Last-Minute Tips To Crack MAH CET 2022 & Exam Strategy

Last-minute tips for MAH CET 2022

MAH MBA CET 2022 will be conducted on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of August 2022. Aspirants may have some amount of stress even prepared well cause of approaching date of examination. It is a common problem for many students, as the MAH CET exam is speed-based. The test duration is less compared to the number of questions. So, it is advisable to follow some last-minute tips for the MAH CET 2022 exam given by the experts, which will be very helpful in these last few days. Also, it is imperative to have an exam-taking strategy for the aspirants, which involves time management during the examination. This article will discuss some last-minute tips to crack the MAH CET 2022 exam, and the exam-taking strategy in detail.

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MAH CET 2022 Important Dates

Events Dates
MAH MBA CET 2022 Registration date 17th March 2022
MAH MBA CET 2022 Registration last date 11th May 2022
MAH CET 2022 Admit Card for MBA (Released) 13th August 2022
MAH CET 2022 exam date 23rd, 24th, and 25th August 2022 
MAH CET 2022 Results To be Announced

MAH-MBA CET 2022 Exam Pattern

Section name No. of questions Maximum Marks
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
Logical Reasoning 75 75

Abstract Reasoning

25 25

Verbal Ability/ Reading Comprehension

50 50
Total 200 200

The Examination contains a total of 200 questions, and each question carries 1 mark, with no negative marking. The duration of the examination is 150 minutes.

Last-Minute Tips to Crack MAH MBA CET 2022

  • Do not learn new concepts: There are very few days left for the exam, so candidates should ideally focus on the revision of concepts and going through mistakes done in mock tests. Do not spend time learning new concepts because it might take more time to learn new topics, which is not recommended. Also, learning new concepts may lead to extreme stress, which may cause lose your confidence level.
  • Avoid solving too many mocks: It is better to avoid solving too many mocks; You can just 1-2 mocks just to implement your strategy on the day of the exam. Importantly, try to analyze your previous mocks once again, and then you can get an idea about where you are going wrong. Look at the mocks where you scored less and identify your mistakes or your weak areas. Also, it is beneficial to identify your strong areas.
  • Do not panic about the exam: MAH CET exam is a kind of unpredictable examination. Many of the aspirants overthink the examination in these last few days. It is better to have a positive attitude and relax.
  • Try to make all the concepts familiar (through Revision) because you can solve the problems quickly, thus spending less time thinking about a particular question. By this, you can quickly decide whether to go forward with the respective question or not.
  • Prepare an exam-taking strategy: Exam-taking strategy is very essential for the MAH CET examination, whereas the exam is a speed-based exam. So, one must have a perfect exam-taking strategy which can be prepared based on analyzing your previous mocks.

Test-taking Strategy for MAH CET 2022

MAH- CET is not a tough exam as compared to other MBA entrance exams like CAT. Attempting 200 questions in 150 minutes is not so easy. A lot of practice, taking more mocks and analysing them is the only way to enhance your speed. With more speed and accuracy, you will be able to attempt more questions, and thus you will be able to maximise your score during the exam.

  • Set an average time limit for attempting questions: As the MAH CET exam is time-based, it is better to set a time limit for every question you attempt. Spending more than 2 minutes on each question is a bad idea where the exam duration is 150 minutes which is not quite enough to solve 200 questions.
  • Which section should attempt first? It is necessary to decide which section to attempt first. It may vary from person to person, and starting with the section where you are strong enough is advised. One can identify their strong areas by only giving a good number of mocks while doing practice for the MAH CET exam.
  • Try to attempt RC at last: This tip is mostly useful for the aspirants who are weak in the VARC section in MAH CET. As the reading comprehension may consume more time, it is advised to check it out at last after solving all that you can attempt in the examination. Also, accuracy won’t improve must just because you spent more time on an RC; hence try to attempt RCs towards the end.
  • Also, have some buffer time – around 5-10 minutes – towards the end of the exam, to go back to the unattempted questions. Try to solve these questions quickly if you can, or, just mark an option quickly and move to the next question. In any case, don’t leave any questions unanswered.
  • For example, one strategy could be:

Speed Improving Tips For Each Of The Sections of MAH CET 2022

  • For Quantitative Aptitude: The first tip is to have a strong base of fundamentals from all the concepts in this section. If you are familiar with the fundamentals of all the concepts, you can find new shortcuts to solve a problem that takes more time to solve.
  • While doing the calculations during preparation for the quant section, vocalize your mental process to yourself. This process will help you memorize the concepts during the exam and improve the speed of calculation.
  • Spend around 20 mins on mental calculations every day (like simple multiplications, additions and subtractions): Avoid using pen & paper when practising speed calculations. Being familiar with the tables (at least till 25) also helps save time during the exam.
  • While solving DI questions, try solving using approximate calculations.  Approximations play a vital role in the MAH-CET exam.
  • For Reading Comprehension: Reading daily will help you improve your speed. There is no substitute for reading when it comes to improving speed in this section. Read from different sources. A fast reading ability also helps in other sections, as this is a speed-based exam.
  • For Logical Reasoning: Solving in an organised manner is the key. If you represent the data properly, you don’t waste time going through conditions multiple times. This helps you save a lot of time. Practising varied puzzles from topics that come in the exam helps you improve your speed.
  • For Abstract Reasoning: A simple way is to practice more number of questions from this section. Try to practice various types of questions from this section and improve your skill in solving the questions from this section.
  • Practice the sections you find challenging. From mock analysis, see where you are spending more time and practice that more.

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