RRB JE Expected Questions PDF

RRB JE Expected Questions PDF
RRB JE Expected Questions PDF

RRB JE Expected Questions PDF

Download Top 15 RRB JE Expected Questions and Answers PDF. RRB JE Expected  Questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway JE exam.

Download RRB JE Expected Questions PDF

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Choose the word/phrase which is most opposite in meaning to the word?

Question 1: Scurrilous

a) Inoffensive

b) Vulgar

c) Insulting

d) Coarse

Question 2: Quixotic

a) Visionary

b) Whimsical

c) Realistic

d) Foolish

Question 3: In the following options pick the correctly spelt word.

a) Typhoid

b) Thyhyiod

c) Typhyoid

d) Thyphoid


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Question 4: “Pedarikampaigelupu” portal of Andhra Pradesh Governmentis the common platform for

a) Welfare Corporations

b) Federations and banks

c) Scholarships and education related schemes

d) All ofthe above

Question 5: Development expenditure does not include expenditure on

a) Defence

b) Railways

c) Power

d) Science and Technology

Question 6: Which authority is responsible for development and regulation of inland waterways?

a) Inland Waterways Authority of Bharat

b) Inland Waterways Authority of Country

c) Inland Waterways Authority of India

d) Inland Waterways Authority of Nation

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Question 7: A circle is given by $x^2+ y^2 = a^2$. Tangents are drawn to the circle. Find the area of the shaded region.


a) $2a^2$ units

b) $4\sqrt{2}a^2$ units

c) $a^2$ units

d) $2\sqrt{2}a^2$ units

Question 8: A regular octagon PQRSTUVW is inscribed inside a circle of radius ‘R’. A square ABCD is formed by joining mid-points of sides PQ, RS, TU, and VW. Find the ratio of the area of the square to that of the circle.

a) $\dfrac{\sqrt{2}}{\sqrt{2}-1}$ : $\pi$

b) $\dfrac{2}{1+\sqrt{2}}$ : $\pi$

c) $\sqrt{2}$ : $\pi$

d) $1$ : $\pi$

e) None of these

Question 9: In triangle LMN, LM = 20 cm, LN = 12 cm and MN = 16 cm. A semicircle is drawn inside the triangle LMN such that it touches side LN and MN at exactly 1 point. The diameter of the semicircle lies on the side LM. Find the radius of the semicircle.

a) $\dfrac{36}{7}$ cm

b) $\dfrac{48}{7}$ cm

c) $\dfrac{64}{7}$ cm

d) Cannot be determined

Question 10: Select the option that best restates the sentence given below:
The price of the vegetables has been on the rise for the past one year.

a) The price of the vegetables has risen as compared to last year.

b) The price of the vegetables has been raised over the past one year.

c) The price of the vegetables has been increasing over the past one year.

d) The price of the vegetables were increasing last year.

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Question 11: Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word.
1. _______________ going on a long vacation to Sri Lanka next month.
2. Raj was visibly _____________ by the accident.
3. The students were expelled from school for ________________ nefarious activities.
4. Severe pollution in Delhi _____________ her health.
A. affected, B. effected, C. there, D. their, E. they’re






Question 12: Which of the following statements is grammatically incorrect?

a) Will you pay by cash or by demand draft?

b) Do you remember that Mr. Mehta made delicious kebabs and that he often held barbeque parties?

c) There are, without a doubt, many good dishes to try here.

d) The class teacher told Mrs. Kapoor that neither Priya nor Shikha are good dancers.

Question 13: Some scientists are not so much opposed to research on AIDS as postponing it for so long.

a) Some scientists are not so much opposed to research on AIDS as postponing it for so long.

b) Some scientists are not so much opposed to research on AIDS to postponing it for so long.

c) Some scientists are not so much opposed to research on AIDS as they are to postponing it for so long.

d) Some scientists are not much opposed to research on AIDS as they are to postponing it for so long.

Question 14: Which of the following words can be made by using the letters in the word DISTURBANCE






In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.

Question 15: 624 : 10 : : 167 : ?

a) 6

b) 14

c) 8

d) 10

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

Scurrilous means to behave in an abusive manner.Inoffensive means to behave in an unoffending way.Thus, inoffensive is the opposite of scurrilous.So option A is correct.

2) Answer (C)

Quixotic means having ideas that are not practical.Realistic means to have a practical approach which is the antonym of Quixotic.Thus, option C is the right answer.

3) Answer (A)

Typhoid is a bacterial infection.Words in option B, C and D are all meaningless.So option A is correct.

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (A)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (A)

Let us name various points in the diagram to make it easy to calculate.

From the equation of circle given above, we can see that coordinates of centre of circle O = (0,0) and radius = $a$ units.

Thus, the coordinates of the ends of the circle are : P($a$,0),Q(0,$a$),R($-a$,0),S(0,$-a$)

Let us consider the point E. It is the point of intersection of the tangent AB and the circle. Thus we know that $\angle$EOB = $45^o$

So, if we draw the line OE, we know the slope of line ie $45^o$ => m = 1

Thus, equation of line OE (line going through origin of slope 1) : $y-0 = 1(x-0) \Rightarrow x=y $

The coordinates of E can be found out by finding the solution of the equation of the circle and the equation of OE.

