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_Grammar Questions
_Grammar Questions

Grammar Questions for MAH-CET

Here you can download a free Grammar questions PDF with answers for MAH MBA CET 2022 by Cracku. These are some tricky questions in the MAH MBA CET 2022 exam that you need to find the Grammar of answers for the given questions. These questions will help you to make practice and solve the Grammar questions in the MAH MBA CET exam. Utilize this best PDF practice set which is included answers in detail. Click on the below link to download the Grammar MCQ PDF for MBA-CET 2022 for free.

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Question 1: Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence:
Roopam hasn’t seen her father_______________ last September.

a) on

b) in

c) for

d) since

1) Answer (D)


A. “on” is used when a specific date or day is mentioned. For example, “on Saturday”.

B. “in” is used with a specific period of time. For example, in a year, in a week, etc.

C. “for” is used when a specific time period is mentioned. For example, “for a year”

D. “since” is the correct answer as it is used with the starting of a particular period. For example, since last summer, since yesterday.

Question 2: Choose the correct verb form to fill in the blanks:
That there would be thunderstorm today was ______by the weather experts.

a) foretold

b) foreteld

c) fortelling

d) foretell

2) Answer (A)


By reading the sentence, we can observe that it is in the past tense. The past form of “foretell” is “foretold”.

Hence, the answer is option A.

Question 3: Find the correctly spelt word.

a) Klaptomania

b) Klepptomania

c) Kleptemania

d) Kleptomania

3) Answer (D)


The correct word is “Kleptomania” which means “a recurrent urge to steal”. Hence, the answer is option D.

Question 4: Choose the correct alternative to replace the italicized phrase in the following sentence. In case no improvement is needed, option ‘4’ is the answer. I cannot force her to marrying.

a) to marry

b) in marrying

c) for marry

d) No improvement needed

4) Answer (A)


In the given sentence, the object is of the form “to + infinitive”. The infinitive is always the first form of a verb. Hence, correct alternative is “to marry”.

Question 5: Identify the correct direct speech form of the following sentence:
My teacher told me that I am not working hard.

a) My teacher told to me, “You are not working hard.”

b) My teacher said, “You are not working hard.”

c) My teacher said to him, “I am not working hard.”

d) My teacher said to me, “You are not working hard.”

5) Answer (D)


Option A is incorrect as it cannot be told to me. It should be either told me to said to me.

Options B and C doesn’t give the same meaning as the given sentence. In option B, it doesn’t refer you to anyone in particular. Therefore, the meaning doesn’t remain the same.

Option D is the correct direct speech form.

Answer is option D.

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Question 6: Pick the appropriate meaning of the underlined phrase in the following sentence: “You can be happy only when following the golden mean.”

a) opulent way of life

b) middle path

c) golden path

d) meanness

6) Answer (B)


The phrase “to follow the golden mean” means to do things in moderation and avoid the extremes. In other words, it means to follow a middle path. Hence, the answer is option B.

Question 7: Pick the correct option:
(I) It is nothing else than pride.
(II) It is nothing else but pride.

a) (I) is correct but (II) is incorrect

b) (I) is incorrect but (II) is correct

c) Both (I) & (II) are correct

d) Both (I) & (II) are incorrect

7) Answer (B)


Out of the two given sentences, (ii) is the correct one because “else” is used with “but”.

Hence, the answer is option B.

Question 8: Pick the correct sentence:

a) He made a fool of certainly himself.

b) Certainly he made a fool of himself.

c) Certainly a fool he made of himself.

d) He made a certainly fool of himself.

8) Answer (B)


The grammatically correct sentence among the options is B: ” Certainly he made a fool of himself.

“Certainly” is used to emphasize something.

Question 9: Pick the appropriate meaning of the underlined phrase in the following sentence:
“In market economy capital gets lion’s share in production.”

a) adequate part

b) lesser part

c) larger part

d) None of these

9) Answer (C)


The phrase “the lion’s share” means “a bigger portion”. Out of the options, C gives the correct answer.

Question 10: Pick the appropriate meaning of the underlined idiom in the following sentence:
“The lease of our premises has run out.”

a) Enfeebled

b) Expired

c) Increased

d) Prolonged

10) Answer (B)


A. “Enfeebled” means to become weak.

B. “Expired” means to end.

C. “Increased” means to become greater in size/value.

D. “Prolonged” means to be increased.

In the given sentence, the phrase “run out” means to come to an end. Out of the options, B is the correct answer.

Question 11: Please fill the blanks with the help of correct word from pairs given below and complete the sentence:
(elicit / illicit; council / counsel; hoard / horde; dependents / defendants)
(a) He was charged with _______ sale of narcotics.
(b) The Chief Minister was given a ________ to keep off the epidemic.
(c) A _________ of terrorists have attacked the army base.
(d) The _________ of the university employees are granted full free-fellowship.

a) (a) Elicit; (b) Council; (c) Hoard; (d) Dependents

b) (a) Illicit; (b) Council; (c) Horde; (d) Defendants

c) (a) Elicit; (b) Counsel; (c) Hoard; (d) Defendants

d) (a) Illicit; (b) Counsel; (c) Horde; (d) Dependents

11) Answer (D)


a. “elicit” means “to evoke a reaction” while “illicit” means “illegal/forbidden by law”. For the given sentence, “illicit” is the right choice.

b. “council” means “a group of people selected for a certain administrative job”, whereas a “counsel” means “to give advice”. Concerning the given sentence, “counsel” is the correct choice.

c. “hoard” means “to store”, and “horde” means “a large group of people”. Thus, “A horde of terrorists” will be the correct phrasing.

d. “The dependents of the university employees” is the right choice for the given sentence.

Hence, the answer is option D.

Question 12: Spot the Error.
The media was wrong regarding the assumptions made about the accused. No Error.

a) the assumptions made

b) was wrong

c) about the accused

d) No Error

12) Answer (B)


The section of the sentence with an error is “was wrong”.

The correct use would be “was in the wrong”.

Hence, the answer is option B.

Question 13: Fill in the blank to complete the sentence:
In an age _____ technology can solve so many problems, is the human element still

a) of

b) when

c) where

d) as

13) Answer (B)


The sentence talks about the “age”, which refers to a period. Hence, among the options, B is the best choice for the answer.

Question 14: Fill in the blank/s to complete the sentence:
He confided ___ her and relied ___ her for keeping his secret.

a) in; on

b) of; upon

c) of; on

d) to; upon

14) Answer (A)


The prepositions that are used with “confided” and “relied” are “in” and “on”, respectively.

Hence, the answer is option A.

Question 15: Fill in the blank/s to complete the sentence:
70 percent of the planet is covered ____ ocean.

a) with

b) from

c) by

d) of

15) Answer (A)


Among the options, “with” and “by” are the only suitable ones.

“covered by” is used when the object covering the entity encompasses it so that it is not visible.

“covered with” is used to mention a large portion of an entity covered by an object.

Hence, the answer is option A.

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