job to be very hectic and demanding. As a PO shoulders a lot of responsibilities, the work timings often stretch beyond 10 – 5. As the saying goes, with greater power comes greater responsibility.

In which cases will it be wiser to choose SBI Clerk over SBI PO?

SBI Clerk has far fewer responsibilities as compared to a PO. Therefore, if someone does not want to take up the pressure, then choosing SBI Clerk can be a better choice. Also, a clerk has a higher probability of getting a post close to the hometown as compared to that of a PO. However, one has to sacrifice the promotions during his career if one’s sole aim is to stay in the vicinity of one’s hometown.

Since a clerk has ample time at disposal, the job can be an excellent back up for someone preparing for other exams like UPSC, RBI, NABARD or CGL. Even if one fails to clear his dream exam, one can get promoted as a TO after a few years by clearing the internal promotion exams. Therefore, joining as SBI Clerk can help such aspirants to hedge their risks. Also, if one prefers to have more time to spend due to personal commitments, then choosing clerk over PO can be a wise choice.

For the general aspirants and the career-oriented ones, PO is the way to go if one manages to clear both the exams.

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We hope that this article was useful to aspirants to sort their priorities if they were to face this delightful dilemma in the future. For more useful articles, try reading SBI PO expected cut off and how to prepare for SBI PO 2018 prelims.


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