Parajumbles for CAT PDF

Para jumbles for CAT PDF Test2
Para jumbles for CAT PDF

Parajumbles for CAT PDF consists of a set of Para jumble Practice questions with answers for CAT. Parajumbles became an important topic in CAT exam. In recent CAT Question papers the questions were only of TITA types. Though the TITA type parajumbles questions are thought to be hard, but these are relatively easy but there is more chance of getting wrong as we need to frame completely correct arrangement.

This Parajumbles PDF will be helpful for other exams also like GMAT, IIFT, XAT, NMAT, GRE, CMAT, MAT, SNAP, TISS, etc.,

This Parajumbles questions are from the CAT Previous year solved Papers.

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Parajumbles for CAT PDF:

Parajumbles Practice Set for CAT 2022


Arrange the sentences A, B, C and D in a proper sequence so as to make a coherent paragraph.

Question 1

A. Good advertising can make people buy your products even if it sucks.

B. A dollar spent on brainwashing is more cost-effective than a dollar spent on product improvement.

C. That’s important because it takes pressure off you to make good products.

D. Obviously, there’s a minimum quality that every product has to achieve: it should be able to withstand the shipping process without becoming unrecognizable.

Question 2

A. And that the pursuit of money by whatever design within the law is always benign.

B. And it holds broadly that the greater the amount of money, the greater the intelligence.

C. This is the institutional truth of Wall Street, this you will be required to believe.

D. The institutional truth of the financial world holds that association with money implies intelligence.

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Question 3

A. That Hollywood is a man’s world is certainly true, but it is not the whole truth.

B. Even Renaissance film actress, Jodie Foster, who hosts this compendium of movie history, confesses surprise at this.

C. She says that she had no idea that women were so active in the industry even in those days.

D. During the silent era, for example, female scriptwriters outnumbered males 10 to 1.

Question 4

Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6 to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. Buddhism is a way to salvation.

A. But Buddhism is more severely analytical.

B. In the Christian tradition there is also a concern for the fate of human society conceived as a whole, rather than merely as a sum or network of individuals.

C. Salvation is a property, or achievement of individuals.

D. Not only does it dissolve society into individuals, the individual in turn is dissolved into component parts and instants, a stream of events.

6. In modern terminology, Buddhist doctrine is reductionist.

Question 5

A. However, the real challenge today is in unlearning, which is much harder.

B. But the new world of business behaves differently from the world in which we grew up.

C. Learning is important for both people and organizations.

D. Each of us has a ‘mental model’ that we’ve used over the years to make sense.

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Answers and Explanations:

Question 1:
Sentence A starts the paragraph by introducing “Good Advertising.” Sentence C highlights the importance of A. Sentence B extends sentence C by highlighting the aspect of brain washing and Sentence D concludes it properly.

The correct sequence is ACBD.

Question 2:
D introduces the paragraph. B elaborates on the idea mentioned in D. So, B follows D. This is then followed by A, which continues the idea of D-B. C is the concluding sentence.

The correct order of sentences is DBAC.

Question 3:

A introduces the main subject of the paragraph. D tells us more about A by giving examples. BC is the logical pair as “She” in C refers to Jodie Foster mentioned in B.

So, the correct sequence is ADBC

Question 4:
Sentence C is the starting sentence as it talks about the as salvation. Sentence B is the next sentence as it mentions the traditions of Christianity. A and D differentiates the Buddhism from Christianity.

The correct order is CBAD.

Question 5:

Sentences A and B start with conjunctions. So, they cannot be used to open a paragraph. The best opening sentence is C. This is immediately followed by A, which gives a contradictory opinion to the one in C. A is followed by D which further explores the idea in A. The last sentence is B.

So, the correct sequence is CADB

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