SBI PO Marketing Questions and Answers PDF

SBI PO Marketing Questions and Answers PDF
SBI PO Marketing Questions and Answers PDF

SBI PO Marketing Questions and Answers PDF:

Download SBI PO Marketing Questions and Answers PDF

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Question 1:

Modern methods of Marketing include

a) Publicity on the net
b) Advertisement on the net
c) Soliciting business through e-mails
d) Telemarketing
e) All of these

Question 2:

EMI can be a marketing tool if…….

a) EMI is increasing
b) It is very high
c) It is very low
d) EMI has no impact on marketing
e)EMI is a flat rate

Question 3:

Marketing in banks has been necessitated due to……..

a) Globalisation
b) Excess staff
c) Nationalisation
d) Complacency
e)Poor customer service

Question 4:

Direct Marketing means…..

a) Advertisements
b) Banners
c) Face-to-face selling
d) Selling by all staff
e)Achieving targets

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Question 5:

Web marketing involves…..

a) Selling web cameras
b) Web advertisements
c) E-mail chatting
d) Browsing
e) Door-to-door canvassing

Question 6:

Market segmentation can be resorted to by dividing the target group as per

a) Income levels of customers
b) age of the employees
c) Needs of the salespersons
d) Marketing skills of the employees
e)Size of the organisation

Question 7:

The target market for Debit Cards is

a) All existing account-holders
b) All agriculturists
c) All DSAs
d) All vendors
e)All Outsourced agents

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Question 8:

Tele marketing means……

a) Selling telephones
b) Sending SMS messages
c) Chatting on the phone
d) Marketing through phone calls
e) Marketing in person

Question 9:

A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be adept in

a) Surrogate marketing
b) Training skills
c) Communication skills
d) Market Research
e)OTC Marketing

Question 10:

Innovation in marketing is the same as

a) Abbreviation
b) Communication
c) Creativity
d) Aspiration
e) Research work

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Solutions 1 to 10

1) Answer (e)
2) Answer (e)
3) Answer (a)
4) Answer (a)
5) Answer (b)
6) Answer (a)
7) Answer (a)
8) Answer (d)
9) Answer (c)
10) Answer (c)

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