Important National and International Events 2018 PDF Question and Answers for Competitive exams

national and international ca
national and international ca

Important National and International Question and Answers PDF April – June 2018 for Competitive exams

Download Current Affairs – Important national and International Current Affairs April, May, June, July 2018 PDF. This is Important National and International Current Affairs April – June 2018 Current affairs PDF. An important complete capsule for banking (IBPS, SBI PO and Clerk), SSC CGL & CHSL, UPSC (civil services), RBI Grade B and other exams covering all important happenings in the month of June.

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Question 01: As per the recent forecast by Airports Council International, regarding the fastest growing countries in the world for passenger traffic during the period 2017-40, India has emerged as the second fastest growing nation (7.5%), which of the following country has topped the list of countries as the fasters growing nation in terms of passenger traffic by 2040 (8.5% growth rate)?

a: China
b: Brazil
c: Vietnam
d: New Zealand

Question 02: World Health Organization has recently adopted India’s Digital Health Initiative at the 71st summit of the World Health Assembly, the summit was hosted in which of the following cities?

a: Dubai, UAE
b: Geneva, Switzerland
c: Wellington, New Zealand
d: Oslo, Norway

Question 03: US Crop One holdings will be building the world’s largest vertical farm in the airport of which of the following cities in the world?

a: London, UK
b: New Delhi, India
c: Melbourne, Australia
d: Dubai, UAE

Question 04: United State Trade representatives released 2018 edition of which of the following reports recently, which has placed India on the “Priority Watch List” on account of long outstanding challenges in its Intellectual Property Framework?

a: Special 500 Report
b: USTR Top 200 Report
c: Special 301 Report
d: IP Top 100 Report

Question 05: A gas pipeline has been recently inaugurated in which of the following countries which will be a direct route to one of the world’s largest fields to Europe?

a: Russia
b: Mongolia
c: Azerbaijan
d: Iran

Question 06: As per the recent report published by Brooking Institute, World Bank in its Future Development Blog, India now is not the nation having world’s largest poor population, which of the following country has become the nation with the world’s largest poor population?

a: North Korea
b: South Africa
c: Rwanda
d: Nigeria

Question 07: Government of India has announced to tie up with which of the following countries to develop pollution-forecast system which will assess particulate matter levels at least two days in advance with better resolution?

a: USA
b: Finland
c: Denmark
d: Both a and c

Question 08: Which of the following countries has become the first Latin American country to join the NATO organization recently?

a: Brazil
b: Mexico
c: Columbia
d: Chile

Question 09: Asia’s first patent arbitration center – International Arbitration Center to resolve the increasing number of disputes in the region is coming up in which of the following cities in September 2018?

a: Moscow, Russia
b: Tokyo, Japan
c: Seoul, South Korea
d: Manila, Philippines

Question 10: Which of the following countries has recently joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, European Union?

a: Azerbaijan
b: Brunei
c: Burundi
d: Palestine

Question 11: Financial Action Task Force has recently put which of the following countries on the “grey list” in its plenary session held in paris?

a: Pakistan
b: Syria
c: Iran
d: Mongolia

Question 12: Which of the following countries has recently imposed restrictions to the banks and financial institutions in its country from using cryptocurrencies to curb money laundering and terrorism?

a: UK
b: Iran
c: Saudi Arabia
d: Vietnam


Question 01 : C
Question 02 : B
Question 03 : D
Question 04 : C
Question 05 : C
Question 06 : D
Question 07 : D
Question 08 : C
Question 09 : B
Question 10 : D
Question 11 : A
Question 12 : B

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