Solving : Putting $x=y$ in equation of circle,

$x^2+x^2 = a^2 \Rightarrow 2x^2 = a^2 \Rightarrow x^2 = \dfrac{a^2}{2} \Rightarrow x = \dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}} $ and $y = \dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}} $

Since the tangent is perpendicular to line OE, we know that its slope is $135^o$ ie m’=-1

To find equation of AB, we need to find equation of line going through E with a slope of -1 :

$y-\dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}} = -1(x-\dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}}) \Rightarrow y-\dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}}+x-\dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}} = 0$

$ \Rightarrow x+y = 2 \times \dfrac{a}{\sqrt{2}} = \sqrt{2}a$

Putting $x=0$ in the equation, we get $y=\sqrt{2}a$ and putting $y=0$ in the equation, we get $x=\sqrt{2}a$

This gives us the coordinates of points A and B : $A(\sqrt{2}a,0)$ and $B(0,\sqrt{2}a)$

Using symmetry, we can see that the triangles are congruent ie $\triangle$AOB = $\triangle$BOC = $\triangle$COD = $\triangle$AOD

Thus by symmetry, we know that the shaded region is same as top half of the larger square ABCD which is also double of the area of $\triangle$AOB

So, area of $\triangle$AOB = $\dfrac{1}{2} \times AO \times OB = \dfrac{1}{2} \times \sqrt{2}a \times \sqrt{2}a = a^2$ units

Thus, area of the shaded region = $2 \times (ar\triangle AOB) = 2a^2$ units

8) Answer (D)

It is given that radius of the circle = R
Therefore, the area of the regular octagon PQRSTUVW = 8*(1/2*R*R*Sin45°) = 2$\sqrt{2}$R$^2$

We know that if ‘a’ is the side of regular octagon then the area of regular octagon can be written as 2(1+$\sqrt{2}$)a$^2$.

$\Rightarrow$ 2$\sqrt{2}$R$^2$ = 2(1+$\sqrt{2}$)a$^2$

$\Rightarrow$ a = $\dfrac{\sqrt{2}}{1+\sqrt{2}}$R … (1)

Let ‘b’ be the length of the side of square ABCD.

We can see that b = $\dfrac{a}{2\sqrt{2}}$ + a + $\dfrac{a}{2\sqrt{2}}$

b = ($\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} +1)a$

$\Rightarrow$ b = ($\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$+1)*$\frac{\sqrt{2}}{\sqrt{2}+1}$R

$\Rightarrow$ b = R

Therefore, the area of square ABCD = $R^2$

Hence, the required ratio = $R^2$ : $\pi*R^2$ = $1$ : $\pi$.

9) Answer (B)

Let the points where the semicircle touches the sides MN and LN be P and Q respectively.


In $\triangle$ NXP and $\triangle$ NXQ

PX = QX and NP = NQ. Therefore, we can say that $\angle$ XNP = $\angle$ XNQ.

Hence, we can say that NX is the angle bisector of $\angle$ MNL. We know that LM = 20 cm. Let ‘x’ be the length of LX then the length of MX = 20 – x.

Using angle bisector theorem, we can say that

$\dfrac{MN}{MX} = \dfrac{LN}{LX}$

$\dfrac{16}{20-x} = \dfrac{12}{x}$

$16x = 240-12x$

$x = \dfrac{60}{7}$cm.

Let ‘a’ be the length of radius of the semicircle. Then, LQ = LN – NQ = (12 – a)cm and PM = (16 – a)cm

Using tangent secant theorem we can say that,

$LQ^2 = LR*LS$

$(\dfrac{60}{7} – a)(\dfrac{60}{7} + a) = (12 – a)^2$

$a =\dfrac{48}{7},\dfrac{36}{7}$

$MP^2 = MR*MS$

$(\dfrac{80}{7} – a)(\dfrac{80}{7} + a) = (16 – a)^2$

$a =\dfrac{48}{7},\dfrac{64}{7}$

We can see that only one value of radius is common. Therefore, a = 48/7 cm.

Hence, option B is the correct answer.

10) Answer (C)

From the given sentence, we can infer that the price of the vegetables has been on continuous rise for the last one year. Options A and B fail to capture the continuity of the process. Option D states that the prices of the vegetables were rising last year. But it fails to capture the point that the price is still on the rise.

Therefore, option C is the right answer.

11) Answer (C)

They’re is a short form of ‘they are’. ‘They’re’ fits the first blank correctly.

‘Effect’, when used as a verb, means cause something to happen. When it is used as a noun, it means the result of something. Here, it fits none of the blanks.

‘affect’, when used as a verb means ‘to have an influence on’ or ‘move emotionally’. Here, it fits both the blanks 2 and 4.

‘their’ fits the third third blank.

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (C)

Let’s find the mistakes in the given sentence first.
“Not so much __ as __” is an idiom. So, the phrases that come after “not so much” and “as” must be used in parallel. But, in the given sentence, “to research” and “postponing it” are not parallel. Hence, option A is wrong.
We can eliminate all those sentences that have the same mistake. Option B has a similar mistake and therefore option B is also wrong.
In option C, the infinitive “to research” is parallel to the infinitive “to postponing”. Hence, option C corrects the only mistake that was present in the given sentence and also it does not introduce any new errors. Hence, option C is the correct answer.
In option D, the mistake present in the given sentence is corrected, but a new error is introduced. “Not so much as” is the idiom to be used and not “not much as”. Hence, option D is wrong.

14) Answer (B)

Only option b can be made using the letters. There’s only one A, so “balance” cannot be made. There’s no C, so “bracing” cannot be made. There’s only one T, so “turbulent” cannot be made.

15) Answer (C)

Sum of first and third digits of 624 = 6+4 = 10.
Similarly, Sum of first and third digits of 167 = 1+7 = 8.


We hope this Expected Questions for RRB JE Exam will be highly useful for your preparation.


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